Assange: “Trump Won’t Be Permitted to Win”

RT reports that it is “extraordinary” that Hillary Clinton is actually viewed as a “normal” or “acceptable” candidate for President of the United States in light of new proof that she is funded by precisely the same Gulf states (Saudi Arabia and Qatar) that have been funding ISIS.

Assange points out that the unified front of powerful adversaries arrayed against Trump precludes any chance that he would be allowed to take office, no matter what happens on Tuesday.

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8 Responses to Assange: “Trump Won’t Be Permitted to Win”

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  3. Popular Front says:

    I’ve warned before about taking this Aussie pervert too seriously, he’s out of touch with what’s really happening. He’s just a slimy little weasel who gained access to some US secrets from other slimy weasels like Snowden and Sex Change Boy and used that info to get various silly leftist girls to give him handjobs.

    Don’t take that asshole ‘journalist’ John Pilger seriously either. He’s Hard Left and has been whining about the West since the 60s.

    • You could be right, Pop. But when I looked into the Swedish case against him, for being a pervert, it seemed pretty thin. He might be a self-promoter, but he’s definitely done us some favors.

      • Popular Front says:

        Hey, El Grunto!
        Apparently the Swedish case revolves around unprotected non-consensual sex but Swedish rules apply I suppose. The fact remains however that he did a runner into the Ecuadorian London embassy when the Swedes came for him and there he has stayed. That smells like guilt to me but he seems terrified of being extradited to the USA to face espionage charges or maybe to just have the shit beaten out of him, which would be richly deserved.

        Whatever people think about WikiLeaks, their reason for existence is to steal information to which they are not entitled to see and then blab about it over the internet.

        • You’re right, and I don’t mean to defend him too strenuously. But I think we can at least admit he’s not a rapist. From the ‘ladies’ testimony in Sweden, the sex was consensual by any standards. I think the whole argument was after the fact, over breakfast, when the protection was not “as agreed,” or some such. Maybe he ate some meat with the humus, and that offended her vegan sensibilities, so she called the cops a couple of weeks later. In any case, it seemed to me like these Swedish gals have no standards at all about who they let crawl into bed with them, but lots of peculiar standards about stuff that can still get you thrown in jail for.

  4. SafeSpace says:

    There may be some truth in Assange’s observation. A President Trump will face a level of coordinated opposition that would make Doug MacArthur blanch — except that Trump will be unable to run armored units over the leftist cadres.