A Letter From James O’Keefe

James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas Action have been doing their damnedest to get the evidence proving the multi-layered corruption in the Clinton campaign, at considerable risk to themselves. And they have done a remarkable job. Now he is asking for all of our help to make sure their efforts have not been in vain. The following letter of request is from O’Keefe. It’s not asking for money. But I’m sure they would appreciate a little financial help if you are able.




Project Veritas Action Fund
We just got off of the phone with the Federal Election Commission.

A specialist on coordination laws confirmed that Hillary Clinton accepted an illegal campaign contribution from a left-leaning non-profit group.

We were told, “If there’s ANY expenditure by a non-profit on behalf of a candidate or campaign, it’s illegal.”
Yesterday you saw it yourself.
Dark Ops Kingpin Robert Creamer told us two things:

“It was the candidate, Hillary Clinton, the future President of the United States, who wanted ducks on the ground.”
“We rent the suits.”

And that’s it.
But of course, there’s more.
The “dirty trickster” Scott Foval, who admitted to inciting violence at rallies, also admitted that he personally wore the “duck” suit and sent others to events to do the same.

If the books were examined, authorities would find travel expenses, salaries, and other bills that would add up to tens of thousands of dollars in illegal contributions.
Criminal acts caught on tape.

Now, let’s demand that the government do its job and prosecute Hillary Clinton for accepting an illegal contribution.

Send a Tweet to FEC commissioners and tell them:

“.@FEC @EllenLWeintraub @AnnMRavel watch @JamesOKeefeIII video showing @HillaryClinton accepting illegal $$. Refer to @TheJusticeDept!

Are we a nation of laws or a banana republic?
Let’s find out.

Help put the pressure on them and demand action. If you can’t Tweet, here’s the phone number for the Federal Election Commission: 202-694-1220. A kind lady will answer and you just say:

“Hi, can you please ask the FEC commissioners to review the videos by Project Veritas Action and refer the clear case of illegal campaign contributions to the Department of Justice?”
If you do call, please reply to this email and let me know.

Thanks so much, and as always . . . more to come.

In Truth,

James O’Keefe
Project Veritas Action

P.S. Hillary and her cohorts were caught red-handed. Let’s demand action. Tweet them now.

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9 Responses to A Letter From James O’Keefe

  1. This would work IF we had a DoJ. Until Trump takes office, any attempt to rectify this broken system is for naught.

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    One of President Trump’s first actions ought to be naming James O’Keefe as the “Chief Swamp Drainer.”

  3. SafeSpace says:

    Sadly, Hadenough is correct. Referring this complaint to Obammy’s DoJ is akin to asking to asking a Muslim to recognize the headship of Christ: It ain’t gonna happen.

  4. Uriel says:

    Until and unless we kick out the corrupt in DC I have to agree with the guys. NOTHING will change if the will of the people is not exercised and those so corrupt are not removed,

  5. The best we can do, right now, is to prepare and take names. We’ll need that list later, when the dust finally clears, to ferret out the rat-bastard traitors who brought us to this end.

    • upaces88 says:

      I don’t have a lot of $ to work with as far as contributions are concerned.
      However, I did mail off my contribution to Judicial Watch yesterday.

      They are all over Clinton FOIA, etc.

      • In my opinion, and unless you’re as flush with money as Trump, is to spend your money contributing to YOUR OWN PREPAREDNESS. Sending money out, at this point in the game, only leaves YOU lacking. They certainly won’t be there when YOU NEED THEM.

        • And another thing: If you have any wits left before that last Friday, take all you can out of the bank BEFORE that fateful weekend. You KNOW how they love Fridays, don’t you?!?
          If things go to hell, you’ll have it. If it doesn’t, you can always put it back in.

  6. Bullright says:

    About time they look into it. And I don’t know how she could explain or talk her way out of it? Though this is in effect asking officials to do their jobs which we know is an extremely challenging to them… by us lowly citizens

    See also a new video. Yes, it’s Alex Jones but worth a view.
    (I did see this speech at Sanford Fla, it was vintage about his best)