Sunday Feel Good Stories

wrong house

In Ironton, Ohio, a burglar is in jail after being shot in the leg by a homeowner.

In Negaunee Township, Michigan, a man, suspected to be the reincarnation of Benny Hill or maybe the Three Stooges, tried to force his way into home. When the homeowner confronted him, he ran away – police K9s found him unconscious nearby when he knocked himself out by running into a tree.

In San Antonio, Texas, beer thieves, 18-year-old Shawn Sorola and 17-year-old Kathleen Mendiola, stabbed to death a 19-year-old who tried to stop them. A bystander with a Concealed Weapon Permit stopped the fight, but not soon enough. When police arrived, the 19-year-old was taken to the hospital where he died. Sorola and Mediola were arrested and Sorola was treated for his injuries from the fight.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, a homeowner fired shots to fend off a number of intruders. Police hauled off one injured person with life-threatening injuries, but it wasn’t certain whether that person was a thief or one of the victims.

A Pizza Hut employee in Charlotte, North Carolina, stopped three thieves who tried to rob his restaurant. When the three demanded money, the employee drew out his own licensed handgun and shot one of the thieves DRT (dead right there) while the other two escaped.

In Billings, Montana, Jake Vangen witnessed an automobile accident. When two of the participants tried to flee the scene, Jake held them there at the point of his legal firearm. It turns out that one of the men was wanted on a felony warrant.

In Houston, Texas, a cigarette thief was DRT when a store clerk shot him. Who says smoking isn’t bad for your health? Police claim that this case will go to grand jury. I don’t think it will go well for the clerk. Shoplifting shouldn’t be a capital crime.

Two masked men entered a home in Henrico County, Virginia armed with only a baseball bat. The homeowner implored them to leave and when they wouldn’t, he convinced them otherwise with several well-placed bullets. His wife got her gun and joined in the merriment. The police found the pair of intruders outside of the home laying in a grassy area, each suffering from multiple gun shot wounds. The article doesn’t mention their current health-related condition has been updated this morning to report that one of the intruders was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital while other is fighting for his life.

A teenager in Hopkinsville, Kentucky shot at a burglar he found in his home. The criminal fled on foot.

A man in Bronx, New York tried to buy a computer on Craig’s List, but when the seller showed up brandishing a handgun, there was an altercation during which the buyer disarmed the crook and ran him off with the crook’s own gun.

In Orlando, Florida where Kadeem Jahquan Moses and two partners forced their way into an apartment with guns blazing hitting 22-year-old Bernard Mathuria, a resident. Bernard returned fire and Moses was DRT (dead right there). Mathuria is in stable condition.

A homeowner in Turlock, California defended his family against an intruder with his firearm. The intruder was declared DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.

In Louisville, Kentucky, an intruder dove through a window, the homeowner grabbed his gun and shot the criminal in the head, but the round must not have hit anything vital because the crook is in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

A homeowner in McAdoo, Pennsylvania shot and killed an intruder while sustaining minor injuries himself, injuries for which he refused treatment. The criminal was DRT (dead right there).

Renard D. Carter robbed a store in Cleveland, Ohio. As he left the store, the clerk grabbed his own gun and chased after the criminal. Carter pointed his gun at the clerk, but the clerk fired first, hitting Carter in the leg. Clark limped away, only to be found by the police later.

David sends a link from Mexico where four banditos held up passengers on a bus, collecting up their valuables. As they tried to get off the bus, one passenger (probably Zorro) shot all four DRT (dead right there) and then handed folks’ valuables back to them. Zorro then fled the scene.

In Birmingham, Alabama, a homeowner shot an intruder in the chest. The intruder fled the scene. When police arrived, the resident told them that he wasn’t sure if he’d hit the fellow with any rounds. Police found the man nearby sitting in his car with a chest wound and took him to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

An armed 73-year-old homeowner in St Louis, Missouri was confronted by two armed car thieves in his own garage. The homeowner pulled his own gun from his pocket and fired at the crooks. Both thieves were DRT (dead right there). Police said that they collected two other firearms at the scene besides the homeowner’s gun.

