Obama on Kimmel the other day

On Kimmel Live the other night, Obama had a chance to talk about his view of Trump in this election. Here are some of his quotes from that show. And My responses.


“There’s something qualitatively different about the way Trump has operated in the political sphere.”’

Definition of qualitative: of or relating to the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind

–Yep… Trump is qualitatively different because in this election and the elections Obama ran in, he is definitely different from the usual forked tongue politician; except, he has  stated categorically he is not, nor ever wanted to be, a politician.  He has however run in the big league monied circles for his life and has generally been accepted unlike Obama.

“I ran against McCain, against Romney. I thought I could do a better job, but they’re both honorable men. And if they won, I wouldn’t worry about generally the course of the country.”

I wouldn’t open that can of worms comparison between Trump and Obama, unless Obama is ready to show all those emails between he and Hillary on her private server right now.  By the way Obama, wonder how many of Your emails will find their way into the archives or strangely be lossed or closed to public view?

I guess they would be much more honorable than Obama but their own backgrounds are not spotless by any means. However, the question is “Why are you worried?”  The position is no longer yours after January 20 and someone else will be making decisions and taking the heat of the office. Why would you care?  One would think you would be ready if not eager to drop the mantle and run out of the house slaves built.

The candidate you are backing is one that you slammed repeatedly during your own election runs. She is a liar, cheat, and criminal having broken even your own executive orders.  Does that mean YOU are comparing yourself as qualitatively equal to her? If so, I pray we find those missing pieces of the puzzle so all of you go down!

“What we haven’t seen before is somebody questioning the integrity of elections and will of the people. We haven’t seen before is a politics of putting down in very explicit terms of Muslim Americans who are patriots or describing women in in terms of intellect or character but on 1-10 score.”  “Regardless of what your political preferences or policy preferences, there is a certain responsibility of how you conduct yourself. It doesn’t mean you’re perfect.”

Pffft not if YOU are the example in the mirror!




Calls Hillary and Bill Clinton liars concerning words and actions.





Rigged Elections are happening,





“I make the effort to as best I could be honest to American people to make sure that I was protective of the institutions. There were certain norms, standards, values, and customs that make it work.”





“If you are willing to say anything, do anything even when it undermines everything that has been built by previous generations, that’s a problem.”





BUSTED.  There is a LOT more that could be dragged up but those will do for now. 

I may not like or trust Trump fully as an individual but I WILL vote for him over Hillary or a third term of globalization of our country by rubes like you. He is a heck of a sight higher on the ladder of success than a liar who smiles on camera and says one thing while doing another. Or goes outside of our country like Obama has done numerous times to deliberately smear our citizens to the rest of the world.  YOUR WORDS INDICT YOU.



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10 Responses to Obama on Kimmel the other day

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    Mr Obama, here is your legacy; you and your gang have have steered this country to the high water mark of progressive-liberal-socialist-communist agenda and the people are fed up with your failures and the consequences of your actions.
    There is no sense trying to list them all here, everyone knows how bad things really are, as the coming election will demonstrate.

    • Uriel says:

      You tell ’em IR. Good statement that I also stand behind.

      • Uriel says:

        Yeah he is great at that. My thought is it was done deliberately just like everything else Obama has touched in order to break us.

        • If he had done only a few things wrong, I would hazard agreeing that it was due to foolishness, but it’s not the case.

          It’s been one tragedy after another. One job-killing disaster after another. One treasonous act after another. The pattern shows INTENT. There can be NO QUESTION that his, and Hillary’s, actions were and are DELIBERATE.

          To further exemplify his treachery, just look at WHO he’s bringing into this country without vetting – M O Z L E M S. They, like he, HATE THIS COUNTRY and he’s set us up for, as Trump says, “another Trojan Horse”.

  2. The only thing o’shitbag ever “built” was debt. The stack of lies and crimes, aside…

  3. Peppermint says:

    The douche bag only cares about his miserable legacy. He’s failed at everything. He has nerve. Trump, if he wins, will accomplish things I’m sure. He may not be able to get all done he wants to, but he put a big dent into it.

    • Uriel says:

      We can only hope so. If he can accomplish solving the illegal problem, Scotus nomination, working on Obamacare, term limits and jobs those will be major accomplishments.

  4. myfoxmystere says:

    I’m hoping THE DONALD wins. THE HILDEBEEST will sink our country into the miry pits of disaster, of which we will never be able to get out of.