Newt Gingrich: Hillary is a Criminal

This is a good interview on Hannity last night… and worth the watch.

Let’s see…

  • FBI agents are threatening to retire over Director Comey’s mishandling of the Hildabeast email situation…
  • FBI agents are threatening to go to Congress as whistle blowers…
  • Five FBI field offices investigating the Clinton Foundation….
  • 650,000 (SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND) emails on Carlos Danger’s & Huma Abedin’s private computer that contain classified materials and communications with Hillary Clinton…
  • If Hillary gets elected she will most likely get impeached immediately….
  • President Tim Kaine?  No way…

The mafia are rank amateurs compared to the Clintons yet Hildabeast is the nominee of the democrat party.  We are living in a banana republic.  Unfrigginbelievable!

The bitch ought to be in prison, not as a presidential candidate which the entirety of the left and most of the media are attempting to drag over the finish line…. yet Trump said “pussy” and thus is not qualified to president.  WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The good news is that Trump is surging in the polls and that voter turnout is historically high.

~ Hardnox


(PS.  sorry for my absence, my real job has required much attention)

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4 Responses to Newt Gingrich: Hillary is a Criminal

  1. “Real job”? I thought you were on welfare? (lmao)

    Newt nailed it!

  2. myfoxmystere says:

    Hildebeest’s stench has gotten to Comey to the point of being unbearable. And Timi The Dhimmi Kaine would be at least as bad as 0bama, if not worse. I can picture Timi the Dhimmi choosing his bobsy twin Howling Howie Dean as his sidekick if the worst happens.

  3. Uriel says:

    Simply put IF Hillary goes through the process and is elected president while an indictment is in the works CAN Obama pull executive privilege and forgive her and the foundation before January 20. If so then the options at that point say STALL until after 1/20 then run with the case. We know Trumps going after her then. BUT if she is in office is there any chance the Dems won’t get her off? I would say 75% chance they would.

    • Hardnox says:

      Yes, from what I read Dipstick can pre-pardon her. Apparently there is a precedence going back 100-150 years ago or so…

      The Senate would never vote to convict