Kyle Kontney broke into a local pastor’s home in Iron River, Michigan and woke the family. The pastor, Reverend Seth Waters, grabbed his handgun and confronted Kontney who begged the good reverend to shoot him. Of course, the rev wouldn’t shoot him. So, when the police arrived, they had to taser Kontney as he made his way toward Waters’ family in the next room.

In Stockton, California, two armed and masked thieves confronted an off-duty San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputy. One suspect was DRT (dead right there) while the other fled on foot uninjured.

In Decatur, Georgia, Curtis Bernard Turner and two of his friends forced their way into a home where the resident was armed. Turner was shot DRT (dead right there) by the homeowner. The other two are enjoying the hospitality at the local hoosegow while they prepare to face charges for felony murder of Turner.

In  Yuma, Arizona where a passerby intervened in a domestic dispute in a parking lot that turned badly when the passerby got into an altercation with 24-year-old Anthony Ramirez who was fighting with his girlfriend. The passerby was forced to defend himself with his handgun. Ramirez was DRT (dead right there).

In Elk Grove, California, a homeowner discharged his shotgun at a thief he found in his garage. That fellow escaped but his backup, two others in a car outside, were arrested by police.

In Las Cruces, New Mexico, Diego Vallejo and two of his friends forced their way into a home. Diego was wounded in the leg by the homeowner. That was late last month. He’s been released from the hospital where he’s now facing one count each of aggravated burglary, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, conspiracy and criminal damage to property and $50,000 cash-only bond.

Louise Jones, a septuagenarian in Middleton, Ohio pistol-whipped an intruder as he tried to get into her home because she didn’t want to shoot him. No arrests have been made.

Another car owner in St Louis, Missouri shot a thief who stole his car. The thief subsequently drove away and then crashed the car down the street. Police found him in the driver’s seat and he was DRT (dead right there).

An 82-year-old homeowner in Uniontown, Pennsylvania kept an unused gun on his nightstand for more than thirty years until an intruder broke in and engaged him in a physical altercation. The octogenarian finally grabbed the weapon and shot 40-year-old Franklin Schrout, of Morgantown, West Virginia, who ran outside where he expired DOT (dead over there). The homeowner suffered only superficial injuries.

In Tolleson, Arizona, a resident walked in on two burglars in his home. He fired at the pair, striking a fifteen-year-old in the back. I guess he’s being treated at the hospital after which he’ll start his new life as a perpetrator.

Derick Sarra, 20, and Joel Matias, 23 were both shot by a grocer last year when they broke into his home in Hartford, Connecticut. Matia’s lawyer had the gall to ask the judge for leniency because Matia’s wounds took away his ability to walk, so the judge sentenced Sarra to 11 years and five months in prison and Matias to 11 years and three months.

Stay frosty friends.  It’s only getting worse.

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One Response to Sunday Feel Good Stories

  1. upaces88 says:

    I have told this true story on here before; however, I think you new readers might like to read it.
    My daughter called me and was coming home from NTSU in Denton, TX. She wanted me to make her favorite cookies, Chocolate chip. I was out of sugar and ran across the street to borrow a cup. I might have been gone all of 5 min. I returned home and made the cookies…then I went to bed.

    I, literally, heard a voice from the corner of my bedroom (apx. 3′ away), “ELAINE! WAKE UP!” I opened my eyes and there was a figure standing over my bed (when my bedroom door opened, the street light across the street was shining into “my open bedroom door.”)
    He had someone held over his hand and slammed it down towards my head.
    My foot flew up to protect me. He ran out the door. Where did he get the hammer? I had been building a small play area for my small dog. I left the hammer outside.

    I called the police. They asked me if I had a gun. “Yes, sir, I do”…to this he replied, “I don’t care if he is going out the door, shoot him. Then drag the body back in the house. Nothing will be said.”

    I was still stunned the next day when a knock came at my door. My neighbor had brought her son to “apologize to me” for attacking me. I called the police to tell them that I found out who did it. By the time they arrived, they had moved out. The police told me the kid already had a record of raping a young lady at the high school.

    Why wasn’t he in jail?! I don’t know.