Conservative HQ Post Election Analysis And Future Of Conservatism

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This press conference is really interesting and includes people like: L. Brent Bozell III, Adam Brandon, Marjorie Dannenfelser, David M. McIntosh, Ralph Reed, Jr. and hosted by Richard A. Viguerie, Chair of

They each gave short speeches at the beginning and then opened up for further questions.  Here are a few samples of exactly why so many conservatives should realize just how important and historic the current election has been.

Richard Viguerie – Conservative HQ Chairman

I was there for Ronald Reagan in 1980, the landslide election victory. It was a great conservative victory but not a rejection of the voting class…Yesterday’s results was the opening battle of an American Political Revolution from the presidency to the Congress, to the federal courts, and states.

President Obama said his policies were on the ballot yesterday, and the american people said they want to repeal those policies, His legacy, and his agenda.

The Bush wing of the Republican Party is Dead and buried yesterday by the American people.

The old Republican coalition of the Republican Establishment is the senior partner of the Grassroots Constitutional Conservatives as the Junior Partner is dead.  America’s new governing coalition and a Trump populist in the Constitutional Conservatives.

Something else that died yesterday was gridlock.

Be careful what you ask for.  You wanted an end to gridlock and yesterday, the American people gave us an (sic) and to gridlock in Washington. The greatest impediment to governing America — last night, that was swept abide by a conservative populist majority that elected Donald Trump.

Capitol Hill Republican leaders cannot help implement — that cannot help implement a Trump agenda, should resign.

He now owns the Anti-corruption message and one of the most important defining characteristics is that it is the Anti-Corruption Party, committed to ending crony-corrupted government and exposing and defeating the Anti-Democratic Agenda of the Ruling Class.

Brent Bozell, Media Research Center

…this is why the pundits got it all wrong last night.  They believe the media and their spin, not just on the coronation of Hillary Clinton, but more important on America’s supposedly PDAS and of Donald Trump.  The Clinton campaign, The Basket of Deplorables.  All season long, they treated Trump followers with utter contempt.  The left-wing media were getting aid and comfort to Hillary Clinton, covering up her scandals when they could, spinning them in her favor when they couldn’t.  But don’t anyone here deny it.  We documented this all season long. We saw what the public saw.  Conservatives hurt reporters, calling on the news media to take sides against Donald Trump.  Thanks to Wikileaks, we saw something else.

Adam Brandon, President/CEO FreedomWorks

…Donald Trump has said it.  Draining the swamp.  The wages have remained stagnant for Americans.  Government has continued to grow.  We are $20 trillion in debt.  Something is not working here.  This presents us an opportunity.  A once in a generational opportunity.  We have the White House, We have the Senate, and the courts probably. I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes we had in the Bush administration where we grew government and entitlements. Freedomworks has long been champion of the House Freedom Caucus. It’s exciting that this new government is coming in and the House caucus will be able to focus on – water, regulatory oversight, passing a sound budget process, and that means getting away from the omnibuses and the continuing resolutions…Please do not do any major pieces of legislation in this process.  I am calling on conservatives to govern by the rhetoric with which they won.

David McIntosh, President of Club for Growth PAC , Former US Representative from Indiana 1995-2001

…We will support the Trump tax-cut agenda, the repeal of Obamacare, and the cutting of federal regulations that are killing American jobs.  On trade, we urge president-elect Trump to immediately negotiate and sign a bilateral trade agreement with Great Britain.  Just as the Brits rejected big government in the EU, Americans yesterday rejected the big government in Washington.  Wouldn’t it be great, by entering into the bilateral trade agreement together, America and Britain can show the world that free markets beat big government every time?

 Penny Young Nance, President/CEO, Concerned Women for America

Legislative Action Committee members are more than happy to wait for our first woman president.  Hillary Clinton was not the right one, and we deserve better.  As women of faith, mostly Evangelicals, we voted not on gender or personality, but the Supreme Court, the sanctity of life, religious freedom, economic security, and freedom.  We must work hard to champion the issues that brought us out to the polls last night.  Concerned Women for America LAC will roll up our sleeves and begin work on January 21 to confirm the appointment of a constitutionalist Supreme Court justice.  We also fully expect President-elect Trump  to make good on his promises to support a permanent amendment, and shift spending from our nation’s largest proportion – largest abortion provider to committee centers that actually care for the poor, but do not commit to abortions…Senators will be put on notice that taxpayer dollars must no longer be used to take life.

Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council

…This is a historic moment not just for the conservative movement and Evangelicals (?), but for the country.  We have seen a repudiation of not just Barack Obama’s eight years of big statist government, anti-faith, anti-family policies, but a rejection of a court that has acted as an oligarchy for the last four decades…He (Trump) has actually helped us.  He has pledged to defend, protect, and advanced religious liberty, to support justices that are pro-life, and has also brought close attention to how this administration has used our national military as a laboratory for social experimentation…He has said our military has one purpose only, not to advance some kind of social agenda, but rather to fight and win wars and keep America safe…I believe if the Republicans, led by Donald Trump, follow through on their commitments, we are on the cusp of a conservative generation.  The Democrat’s bench is depleted.  They have no leadership.  Barack Obama has taken the party for a joyride in the last eight years, and it has broken down.  This will be the Republican Conservative generation.

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First, I apologize to the speakers if wording is not precisely theirs but was working from print by an uncut C-Span release.  However, the fact remains that this IS AND WILL BE a historically significant point in twenty-first century history when studied down through the years for many reasons.  

We have yet to make it through the Electoral College voting so there still is a major hurdle to get past.  We are seeing how the vampire minions are freaking out and must also contend with this.  Obama, I don’t believe, will do much to discourage this behaviour.  

We also have to make it past the oath and hopefully forestall Obama doing some stupid blanket amnesty on a federal level for the Clintons, the only recourse being state if that happens.  Wemay still have to contend with the elitist NWO freaking out along with the UN and any interference they have planned.  

But for today–we can take a breath and appreciate the significance of what just happened against a very monied stacked deck and their efforts to derail the American citizens right to decide for themselves on how to vote.



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    I hope Jimmy Carter leaves this earth soon, as he’s one of the clowns aiding and abetting the Clintons and the 0bamas. He interfered with Reagan, both Bushes, slimy Bubba and the 0bamas with his meddling.