3 ( or 4 ) Possible Reasons For Re-opening The Investigation

Whaddya suppose Killery is thinking here ?

Whaddya suppose Killery is thinking here ?

I would dearly like to believe James Comey has done this for all the right reasons. But I don’t. I’ve kicked at Lucy’s football too many times already. There is another reason more likely: As the polls have tightened, Comey has realized that he is at risk of being prosecuted for the corrupt manner in which he handled the Clinton email investigation. So, he has decided to hedge hit bets by reopening the case.

If Trump wins, he can recommend to the new AG that Clinton be charged. If Clinton wins, he can close the investigation again with another phony explanation that there was no criminal conduct.

Either way, he protects his sorry behind.



3 competing theories on why the FBI re-opened the

Hillary email server investigation

There is no question that re-opening the FBI Investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server is a big deal. The FBI normally avoids acting just before an election in order to avoid charges of political manipulation.  NBC reports:
The FBI is reviewing a new batch of Hillary Clinton emails, bureau director James Comey said in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday.
“In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation … I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation,” he wrote.
The very first thing to note is that Comey made no mention of a grand jury.  The emails whose existence he learned of may have been the result of a subpoena in another investigation. Update: It was announced ten days ago that grand jury would be convened to investigate Weiner’s sexting “by the end of the month.”  The timing of Comey’s letter strongly suggests that the devices containing new emails were obtained through a grand jury subpoena, with no immunity deals or evidence destruction needed. If that is the case, further subpoenas are quite possible, a tool that was left unused in the investigation to date.
There are 3 competing theories as to why he might be doing this now that come to mind.
  1. He might be seeking to restore his badly damaged reputation, recognizing that the damage he has inflicted on the FBI is substantial.  Three days ago, American Thinker published an open letter from a retired FBI Agent, Hugh Galyean, that laid out some of the damage Comey has inflicted on the institution he leads.  There is little doubt that this reached many in the FBI family, putting in print what people have only whispered about.  If those silenced voices start speaking out, Comey could face a serious loss of face. In this scenario, he is heading off a staff rebellion, possibly including mass resignations.
  2. Rush Limbaugh today discussed an alternative theory, that by announcing an FBI Investigation resuming, Comey is putting a lid on further attention to Wikileaks. I guess this means that Clinton forces will argue we must wait for the investigation to be complete (after the election) before speaking about what the evil Russians are planting into our politics.
  3. It is possible that something so dramatic came up in the pertinent emails that postponing a public reaction by not announcing the reopening of the investigation would, be regarded as political interference by covering up a smoking gun until after the election. In this scenario, Comey is assuming the evidence cannot be suppressed, and that he would be held accountable after it comes out. This scenario also indicates that we could be headed for a constitutional crisis, involving the possible indictment of a president-elect before an election. Or the evidence being turned over to the House of Representatives for impeachment hearings.
We’ll know more in the coming days, and I am sure there are other possible theories and motives. It is shame that we have to speculate, and that the once-respected FBI director is now subject to analysis of his political gamesmanship.
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11 Responses to 3 ( or 4 ) Possible Reasons For Re-opening The Investigation

  1. I think they’re becoming unraveled over the possibility that, when Trump wins, their heads will roll.
    Trump has promised to “drain the swamp” and he doesn’t make idle threats or empty promises and they KNOW IT.
    Ain’t it fun watching the rats clamber over each other trying to escape their sinking ship?

    • Popular Front says:

      Better to think of those rats like the ones on board that ex-cruise ship drifting in the Atlantic, they turned into cannibals. The Left always eat themselves when they’re losing.

  2. GunnyG says:

    Impeach em, convict em, jail em.

    My Tun Tavern Mug of Schadenfreude runneth over.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Good post.

    I don’t trust Comey at all. He has ZERO credibility. I think he has done what all good leftists do: change the topic.

    With his announcement it removes the conversation about Wikileaks, Project Veritas, the Clinton Foundation criminality, Saudi connections, illegal donation to her campaign and everything else. Meanwhile the Bitch is demanding a speedy investigation.

    “Hey look… see that shiny new object over there?” Then the media talks about that for 10 days. I’ve seen this movie before.

    Comey may be trying to quell a revolt but I have as much faith of mass FBI resignations as Rosie O’Donnell going on a diet. Also, he may be stemming off an impeachment. he might me playing a multi-tiered game here. No matter, it’s still a game.

  4. Dynalady says:

    You guys are right on target. This is a head fake by the same Comey who asssigned the biggest case in the country to the guy who’s wife got gifted $675,000 from the person being investigated. That investigation was so relentlessly exhaustive that they didn’t even look at the emails of HRC’s closest aide? Just look what you can find when you do a real investigation w/a grand jury, subpoenaes, search warrants& no immunity. Comey was the one to make all these critical decisions in the original case. He’ll do better this time, I’m sure.

    IMHO Weiner can go to prison on his own merits & not get some discounted punishment for being the fall guy for bigger fish. Stories were run earlier this year about him sexting to minors. The late Andrew Breitbart broke the1st story 7 yrs ago. One of Weiner’s sexting pals was a SoCal porn star represented by Gloria Allred. It always seemed to me that Breitbart missed the larger story–influence peddling over passage of obamacare–did a SoCal porn star really just want to discuss via text ms the finer points of the 3000+pg healthcare bill w/a congressman from NY? Hey…didn’t an Allred client –also a porn star–just accused Trump…?

    These people are like bad pennies that keep turning up & they get their material from stuff they buried for their own side years ago. Never let a good crisis to go waste. I worry that a lot of ‘cleaning’ can be done before January. Maybe Trump can approach all his strong GOPers in Congress (like Paul Ryan…not!) to appoint a special prosecutor to preserve evidence NOW. With the assumption that Comey is next in line behind HRC in the perp walk.
    God, let Trump be elected. This stuff goes way deep.

  5. I.R. Wayright says:

    Road signs;
    When your country,
    Is all *#~*ed up,
    Your only choice,
    is LOCK HER UP!
    ~~~~~Burma Shave~~~~~~

  6. captbogus2 says:

    Something on the Wiener server will indict Hillary most likely for perjury. Uma has unwittingly handed the people of the country (which and whom she hates passionately) the smoking gun that Hillary lied under oath. Again, most likely after a testimony at one time or another she went home and emailed her partner in crime about how she, “Fooled ’em” or otherwise ‘mis-spoke’. At the same time Uma is most likely facing charges she lied about handing over all servers to the Dept of State.
    And remember this other possibility. These people willing throw each other under the bus at the first sign of storm clouds on the horizon. They are weak and I can see an Uma turning state’s evidence to keep out of an orange jump suit.

  7. Bullright says:

    Once respected director is right. But he cannot rehabilitate it this simple with me. Likely he faces no confidence from his underlings. His bets may be hedged all over the place, bit in that case he is going to be satan’s spawn to half the people in the country either way. I figure the same results come from this new evidence. Unless there is some other charges applied. I know one thing, fbi sucks is only a hashtag away now..