Millennials – WHEN are you going to realize the Socialists/Democrats are LYING just to get your vote

Millennials – WHEN are you going to realize the Democrats are LYING

Your college professors that laud communism are LYING.  You are taking in like a sponge and NOT thinking for yourselves.  The youngest, most internet proficient, most supposedly intelligent level of young minds are being corrupted.  Your parents, grandparents, and those who have died to keep freedom for individuals and our country alive are reeling with shame from your attitudes.

As one who survived the Sixties.  I know exactly how it feels to rebel against perceived stupidity and corporate money grubbers.  BUT YOU ARE BEING WILLFULLY DECEIVED.

If you young adults do not wake up to the truth then count on a civilization where drab and numb are the norm not the abnormal.  Where you barely have food to eat or a roof of some kind over your heads or clothes not chosen by a shadowy governmental council.  Where internet is nothing but the propaganda of that group and nothing is allowed to cross the waves unless authorized.  Where every word you say, write, or whisper behind closed doors can get you thrown in prison.

We simply cannot say any more to make you understand. Socialism and the double speak they rattle off is NOT an answer but a means to subjugate. Life as you know it where chatter about anything not allowed is eradicated. Where what you eat is determined by how well you follow the demands of an irrational few.  Where acquiring work is determined by their ideas of what they want done. Where the very air and water is poisoned by drugs or death gases to maintain THEIR idea of what is acceptable and keep slaves of the regulated number of the masses.


YOUR PROFESSORS ARE LYING.  They lied to us in the Sixties and then we grew up.  We learned to cope within society to better life NOT through stupidity and rebellious hormones.

Here is the truth as I see them  –  Realistic look at the components of socialism.

First – no human should own or propose to own any property of any kind either physical or mental.

Second – all work would be equally divided between all people so that no person would be without means to “earn” place within the whole. Determining value of place through work performed is secondary since all functions in life is given the same weight.

Third – all functions of government would only be acceptable as they maintain the whole of the functioning to care for all people.

Fourth – all living conditions would be equal in that nothing would be more or less than that another has since all accumulation of property is prohibited.

Fifth – innovation is acceptable as long as it benefits the whole of the community but without benefit to the one creating the innovation since it is not allowed to feel proprietary or prideful over the resulting “property”.

Sixth – maintenance of procreation levels is required in order to prevent overpopulation thus idle hands when others are working for the greater good of the community.

Seventh – wages are not based on the proficiency of ability to perform but upon the need to receive quality of assistance for basic necessities.

Eighth – no such laws and rules apply in artistic endeavor except as they are perceived to be against the mores and rules of a society based upon not owning property and providing food for thoughtful contemplation and common values of greater good in life.

Ninth – all education would be directed at providing the most beneficial purpose to the existence of the whole. Divisions of labor would be predicated on the factual ability of the pupil versus the needs of fulfillment of future positions.

Tenth – there is no place for individualism, personal levels of achievement or enjoyment, , and personal satisfaction except as the whole benefits.

In order to achieve this idyllic setting chaos must become the vehicle for change from capitalism, fascism, or any other form of governance.

Think I wrong? Do your research. If you can wade through the mumbo jumbo esoteric idiocy of said proponents then those are the conclusions one might draw.(Proletariat are workers or working-class people, regarded collectively (often used with reference to Marxism). In Roman days they were the lowest class of humans in their system of society.)
“The turn is now to the proletariat, i.e., chiefly to its revolutionary vanguard. The historical crisis of mankind is reduced to the crisis of the revolutionary leadership.” But WHOSE leadership?

“The chief obstacle in the path of transforming the pre-revolutionary into a revolutionary state is the opportunist character of proletarian leadership…The multi-millioned masses again and again enter the road of revolution. But each time they are blocked by their own conservative bureaucratic machines.”  Why might you ask?  Because after or away from the hype people begin to see through the thin veil of who is actually destined to rule and the ultimate cost which is individualism.

“The strategic task of the next period – prerevolutionary period of agitation, propaganda and organization – consists in overcoming the contradiction between the maturity of the objective revolutionary conditions and the immaturity of the proletariat and its vanguard (the confusion and disappointment of the older generation, the inexperience of the younger generation.” Hello, by poisoning minds of those just beginning to emerge into the adult market.  YOU.  Especially if you have had no experience of the world beyond your own sphere of classmates and microworld. 

