So It Begins

The panicked butt-hurt crying liberals and Democrats have decided to take to the streets. I knew when Clinton gave her speech that this was to be the way of things. During the speech she targeted all her workers in all fields to “even in secret, private Facebook places…make sure your voices are heard going forward…creative, talented men and women across our country, unruly, energized campaign…keep doing our part to build the better stronger America we seek…never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it…we need you to keep up the fight now and for all your lives”

She did give a great speech, don’t get me wrong.  It was an appeal to give Trump the chance to succeed.  It was not what she said so much as to whom she said it — these dimwits that took her bait hook, line, and sinker, these thugs who are still on the “Soros, DNC train” of payment for services rendered, these dumbed down college crybabies who think that all of the world should bow down to their wishes.



Fox News and others are reporting even before voting closed how these idiots were burning flags, marching down the middle of the streets yelling “FU Trump”.

Today’s Fox Headlines “Thousands take to streets in major cities to protest Trump election”

“Thousands of people coast-to-coast took to the streets Wednesday night to protest Donald Trump’s election, disrupting traffic, chanting anti-Trump slogans and some ending up in handcuffs.

From New England to heartland cities like Kansas City and along the West Coast, demonstrators bore flags and effigies of the president-elect, disrupting traffic and declaring that they refused to accept Trump’s victory.”





Who or what is behind all of these actions?  Many of the organizers are paid some say…  Look at the following:

Remember the WikiLeaks emails leaked that connect the campaign to organizers and rabble rousers around the country. Even in her speech Clinton referred to their unruly members.

Let’s not forget all that Project Veritas has done to uncover Democrat perfidy.

Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. is a for-profit corporation that does strategic consulting, and fund raising for humanitarian and progressive causes and political organizations. Grassroots Campaigns employs thousands of workers to generate small-donor contributions, increase visibility, and expand the membership base for a number of progressive groups, issues, and campaigns. (taken directly from open jobs page) Their job opportunities page can also be found on “Indeed”.

“Now Hiring Canvass Directors

Grassroots Campaigns is currently hiring Directors to run our canvass offices across the United States, year-round.

With far-right extremists and powerful corporate interests threatening to block or roll back reproductive rights, equal rights, health care, environmental protections and financial reform, we’ve got work to do. Grassroots Campaigns is looking for people to lead that work.

Grassroots Campaigns is hiring smart, talented and passionate people to run our campaign offices across the United States. Join the leadership team at one of our 31 offices nationwide, recruiting, training and managing a team of full-time activists working on the country’s most important progressive issues.

Canvass directors play a crucial role in our campaigns, running effective field operations at the ground level. As such, candidates must have a wide range of skills, including the ability to recruit, train and manage staff, as well as fundraise and oversee the administrative functions of the office.

The most important requirement is a commitment to working hard on critical issues.

One lead canvass director and 2-3 assistant canvass directors run each office, with a staff of 10-40 full-time, paid canvassers. It’s not an office job — our directors are out in the field almost every day, on the frontlines of our campaigns, getting people involved with some of the top progressive groups in the country (my emphasis).

For complete details, check out the canvass director and assistant director job descriptions. We have locations in MA, NY, DC, PA, IL, MO, NC, OR, WA, CA, and CO and are currently expanding to FL, MN, and several other states.”

Think Progress list six different organizing labor groups that have evolved to march in mass and protest around the country.

There are articles on George Soros funding rioters like BLM spanning many months like the one titled “George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action” from New York Times dated January 2015.  Infowars did one posting a site called “Troublemakers Wanted“.  Similar posts were noted by another organizer group called Working America.

SNOPES posted on March 14, 2016: “Like Grassroots Campaigns, Working America is a recognized political organizing outfit and not a behind-the-scenes network aimed at disrupting Trump’s political campaign via paid operatives. The claims about a conspiracy to disrupt the Trump campaign lacked any real proof that such a campaign was actually afoot, much less that any figures such George Soros or Republican rival Ted Cruz were behind those efforts. Nearly all these claims pointed to the above-cited Craigslist ads as evidence, but all of those ads simply sought door-to-door canvassers during an election year; none of them advertised positions as paid agitators or protesters. ”  However, remember Snopes is funded itself in part by Soros so would they “out” their gravy train?

Even before the general elections posts were seen across liberal sites talking about BLM and others rioting if Trump won.


My basic question is — would they have rioted even if another Republican had reached the General Election and won? My answer would have to be YES.

The socialist and communist in particular have in their agenda to do everything in their power to create chaos and mayhem. It is their one claim to achieving their goals either short or long term.

So from now until whenever…..Obama won’t be seen to bring force to bear against these thugs.  We have already seen evidence of this.  UN and outside influences across the globe will also be attempting to undermine the election results. Trump’s life and those he holds dear are and will be in danger. Let’s pray that Secret Service and cooler heads prevail or there will be a serious problem.

A better question might be given Obama’s current involvement with BLM and protester rights, would martial law be his answer and how would that affect the Electoral College voting or take over by the next president?


