Hannity: Hillary Clinton has only herself to blame



Published on Oct 31, 2016
Democratic presidential nominee has had plenty of opportunities to tell the truth, but she hasn’t done it.


Hannity is right.  EVERYthing that has happened since discovery of Hillary’s “carelessness” has been a direct result of her stupidity and in my eyes criminal intent to prevent public and government from knowing the extent of that criminality.

She is incapable of holding the highest office in this country. Honesty, trustworthy, and values are obviously lacking in her character and have been for a long time. Pattern of behavior alone should indict her from the Citizenship jury.

She lied and lied over again, gave access to unqualified to have, see, or transmit classified emails.  She is guilty of breaking numerous laws and not being punished for them.   Several men have been put in prison including military prison for far less than Hillary yet Hillary walks free.  Comey violated his oath and position by not recommending indictment.  Lynch has also violated many laws including the HATCH Act in order to protect Hillary and more specifically shield Obama.


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2 Responses to Hannity: Hillary Clinton has only herself to blame

  1. Rich B says:

    I don’t know what makes me angrier…

    1 – It took Russian hackers via Wikileaks to do the job Pravda (once known as the American press) refuses to do.

    2 – At least fifty per-cent of American voters are STILL willing to put this hag in the White House.

    3 – The demcraps continue to support this felonious trash and insist she’s fit to run the country.

    Say what you want to about Nixon. At least he resigned when push came to shove. This POS will fight this out until she tears the country apart.

    For the millionth time – thanks again to the democrap party. I hope you bastards are proud of what you’re putting your country through.

    • Uriel says:

      Welcome to Hardnox Rich B – spot on comments. All of the above are true. The anger is strong here at Hardnox as well and as we are seeing a rising tsunami across the US.