Russia: State Duma applauds Trump’s victory in US elections

The Russian State Duma welcomed the news of Republican candidate Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential elections with a round of applause from Moscow, Wednesday. Deputy Vyacheslav Nikonov announced Donald Trump as the president-elect which was greeted enthusiastically by the chamber.

Translation: Vyacheslav Nikonov, Deputy, United Russia Party (Russian): “Dear friends, respected colleagues! Three minutes ago Hillary Clinton admitted her defeat in US Presidential elections and a second ago Trump started his speech as an elected President of the United States of America and I congratulate you on this.”

It is good to see the Russians applaud this victory.  The Russians know full well the treachery of Obama and Clinton and what a Clinton presidency would have wrought on the world.

I believe that this is a good signal of things to come.  Russia will always be an advisary but there is no reason to not have cooperation when it serves our common interests like wiping out ISIS for instance.

~ Hardnox


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6 Responses to Russia: State Duma applauds Trump’s victory in US elections

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  2. Uriel says:

    Putin has added his respects to Trump and has stated that Russia is open to better relations. As you said, he may be an adversary in some ways, hopefully responsible and constructive dialog will forestall any more talk of war at least for the near term.

    • Vic Mazza says:

      Dear Americans,

      The Clinton’s are kicked to the curb where they belong … Thank God!

      I couldn’t help but scream at the tv (the last debate) when this witch started to acuse Mr.Trump of having connections to Russia, when it was her state department that did that stupid reset thing and of course selling the Russians our uranium!

      Who’s really the puppet! Kharma sucks!

      Why didn’t Anderson Cooper bring this up…they all suck!

      God bless the U.S. and our new leader!!!

      We love you Mr. Trump!

      Vic Mazza & family

    • Hardnox says:

      Agreed. Both men are pragmatists. War is ugly.

  3. myfoxmystere says:

    I’m having a super time reading all the posts here, right now. We have plenty to celebrate!