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37 Responses to So It Begins

  1. upaces88 says:

    This research was weeks ago. I wanted to find out what other countries thought about Trump:
    There are probably more by now. Below was my first attempt,

    India, Palestine, Israel, Russia’s Putin,
    Israel feels the Love fo Trump:

    Israel Video:

    • Uriel says:

      Yeah. There is widespread consternation by the political crews. In fact I have an upcoming article on something about this.

  2. R.S. HELMS says:

    reposted this on Facebook … Need a way to reblog it.

    • Uriel says:

      Hi R.S. Helms. Thanks for posting. I am not sure how to reblog on Word Press. I usually just copy/paste Peppermint’s and post reference site when I want to add here. You are certainly welcome to do the same for any of mine. Welcome to Hardnox.

  3. Just Gene says:

    I know I’m an old fart and that’s probably why I’m confused but these sheeple were willing to do what Hillary would want if she was elected BUT they wont listen to her since she wasn’t elected. Help me! Wait – maybe they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Golden Dragon says:

    Just read on Zero Hedge that Amy Schumer wishes Hilldawg won so she could pay more in taxes. She wanted to help people in need and all that bullshit. My first thought is, what’s stopping you?!

    Go ahead, after you pay what they say you owe, write an additional million dollar check. Hell I’ll supply the envelope and even the friggin stamp!

    • Uriel says:

      lol exactly. If these idiots were REALLY interested in parting with their money there are a lot more direct ways to do it.

    • Popular Front says:

      Amy Schumer? Isn’t she that fat smartass who thinks she’s funny? Hasn’t she left for Canada yet?

      • Uriel says:

        Maybe we can speed her along with some song like “Leaving .. On A Plane .. Never to Return Again..”

        • Blessed B. says:

          Sorry…she won’t be allowed as an immigrant to Canada or for an extended stay if her paperwork hasn’t already been done and checked out by Canadian Immigration.

          If she’s had any felony…even a DUI…she will not be allowed to immigrate.

          • Uriel says:

            Perhaps then she needs to be flown to island off the coast say China on top of an active earthquake belt, One of the Poles, or Africa (where hurricanes are born) and parachuted down with supplies for a month to do experiments to prove climate change.

  5. I.R. Wayright says:

    This planned, paid for turmoil is going to continue until George Soros and his commie agitators are dealt with….decisivly.

  6. Uriel says:

    Lol Just Gene. Old farts like us get confused too easy at times. But I am thinking THEY in their infantile way are hoping like a child throwing a temper tantrum to get their way and that Trump won’t be allowed to take office because They said so. That’s my take on it anyway.

  7. Hardnox says:

    I think the butt-hurt left are just warming up. This will get worse once the shock wears off.

    • Uriel says:

      So do I. It’s been simmering waiting to see who to target before the general election. I am not sure even Hillary would have escaped some backlash though That would have been squashed PDQ.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Just a few around the country need to be charged with sedition, which holds a 20 year jail sentence. The others will see that they can’t get away with this BS and will stop. No molly coddling the little crybabies…..give them a good spanking and send them to bed.

      • Uriel says:

        Latest intel says Dems are determined to try to lock Trump out of Electoral vote. They are sending a petition around now to force states to vote against him.

  8. W Barna says:

    They’ve got until January 20, 2017 to vent their hostilities….then Mr. “Law and Order” will snuff this out. I think American Flag desecration should be excluded from 1st Amendment rights……to the tune of 3 months in county jail, complete with orange jumpsuits and highway trash policing. On the subject of protesters blocking highways, these people are idiots…..I for one will not be stopping my vehicle to be surrounded by angry snowflakes….I don’t want to waste my ammo when a perfectly drivable vehicle is available.

    • Popular Front says:

      As a foreigner, I always thought burning the US flag WAS an offence. If it isn’t it should be. What’s the straight dope on this, anybody?

      • Uriel says:

        Unfortunately Popular some jackdaw took it to court and Supreme Court idiots negated that as a breech of 1st amendment rights. A O yeah they can do it.

      • I.R. Wayright says:

        I believe our illustrious Supreme Court ruled burning of the flag “Free Speech.”
        Several so called artists used the flag in despicable ways and got away with it too.
        You might not want to burn one near any combat veterans though. It might not be conducive to your longevity.

    • Uriel says:

      Lol. Waste a perfectly good 20,000 lb machine? Could drop them off in a quicksand area or into a sink hole.

    • Uriel says:

      So do I W Barna. At least a week in jail or working in a veteran;s hospital or something noxious like cleaning out a sewage system.

  9. myfoxmystere says:

    These liberals don’t realize they’re putting a Satanic curse on themselves at this moment by throwing their tantrums.

    • Uriel says:

      No they don’t but then most have no belief in a higher power so it’s reasonable to say they couldn’t care less. Each of us faces death some well because of faith others to eternal damnation. I pray I never have to find out that side of God’s justice.