Did John Kerry Pay Our Cash As Dowry To The Mullahs?

There are many reasons why the Obammy Regime ended the sanctions on Iran and paid the mullahs over $150B, much of it in cold cash. One little-known motive for this transfer of American assets to terrorists may be John Kerry’s personal involvement with high-placed Iranians. This offers further explanation for the near-treasonous actions of the Obammy Bunch when it comes to aiding and abetting the growth of Muslim governments.  Remember, less than one percent of the American population is Muslim, yet the top aides to both El Presidente and Hillaroid are both Muslim.  Now we find out that one member of Kerry’s family is in bed (literally) with Islam as well.

In 2009, Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry, John Kerry’s daughter, married Dr. Behrouz Brian Vale Nahed, an Iranian physician.

Drs. Nahed and Kerry

Drs. Nahed and Kerry above; the happy wedding party below


And the best man at the wedding was Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Iranian government.

Now …. If you remember the details of the negotiations over ending the embargo, releasing funds, and re-starting Iran’s nuclear program, guess who was John Kerry’s Iranian counterpart?  Why, none other than (ta-daaa) Mohammad Javad Zarif.


Now, how much American cash from the nuclear deal found its way to the numbered Swiss accounts of Zarif and Nahed-Kerry?   “Conflict of interest”?  Naaahhh.  “Aiding and abetting”?  Never happens.  Nothing to see here.

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Thanks to rgh for the heads-up on this story.

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2 Responses to Did John Kerry Pay Our Cash As Dowry To The Mullahs?

  1. Uriel says:

    Obama and Muslims in the Northeast heavily infiltrated all levels of government and more specifically the ones who really make decisions behind the talking heads. Kerry has actually verbally defended Muslims since he met Obama. I swear there is some sort of libation congress and government has ingested that has them on their knees and loving it.