Obama and Hillary Transformation of American In Action

From streets whose names and written words have changed to Arabic lettering to American cities who have completely been changed to become radicalized, Obama’s transformation is blasting across areas of the country. From training compounds teaching jihadist militia moves to law within the mostly Muslim areas and sounds of mosques five times a day, several areas are growing in big cities and in backwoods lands across our country. Obama has secretly and openly been importing nearly a 100,000 or more refugees from radicalized areas into our country for years. Recently, reports show that his minions have been importing Somali and others from Africa who arrived on the southern borders of Mexico. Hillary plans to up the ante even more.

When will it stop – ONLY when citizens force Democrat socialists out of the White House and Congress. Elections even now are being run that cause concern. Where long time citizens are facing off with refugee citizens and those citizens are being backed by the DoJ and Obama. Our country is being absorbed INTO what I can only term North American Islamland at this time. Laws and elected officials from town to county to state and higher are changing to accept laws and refugee demands rather than follow our constitution. Christian faith is under fire more every day from Muslim mayors to governors. If we do not halt this now, we will no longer recognize our country in ten years.

Here is video proof.




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8 Responses to Obama and Hillary Transformation of American In Action

  1. Adrienne says:

    Scary crap, Uriel. I’m originally from St. Paul, and I can tell you, without any reservation, that St.Paul/Minneapolis have turned into complete shit holes. And – want to know what the white bread yuppie soy latte drinking assholes in the Twin Cities are concerned about? Bike trails. I’m so grateful I escaped when I was only 17 years old.

    • Uriel says:

      Hi Adrienne. Yes it is VERY scary. This man Obama should have never made it into the oval office and then should have been impeached his first term. But big money and a hidden agenda kept him running. Dammit we are losing our country.

      The reality is that we live within our small areas and rarely have reason to see or visit many of these places where Muslim population is taking over. If we were more cognizant then this would have been screamed about by a large majority long ago. At least maybe it would have. Given all the media and congressional defaulting to communism maybe not.

      Mostly people living in the country are private folks. They generally mind their own business but surely this alarmed a LOT of people. The question then becomes what intimidation or persuasion tactics have been used to force compliance. I am actually shocked that Texas would not have cleaned the plow of these jihadist nests long ago.

      I am also betting nothing in FBI or DOJ has really happened since 2012. It seems to me Most of what Obama has done occurred after he was elected for a second term though the groundwork was laid in the first.

  2. Peppermint says:

    If Hillary becomes prez and brings in 600,000 more Muslims, we can kiss our Christian country good bye forever.

    • Uriel says:

      No kidding Peppermint that or there is going to be rivers of blood flowing across the nation.

      • Popular Front says:

        Take the blood option. Distasteful for some but in the long term, very effective.
        The sand rats NEVER assimilate; they start off as a small – but very vocal – minority, demanding this and that and as their bacillus grows and spreads their demands get even louder. A mosque built on the remains of the World Trade Centre? Well why not? Just because you muslim nutjobs knocked the building down in the first place is no reason to refuse. I’m suuuure the 3000+ casualties you caused would all agree.

        If push DOES come to shove, just remember that there are an awful lot more of YOU as there are of THEM so lock & load and don’t hesitate.

  3. Mike says:

    Philadelphia is not quite there yet, but we are on the same road. Immigrants who do not want to assimilate!!! FTF??? Send them all back! America for AMericans!!!

    • Uriel says:

      I agree Mike, unfortunately I have over my many years been willing and worked with many people regardless of faith or origin but THIS is far beyond even my patience. When Americans lose sight of who the country is and that EVERY person entering should be doing so legally and following OUR laws, we are in a twilight zone. To change names of registered roads, to talk, read, write in a foreign language other than English as a first language is not acceptable. Neither is rewriting our history (unless new information that is verified) comes to light. To have customs, Christian religions, and mores of our country subjugated to the whims and demands of an incoming group is to be in the process of being CONQUERED. Think about it. Every conquering horde in the world’s history forced change just like this. Our national heritage is under siege and the president is directly to blame. He and all those pushing the Muslim Invasion should be tried and sentenced to the harshest results possible for sedition and treason. That includes the “so called Christian charity groups” who are facilitating this invasion.