One of The Dirty Tactics By Democrats Exposed

One of The Dirty Tactics By Democrats Exposed Here

The Wrap – Yes, It’s Legal to Swap Votes Tap for Article


Third-party voters are trading votes with Hillary Clinton supporters to foil Donald Trump

Quoted Directly From Trump


Vote trading is a straightforward concept: mutiple voters talk to each other about how they should each vote to achieve a shared goal. For everyone who thinks Donald Trump as president is the worst possible outcome, we should vote together to make sure that doesn’t happen.

It’s not about taking votes from third party candidates. We like those candidates. In fact, we want to help them get more votes, and we can do it strategically in states that won’t accidentally tilt the election to Trump.

Here’s how it works:

A third-party voter in a swing state agrees to trade with a Clinton voter in a safe state (where the electoral outcome is certain). The swing state voter then casts a vote for Clinton, and the safe state voter casts for the third-party candidate.

Trump Traders is connecting third-party supporters in swing states with Clinton supporters in safe states, uniting millions of Americans across party lines who agree that Donald Trump must be defeated. Vote trades will shift votes for candidates like Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Evan McMullin into safe states, and votes for Hillary Clinton into battleground states like Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania.


This election is extremely close in several key states where third-party support is polling at historically high levels. In states like Florida and Ohio, Stein and Johnson are combining for 10+ percent support, while the margin between Trump and Clinton is just a few percentage points. In a mid-October poll of Ohio voters (which received an A rating from Nate Silver’s after the video and sexual assault allegations against Trump, Trump was still leading Clinton by 1% — with Gary Johnson getting 9%! The same poll showed 1 in 4 Ohio voters under 30 supporting a third-party candidate.

If even a few thousand third-party supporters in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania swap their vote to another state, it could be the difference between a Clinton or Trump presidency. Third-party voters in these swing states are likely to determine the outcome of the Presidential election.


Trump Traders will connect vote swappers online at Voters can also use tools like the #NeverTrump app to connect with other voters across state lines and agree to make trades. Vote trading is based on the honor system. If enough of us join up and work together, we can defeat Donald Trump.

In Canada’s 2015 election, vote trading successfully shifted more than 1 million votes in the final 3 weeks of the election. The successful vote trading effort made the difference in the national outcome, defeating the former Conservative Prime Minister and electing Justin Trudeau.


The Trump Traders project aims is to swap hundreds of thousands of Clinton votes into the battleground states, ensuring representation for 3rd party candidates while empowering millions of Americans whose votes are less valuable because of the electoral college system. Third parties get more votes and Clinton gets more votes in the states she needs to defeat Trump.

Everyone wins, except Trump.


Has anyone tried this before?

Nader Traders developed vote swapping in 2000 to help Al Gore; digital communications were in their infancy, social media didn’t exist, and the electoral impact was negligible. Today, thousands of voters around the country can instantly connect to each other online. Just last year, with modern technology and better organization, strategic vote trading succeeded in Canada and helped move more than 1 million votes in just a few weeks, successfully ousting the former Prime Minister.

Is this legal?

Vote pairing is constitutionally protected activity. Voters use this site to freely express their preference for how they should vote, and how others should vote. Voters exchange non-binding promises to vote as a means of expressing their preference for president, and persuading through logic and considered arguments that other voters should take action. This site also provides an opportunity for voters to declare their dissatisfaction with our current presidential election system, which is a winner-take-all version of the Electoral College. This activity represents core First Amendment activity, and it is protected by that Amendment. In fact, the National Voting Rights Institute and the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California previously brought a case on behalf of exchanges created for the 2000 election and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Porter v. Bowen that voter exchanges were constitutionally protected speech and conduct.

Nonetheless, you should consult state or local laws applicable to you before exchanging your vote with another user on this site. Please note that we have already made the site’s vote-exchange features unavailable in those states (Minnesota and New York) where regulators have previously noted a concern, however unfounded, with vote-exchange sites.


Types of voter fraud listed by Ballotpedia

The following are the common types of alleged voter fraud:

Double voting (ballot stuffing): One individual casts more than one ballot in the same election.
Dead voters: The name of a deceased person remains on a state’s official list of registered voters and a living person fraudulently casts a ballot in that name.
Felon voter fraud: The casting of a ballot by a convicted felon who is not eligible to vote as a result of being a felon.
Voter suppression: A variety of tactics aimed at lowering or suppressing the number of voters who might otherwise vote in a particular election.
Registration fraud: Filling out and submitting a voter registration card for a fictional person, or filling out a voter registration card with the name of a real person, but without that person’s consent, and forging his or her signature on the card.
Voter impersonation: A person claims to be someone else when casting a vote.
Vote-buying: Agreements between voters and others to buy and sell votes, such as a candidate paying voters to vote for him or her.
Fraud by election officials: Manipulation of ballots by officials administering the election, such as tossing out ballots or casting ballots in voters’ names.

 Studies finding significant voter fraud (Ballotpedia added:  Statistics on voter fraud are controversial. The following studies reached different conclusions regarding the prevalence of voter fraud in the United States.)

According to the National Review, undercover agents with New York City Department of Investigations “showed up at 63 polling places [in the fall of 2013] and pretended to be voters who should have been turned away by election officials.” In 61 instances, or 97 percent of the time, the testers were allowed to vote. … Given that someone who is dead, is in jail, or has moved isn’t likely to complain if someone votes in his name, how do we know that voter fraud at the polls isn’t a problem? An ounce of prevention — in the form of voter ID and better training of poll workers — should be among the minimum precautions taken to prevent an electoral miscarriage or meltdown in a close race.

In 2015, the Heritage Foundation compiled a list of convictions for voter fraud, broken down by the state in which the fraud occurred. The study claims that, “[t]he United States has a long and unfortunate history of election fraud,” and that, “[p]reventing, deterring, and prosecuting such fraud is essential to protecting the integrity of our voting process.”


Ballotpedia forgot one – VOTE TRADING – it is not morally and should not be legally acceptable.  Sites and their owners should be stopped from allowing this to occur, especially hard to do I know since social media digital is so popular, but it should be considered fraud and checked out by the FBI.

This is total BULL Hockey Pucks!   Does no one else but me see how illegal this SHOULD be?


Where is the freedom and right of each individual to vote independently FOR the person of their choice?

This is a pay – to – play not different than what we are seeing played out in the Clinton Foundation only worse.  It is trading in personal considerations and freedoms to influence votes.  

It is one thing if someone honestly believes that a particular candidate is THEIR OWN choice —

but to deliberately and calculatedly “trade” in votes if not illegal SHOULD BE Illegal.

It is voter fraud and manipulation even if the only thing exchanged is a personal vote.


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9 Responses to One of The Dirty Tactics By Democrats Exposed

  1. Hardnox says:

    Right you are. This whole strategy assumes that lefties are honorable. I see a flaw in this.

    If we had a functioning DOJ this would be illegal.

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  3. Peppermint says:

    Uriel, I agree with you, this should be illegal. It’s another way of rigging the election IMHO. And I never heard of until you posted this so thanks for the great info.

  4. myfoxmystere says:

    Lie Cheat Steal & Murder is the way of life for Democrats.