Sunday Morning Feel Good Stories

wrong house

David Peretiatko was a homicide suspect who robbed and stabbed a fellow in Las Vegas a few days ago. So when police called his wife’s father in Grand Traverse County, Michigan to warn them that he might show up there, they were informed that he was already DRT (dead right there) from a gun shot wound. Police aren’t saying who shot him, but his wife was also injured.

A homeowner in Boone County, West Virginia was approached by 40 year old Jack “Anthony” Webb, an armed intruder, in the backyard, so one good shot made Jack DRT (dead right there). The police said that there would be no charges against the homeowner.

In Houston, Texas, 24-year-old Hashem Abu Amarah and 20-year-old Faisal Abu Amarah began assaulting people on the street because the folks had fingered the two for a burglary beef, but charges had been dismissed on the pair. The homeowner went inside his house and came back with a firearm and shot them both. Hashem Amarah was DRT and Faisal Amarah is in stable condition at the hospital.

A security guard at an apartment complex in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania confronted a prohibited person. The criminal struck the guard with his vehicle, but the guard’s partner shot the crook in the shoulder. The criminal is recovering at the hospital.

A homeowner in Alexandria, Virginia confronted an intruder with his firearm, but the criminal got the weapon away from him and shot the homeowner. I’m guessing that homeowner thought he could scare the criminal with the sight of his gun. That never works as often as you might think.

A man and a woman who were walking to their car in the Walmart parking lot in St Cloud, Minnesota when they were approached by a man wielding a baseball bat. He asked the couple if they’d ever been hit in the head with a bat. They tried to get away from him, but he approached menacingly. The man had a licensed concealed weapon and successfully convinced the unbalanced fellow to lay on the ground and await the arrival of the constabulary. No one was injured in the encounter.

An intruder in Sheridan, Wyoming refused to leave a home when ordered to do so by the homeowner. The homeowner armed himself with a shot gun and the thief was DRT (dead right there) by the time the police arrived.

43-year-old William Brady III followed his ex-girlfriend from Georgia to San Francisco, California. She had a restraining order against him there. I guess he thought that she’d love him if he followed her and burst into her home firing his guns. Unfortunately for Mr Brady, there was another man in the girlfriend’s home who was also armed. The police arrived to find Mr Brady wounded on the lawn, so they took him to the hospital. When he’s done there, he’ll face attempted murder charges. There’s no report of anyone else being injured.

In Savannah, Georgia a homeowner found two burglars in his home and shot at them. A thirteen-year-old was found nearby with a gunshot wound. His partner is still being hunted by police.

In Sheridan, Wyoming, Terry Twomey was DRT after he broke into a home and the homeowner shot him.

Ben Hough in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was waiting for Hurricane Matthew, but instead he encountered an intruder in his home. The house was empty and the power was off, so the burglar thought no one was home. Imagine his surprise when Ben popped off a couple of rounds in his direction. Ben missed, but he kept his stuff safe for another night.

An intruder in Jacksonville, Florida, forced his way into a home and tried to discharge his shotgun at the owners, but it misfired every time. The owners called the police and Officer Howard Smith arrived on the scene. When the criminal refused to put down the gun and instead pointed it at the officer, he fired and the thief was DRT (dead right there).

A thief in Olympia, Washington snatched a purse from a 62-year-old woman. Witnesses chased him down and when he tried to escape again, but one of the witnesses fired a warning shot which stopped him in his tracks. He was held at gun point until the police carted him off.

A homeowner in Newport News, Virginia awoke to the sounds of someone in his home – he confronted one of the suspects and initiated a gunfight in which the homeowner was wounded in the leg and the pair of thieves escaped.

A Dollar Store manager in Detroit, Michigan witnessed a thief accosting an employee. The manager, a concealed weapon permit holder confronted the thief which started a gunfight in which the manager was wounded and the thief escaped – perhaps the thief was wounded, too, since he left a shoe and trail of DNA behind.

Eric Mota, in Chicago, Illinois, broke into a couple of cars he found in a drive way and prepared to take off with the stuff, but first he visited the home. The homeowner had different ideas, though, he fired four times at Mota missing each time. Mota abandoned his booty and took off in his car. Police found him nearby repairing a flat tire.

In Garfield, New Jersey, 27-year-old Louis Pizzi walked into a store and announced that he was robbing the joint. The security guard, a retired NYPD officer attempted to restrain him, but when Pizzi pushed him to the floor, the guard shot him in the leg. He ran out of the store and local officers found him nursing his wound later when they caught up to him.

In Wayne County, North Carolina, a homeowner’s alarm went off and when he went to check on it, he found nothing askew, so he went back to bed. The alarm sounded once again, but this time he encountered an armed thief. A struggle ensued during which, the criminal was wounded. The homeowner called the police who took the criminal to the hospital where he was DOT (dead over there).

In Spokane Valley, Washington, someone knocked on a homeowner’s door. There was no there when he answered. A short time later, the homeowner saw someone in his yard. When he ordered the man to leave, the intruder charged the homeowner, putting him in fear for his life. The homeowner fired once and the intruder left the area. When the police found the wounded man, he was uncooperative with them and shortly was DOT (dead over there) when they couldn’t give him the help he needed to survive.

A burglar in Denver, Colorado, was confronted by the homeowner who shot him. The criminal was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.

A 71-year-old and his wife were sitting in their Prius in Sioux Falls, South Dakotawhen Edward James LeBlanc forced open the door and began striking the septuagenarian, a resident of Oklahoma. The elderly man pulled out his legally carried concealed weapon and plugged LeBlanc who fled the scene. The police caught up to LeBlanc later and took him to the hospital to get his non-life-threatening injuries treated. Thank goodness for reciprocity laws between states.

In Barnwell, Georgia, Venson Tyrone Jones, 35 attacked 37-year-old Wanda Sherice Badger with a hammer. Jones had just been released from prison and he’d threatened to kill Badger recently. It all happened in front of 58-year-old Bettie Ann Newton’s home. Newton shot Jones at least once in the abdomen during his attack. he was taken to the hospital where he’s being treated for his newest orifice. Oh, by the way, Bettie Newton in Venson Jones’ mother.

A man armed with a broken bottle in Los Angeles, California was shot when he threatened a security guard. The criminal was DRT (dead right there).

A pizza delivery man in Henrico County, Virginia, was set up by three men who tried to hijack him with a BB gun. But, the deliveryman wasn’t aware that it wasn’t a real gun – he pulled out a real gun and fired at the teens. One was wounded in the arm and arrested.

Stay frosty friends.  They’re everywhere.

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4 Responses to Sunday Morning Feel Good Stories

  1. upaces88 says:

    I LIKE feel good stories like this!

  2. Popular Front says:

    Ya gotta love that story about the two arabs. That’s typical sandrat behaviour, beating up on innocent and usually unarmed people. Only this time one of them wasn’t and capped them both. Drinks all round!

  3. Golden Dragon says:

    “A homeowner in Alexandria, Virginia confronted an intruder with his firearm, but the criminal got the weapon away from him and shot the homeowner. I’m guessing that homeowner thought he could scare the criminal with the sight of his gun. That never works as often as you might think.”

    K, I think I’m missing the feel-good part in this one. Can anyone help me out?

    • Popular Front says:

      Maybe just a little add-on to show that if you are going to use a firearm to defend yourself then use it effectively and much more important DON’T LET THE BAD GUY TAKE IT OFF YOU.