Kellyanne Conway: “We are going to win”

Trump’s campaign manager on ‘Fox & Friends’ discusses the final days of the White House race.

Well stated.  26 – 28 million Americans have already cast their votes.

Yes, Trump will win.  The country will win.

“Hillary for Prison”

The polls are bullshit.

~ Hardnox


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6 Responses to Kellyanne Conway: “We are going to win”

  1. Clinton mendacity: Smells like death.
    America: Smells like victory.
    Get ready for some victory fireworks, America! Everywhere ELSE but Hillary’s party site on the Hudson.

  2. myfoxmystere says:

    I smell victory in the grasp. A good autistic Christian friend of mine had a prophetic dream a few days ago in which he saw a newspaper headline saying Trump won the election.