Trump Campaign Getting Major Donor Funds

Recently the PayPal titan Peter Thiel came out swinging in support of Trump offering a cool $10million to help win against the Clinton and DNC machines.

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Now another is stepping forward with a huge donation.

Here comes the cavalry – Billionaire dropping a cool $25 mil to hammer Hillary in key states, more to come!

BizPac Review 
November 1, 2016
by Scott Morefield

Billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson had pledged upwards of $100 million to support the Donald Trump campaign back in May but apparently decided to wait until the end to start following through.

What’s more, according to Republican sources, another $25 million on top of this donation may be on the way in the next few days for races from the White House down to the Senate and House of Representatives.

The money will be given to a super PAC called Future 45, founded by the Ricketts family, owners of TD Ameritrade and the Chicago Cubs. The Ricketts had originally endorsed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the primaries, but are now backing the Republican nominee.

One source told Fox News that Adelson was especially motivated to help Trump in the wake of renewed interest by the FBI into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

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I’m thinking this next few days are going to get very interesting.  Especially since it is a trickle-down in order to cut back on DNC wins across congress.  The amount of money DNC has dropped with the Clinton campaign and now each of their state candidates is staggering. Just think how much good toward their “social” side this would reach if it was used better. But then Democrats only want the rest of the country to pay for social programs.  They want “do as I say, not do as I do” government so long as they are the ones in control.


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8 Responses to Trump Campaign Getting Major Donor Funds

  1. vonmesser says:

    The money will be given to a super PAC called Future 45, founded by the Ricketts family, owners of TD Ameritrade and the Chicago Cubs.

    I just have minor concerns about any money attached to something out of Chicago…..LOL

  2. myfoxmystere says:

    This is great news!

    • Uriel says:

      I think so too Myfox especially since DNC days they have nearly a billion to spend on lower elections. Of course there is NO way citizen donors could come up with that much so we all know where that moola came from.

  3. Popular Front says:

    Yet another indication on how the election is really going to go, despite what the leftist circle-jerking media would have you believe.
    Rich people get rich and stay rich by being smart with their money and not wasting it. If Trump didn’t have a much better than even chance of the White House he wouldn’t get a dime from outsiders.

  4. GunnyG says:

    Good news. I sent The Donald another C note today. Doing what I can to bring the Hildabeast down.