Donald Trump’s Argument For America

There is nothing much more to say.  The pundits are in full propaganda mode looking to stay relevant while airbrushing every criminal act by Hillary Clinton and her husband.  A decision will be made.

America has a clear choice this Tuesday.  We elect an America loving man or an unindicted criminal.  Those are the choices.

Americans who claim they will “vote their conscience” is commendable.  Think about this:  The United States Supreme Court.  One candidate will appoint Constitutionalists the other will appoint Leftists who will continue to wreck the Constitution.  Then look into the faces of your children, or in the mirror, when the last of our rights are gone and say “I voted my conscience”.   Good luck with that.  You can shove your conscience.  This election isn’t about individuals who were offended.  It’s about saving our country.  If you haven’t been offended by Hillary Clinton then there is no hope for you.

The Left is in full-voter-fraud mode at the moment.  Reports of absentee ballots being altered are popping up everywhere.  Allegedly, 10,000 alone have been tampered with in Broward County Florida in the back room of the election office.  FACT!  Florida is a crucial swing state.  Every vote from us “deplorables” counts to offset the Left’s fraud.

If we miss this opportunity then it’s game over.  Stick a fork in America.  We’re done.  The stakes cannot be higher.

Personally, I see a “monster vote” coming that will sweep Trump into office much like we witnessed in 1980 when Ronaldus Magnus was elected over that dipstick Peanut Farmer from Georgia.  America has had enough of Hillary’s criminality and heavy handed intrusive government.  It’s time for a house cleaning in all branches of the government.

“Make America Great Again”

~ Hardnox (Proud Deplorable)


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4 Responses to Donald Trump’s Argument For America

  1. Shar says:

    I too believe we will have a monster vote for Trump. How can we not when you see his support. Voter fraud is a big worry. The holy rollers better wake up and smell the coffee. This is it. Do or Die. When Trump gets in I hope I.D. cards will be mandatory to vote. Also hope Ryan does not remain as speaker. He can go with the rest of the swamp and slither off to who cares. Take the turtle with him, if you can find him.

  2. clyde says:

    Good post. I am optimistic about this election just due to the fact that so many usually solid blue states are in play. Hitlary’s campaign is spending huge amounts on ad buys here in Michiruit at this late date speaks volumes. MAGA Nov 8. Just frigging vote no matter what the idiotic polls are saying.

  3. 219rad says:

    I have a good feeling that Trump will make it into the WH even with the voter fraud by the left. One of the things I believe he will accomplish is putting a stop to the illegals, undocumented, yet to be prosecuted aliens who are entering from the south.

  4. Just Gene says:

    Americans who claim they will “vote their conscience” is commendable. I believe one’s conscience should dictate every thing they do, but the Manchurian candidate
    voters have surrendered theirs – they no longer have one!