Giuliani on Trump’s agenda, potential pardon for Clinton

On Hannity last night.  This is good.


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10 Responses to Giuliani on Trump’s agenda, potential pardon for Clinton

  1. Uriel says:

    I love Giuliani but in truth think he would be far better as a cabinet advisor. I would rather see Gowdy in AG. First he is younger, second is his no nonsense cut to the truth examining style. Giuliani has more knowledge than most why not SCOTUS

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Agreed, Uriel: Rudy for SCOTUS. Mark Levin is a good candidate for AG: Like Gowdy, a trained constitutional lawyer and a bare-knuckles fighter.

  3. SafeSpace says:

    Regarding a Clinton pardon: Release of criminal charges does not prevent the filing of civil charges. Dozens of plaintiffs, from individuals to sovereign states such as Haiti, have grounds for lawsuits over fraud and embezzlement. The Clinton Foundation could be tied up in court for decades, and legal costs would return the Clintons to that state of poverty they claimed when they vacated the Peoples’ House years ago. …. Rudy might be a good man to head the FBI, when rotten Comey’s term ends.

  4. Shar says:

    Like everyones posts. So many choices. Gowdy would be awesome as AG. He is pit bull. IMO we can’t select anyone too up in age for SCOTUS. We hope to hold all at least for 8 years, but never know for sure. One thing I am sure of is Trump will select the best and most loyal to him and our country.

    Regarding pardon: Oh boy, most of me wants it to go away. BUT then again she and the others need to pay. I noticed Rudy said Obama can pardon the past but not the future. Hang on to charges until he is gone. Then let her rip. Trump doesn’t have to be personally involved. Appoint an honest DOJ. Now thats refreshing.

  5. clyde says:

    As long as Trump doesn’t put Krispy Kreme anywhere in his administration I’ll be good.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Yep…..I don’t like that man either. I cringed when I heard that Christie could get a position. My advice to Trump…stay away as far as possible from Christie……

  6. Shar says:

    I agree with you clyde. Something about him I don’t trust. Happy to see Trump made a change and selected Pence to lead transition team.

  7. Blessed B. says:

    Aren’t pardons only given for those who have been charged with a crime and found guilty? Right now…there is nothing to pardon her for…she hasn’t been charged with a crime yet. I expect though that once Trump actually gets to sit in the Oval Office…..she will be charged and found guilty…then she can be extradited to Haiti and they can charge her with the crimes she committed against Haitians. Trump needs to change the Attorney General and the FBI Director first thing…so that justice can be served on Hillary!

  8. Shar says:

    clyde heard Krispy Kreme got the boot. Trump didn’t like that he let the soccer mom take the fall for him.

    Blessed B heard Jason C. plans to continue probe. Ryan said no in a different interview. Wonder which way it will go.