Hannity: “Collusion at it’s Finest”

Sean Hannity opines on the investigations of the Clintons.  He has Ben Carson and Laura Ingraham join him.

Forthcoming indictment of Hillary Clinton?  Nah, say it ain’t so.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  A child can see that Hillary is guilty as sin yet the political machine has protected her for the last three decades.  As we often opine here, Bill and Hillary must have mountains of dirt on the other criminals in government.  There cannot be an doubt about that.

Meanwhile, Anthony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger) is singing like a canary to the FBI and it is 99% likely that at least FIVE foreign entities have hacked into Hillary’s emails.

“the stench of corruption is overwhelming” – yeah, there’s a no-shitter.

~ Hardnox


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2 Responses to Hannity: “Collusion at it’s Finest”

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  2. Uriel says:

    One might need to apply a constipation remedy in order to get past the blockage. But even the worst rats can see that there is only one way this ends — they go to jail or Hillary and Company does. At this point – what does it matter, Hillary? A frigging LOT since you, Bill and your ties back to others are what has created this mess. The citizens of this country deserve better. Those sitting in jail for less than a tenth of the crimes seen here deserve better. Our FUTURE deserves better.