Gary North’s Vision Of The Hillary Presidency

This is a hoot, a good read on election day.

My Dream Outcome for the Election

by Gary North – November 05, 2016

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I get to dream. Here is my dream.

1. Trump wins the popular vote, but Clinton wins in the electoral college by a few votes.

2. The vote is so close that in several states there are recounts.

3. This stretches on for at least two weeks.

4. Clinton is declared the victor.

5. Huma Abedin gets immunity for her testimony in the Weiner computer case.

6. No NYPD officer in the computer case commits suicide.

7. The New York District Attorney goes to a grand jury for indictments.

8. Clinton is indicted before the inauguration.

9. She cannot claim executive privilege yet.

10. Obama sees the handwriting on the wall.

11. He announces no executive privilege for anything.

12. The media get huge ratings, can’t quit: it’s “computer, 24×7.”

13. The stock market falls 20% over uncertainty.

14. Editorials call for her resignation before inauguration.

15. Kaine issues a series of Cheshire cat statements: “Let the courts decide.”

16. Her transition team can’t get anyone to agree to come into the cabinet.

17. This word leaks out.

18. Bill agrees to be Secretary of State.

19. This will let him meet new people around the world.

20. Lots of people express interest in scheduling a meeting.

21. Travel will give him an excuse not to be at the White House.

22. She takes the oath of office.

23. The New York District Attorney issues subpoenas to Hillary.

24. She claims executive privilege.

25. Paul Ryan is challenged as Speaker of the House.

26. To gain support, he calls for her impeachment: resisting the subpoenas.

27. The House Committee on impeachment issues a subpoena to her.

28. She claims executive privilege.

29. The Senate announces hearings on Bill’s confirmation. He resigns.

30. Hillary refuses to resign.

31. She refuses to answer the subpoenas.

32. The stock market falls another 20%.

33. Gold goes to 1300, then 1400, then 1500, then to 2000.

34. Trump starts the Make America Great Political Training Institute

35. The House impeaches her after six months.

36. The Senate Democrats refuse to convict after six months more.

37. Vice President Kaine tours the country investigating potholes.

38. Wikileaks releases the contents of the computer (minus photos of sub-18-year-olds).

39. The House votes to repeal ObamaCare.

40. The Senate follows suit.

41. Hillary vetoes the bill.

42. Congress fails to override the veto.

43. Gridlock takes over again.

44. The government is paralyzed.

45. Federal deficit goes to $1.4 trillion.

46. Gold goes to $2500.

47. Trump’s trainees begin attending precinct meetings.

48. The 2018 elections elect Republicans to the Senate.

49. Senate Democrats pressure Hillary to resign.

50. She refuses.

51. The House votes to impeach her again.

52. The Senate convicts.

53. President Kaine promises to restore trust to Washington.

54. He focuses on the need to fill in potholes.

55. Hillary is forced to testify in the computer case.

56. She is not convicted of any crime.

57. She is then issued a subpoena regarding the server.

58. She is tried.

59. She is convicted.

60. She is given several years in a minimum-security prison.

61. There are a series of investigations into the Clinton Foundation.

62. The IRS revokes its 501(c)(3) status.

63. Bill starts the President’s Diet Program.

64. It actually helps people to lose weight and keep it off.

65. Hillary is released early for good behavior — true moral reform.

66. She is forced to live with Bill as a condition of her parole.

67. She moves in with him.

68. All’s well that ends well.

That’s my dream. What’s yours?


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4 Responses to Gary North’s Vision Of The Hillary Presidency

  1. Uriel says:

    Some of that sounds like an apocalypse nightmare Safespace My dream is simpler. God rains down a focused lightning strike on Obama and the Clintons over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as they jump in a plane to escape to Qatar. Or a cruise ship full of Obama, Clintons, Soros, and all their NWO friends set sail for Qatar when a freak hurricane swamps the ship in mid-Atlantic while surrounded by megalodons.

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Wonder how hard it would be to mount a drone strike on Davos next year ….

  3. myfoxmystere says:

    I see Trump winning the electoral votes as well as the popular votes. Slimy Bubba, Crooked Hildebeest and Childish Chelsea all end up in the Federal Penitentiary for high crimes.

  4. Shar says:

    Loved the three reads. Hope the turnout for Trump is greater than the fraud for HRC.
    Listening to local radio voter experiences. In NY can you believe machines not working? Heard in Philly button doesn’t work for Trump but is fine for the rest of line.