Kaine “Rally” in W. Palm Beach

Maybe everyone thought HildaBeast was going to speak ?



I believe this crowd also represents the total number of people in Florida who have a CLINTON/KAINE bumper sticker or yard sign.

Bill Clinton was in my town a few days ago and spoke to what was described by our lefty newspaper as an “overflow crowd”. Of course, they failed to mention that the location only held 200 people tops.




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4 Responses to Kaine “Rally” in W. Palm Beach

  1. SafeSpace says:

    Golly. The excitement and enthusiasm of that crowd is overwhelming!

  2. Wetzel says:

    I was told there was an overflow crowd with people sitting on the curb and leaning up against the wall. Then I realized it was skid row, and the people were drunks and druggies, not Kaine enthusiasts. Aw, shucks. But maybe they’ll vote for hitlery and pain. Er, that is, ..

  3. Popular Front says:

    Is that fuqhead actually allowed to vote? He can’t even wear his cap properly.