“The strategic task of the Fourth International lies not in reforming capitalism but in its overthrow.” So you overthrow the entire economy, the entire food distribution, the entire manufacturing regime, the entire technical fields, the entire science fields, the entire …  you get the picture.  WHAT fills that vacuum?  Who or where does food, clothes, transportations, smartphones, and a zillion other things in our world come from if there is no more capitalism?  Some state-run facility where only one thing is available? Where one smartphone idea is allowed? Where only one type of transportation and its looks are built?  Where all clothes, shoes, and personal items are the same all over the world? Anything else is a form of capitalism.  WHO DETERMINES THIS? It won’t be the masses.
“Karl Marx considers the individual, his nature, freedom and development as inseparably connected with society. The starting point of his analysis is not the individual, but society. According to Marxism the fundamental and motivating reasons for the actions of the masses of nations, and the classes within them, are their economic interests. ” To some degree this is true but each of us have thoughts and feelings individualized to our own selves despite or because of our environment.  How can an individual rise out of the quagmire of society or enjoy moments to appreciate and celebrate difference if we are only a product based on society as a whole? That to me is like saying a building is a house and all parts of the building are designed from the outer walls into the interior with no forethought on individual room functions or purpose of the building. Not all buildings are houses.  His comment is flawed so long as a human has the capacity to think, feel, and reason.  We are not hardwired into a single mainframe.  Our creator gave us the capacity for free will, creativity, and thinking beyond the box.

“Under socialism the principle from each according to his ability, to each according to his work, dominates. Different violations of this principle (misappropriate, parasitism, misuse, etc.), which are committed for various reasons, are social evils punishable by law. Common needs will always be there and if expenditure for their satisfaction is acknowledged as alienation, then we return to the old theme-the everlasting nature of alienation.”  WHO decides ability, WHO decides work. Notice ANY nonconformity is obliterated.  WHO decides nonconformity?

“Marxism-Leninism states that the freedom of the individual worker is directly dependent on the liquidation of capitalist exploitation and private ownership of the means of production.” So forget any personal smartphones, computers, trinkets, jewelry, shoes, individualized clothes, painted nails, unusual hair colors or “do’s”, any individualized items like paintings, doodles, or art of any kind not within the recommended parameters, anything that is not allowed by the collective.

“The nature of socialism as a social formation is such that it can function and develop successfully only through the activities of the masses, only with a high level of activity of the masses.” Oops, there goes your “teenspeak”, trendy wear, or trendy anything.

“The accumulated experience show that the realisation of the advantages of socialism depends largely on the activity of the subjective factor, the rich culture of the members of the socialist society, on their common education and professional training.”

Now do you see why I say you are being LIED to?


Millennials are being sold a bill of goods through their educators who are supposed to be there to reprogram them to the socialist view. Frankly those educators need to be in stocks with their perfidy hanging around their necks like albatross.  These people for the most part are “hermits” never having functioned or successfully functioned outside the rarefied air of academia where they are propped up by others of like mind and dysfunctional attitudes.

If simple questions of who is president or what country did this or that can not be answered by Millennials then what hope have they of learning truth through these bastions of drivel?  No wonder they are so confused.

Parents are more to blame than students for letting them attend or allowing such stupidity to continue through their donations.  Frankly parents have too much money themselves and need tough love to be applied if they are funding this arse end of a crazed donkey.






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10 Responses to Millennials – WHEN are you going to realize the Socialists/Democrats are LYING just to get your vote

  1. Just Gene says:

    No one noticed “1984” was here!

    • Uriel says:

      No they didn’t. It’s amazing how many books and films have warned about this yet No One paid attention because it was “fiction”. Fiction IS a projection of possibilities of truth.

  2. Just Gene says:

    Christ, Marx, Wood and Wei,
    Led us to this perfect day.
    Marx, Wood, Wei and Christ,
    All but Wei were sacrificed.
    Wood, Wei, Christ and Marx,
    Gave us lovely schools and parks.
    Wei, Christ, Marx and Wood,
    Made us humble, made us good

    Woodrow, FDR, Bill, Obama
    Made for us this perfect summer
    FDR, Bill, Obama, Woodrow
    Conned so many with their show
    Bill, Obama, Woodrow, FDR
    Training us to have a tsar
    Obama, Woodrow, FDR,Bill
    None should have a will


  3. Just Gene says:

    The first poem is from the book “A Perfect Day” by Ira Levin

  4. Uriel says:

    okay thanks for add lol I have not read Ira Levin that much.

  5. “Millennials – WHEN are you going to realize the Democrats are LYING…”

    When they run out of Cheetos, their food stamps run out and Mom throws them out of her cellar.