Obamajam – Total Nuisance Dude, Guess Climate Change Ain’t On HIS Worry List

Obamajam  – Really?  Who’s paying for his “Hillary Campaigning”? Is his plane somehow so climate friendly now that he can pass on the new technology to the Climate Change hand wringers?

The taxpayers should NOT have to pay for his high flying Crooked Hillary jaunts. Every single trip made for this purpose should fall to the DNC or Hillary with all their millions of dollars in illegal donations to pay. Tough love, budget cut dude!

Is he really pushing Hillary or is he feeling his way through to get an idea how people will react if he changes his agenda and refuses to hand over the keys to the White House come January?


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8 Responses to Obamajam – Total Nuisance Dude, Guess Climate Change Ain’t On HIS Worry List

  1. Shar says:

    Horrible thought Uriel. I am counting the days until we take out the trash and fumigate the place. You are right about him flying all over and who’s paying. They really must be worried that the beast can’t pull it off. Michelle and Warren are out touring too on our dime. Even grandma gets a good pension. Trump/Pence 2016.
    Drain the swamp. Feel free to take the GOP elite as well.

    • Uriel says:

      Hi Shar. Welcome to Hardnox. Yes it is and hopefully NOT going to be truth. However every time Obama has spoken about Trump it is with conviction that he won’t be President which begs to question WHY? I absolutely believe that every penny Obama has spent stumping (and his family) deserves to be paid out of his personal stash or by DNC period. The country is fed up with his Napoleanic spending ways while draining our country citizens dry.

  2. Shar says:

    I believe he made that remark because he had plans for massive voter fraud. Didn’t expect voters to call them out or the leaks. We shall see. I don’t think we will know until after Nov 8th. Chris Collins was on the radio this morning. He thinks Trump may only have 269 points and that the House will decide. Wonder how that would work for him especially with Paul Ryan as speaker. I wouldn’t hold my breathe expecting Obama to return monies he spent. His party only knows how to take. I don’t think any of them have an honest bone in their body. Drain the swamp and establish term limits. While they are at it term limits for the supreme court as well. We have two young misfits on their now. Neither qualified to be there. Just my opinion.

  3. vonMesser says:

    As much as he wants to, he will not stay past the 20th of January. The military would rise up and throw him out no matter whom (Hillary or Donald) was elected. This country has never had a president overstay his term – even if many have overstayed their welcome.

  4. Peppermint says:

    I think Obama is so sure Trump will not be president because he knows the fix is in. All of the fraud will not be found and from what I’m reading it’s massive.

    As for throwing out Obama the radicalization of the military would not remove him. He’s gotten rid of any military who would go against him.