Wild Bill: Great America Again

With the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the USA has been given a reprieve and an opportunity to turn back to its Christian roots.
Bill says lets not botch it!

I agree… the hard work starts now.  The left is systemic.  We need a purge.

~ Hardnox

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Constitutional Conservative that Lefties love to hate.
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5 Responses to Wild Bill: Great America Again

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  2. Uriel says:

    Definitely agree – when we lost our moral compass and did away with the scriptures and the ten commandments, we began to fall rapidly into the tar pits. God heard our prayers and like Bill said, we have to remember this lesson and stay strong or the future will be bleak.

  3. clyde says:

    No argument here.

  4. I think he said it all and said it right…I’m not usually one to pass along the more religious toned videos…but this one does it right, at least I think so…

  5. myfoxmystere says:

    Bill is right. We’d better listen to God and follow through.