Pentagon to Forgive Bomb Squad Team’s Debt After Pay Error

A man wears an explosive ordnance disposal, or EOD, suit during a military training exercise on May 5, 2016. (Photo by Kevin Tanenbaum/U.S. Air Force)

Pentagon to Forgive Bomb Squad Team’s Debt After Pay Error
Bryant Jordan
June 30, 2016

The Pentagon now says it will waive hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt imposed on its bomb squad team after erroneously paying the members hazardous duty pay for several years.

The move came after separate news articles detailing the case by and The Washington Post.

Members of the team told in May that the debt — well over $100,000 for some — played a part in one member’s suicide in April. They said Lead Explosives Investigator Axel Fernandez of Fredericksburg killed himself after being overcome with guilt for having encouraged others to join the team, only to see them all facing financial ruin after being told they would have to pay all the money back.

The Washington Post ran its own story about the case on Tuesday and, as the paper first reported on Thursday, Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Eric Badger said the Defense Department will waive the debt following a decision by the Defense Office of Hearings & Appeals, or DOHA.

Members of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency’s bomb squad, officially the Hazardous Devices Division, sought the waiver in hope of getting out from under the debt that would have taken them years to pay back and possibly ruined their credit ratings and even their careers.

In an email to, Badger said the hazardous duty pay authorization was an administrative error made in good faith but had “severe financial consequences for the employees.

“The pay was incorrectly authorized through no fault of the employees involved,” he added. “They could not have known it was paid in error, and we take this matter very seriously.”

The team’s hazardous duty pay, 25 percent of a day’s pay for each day of work, was included in the federal job postings and detailed in each member’s “firm offer” letter. EOD team members who spoke to said the pay was a key incentive to leave other jobs.

At the time he took his life, Fernandez was facing a debt of about $135,000, DoD Explosives Investigator Richard Coleman, the team’s leader, told Coleman left the FBI to form the Pentagon EOD team in 2008 and Fernandez was his first hire, he said.

Coleman’s debt was determined to be $177,000.

The error came to light after a review by Washington Headquarters Services, which oversees administration of Pentagon agencies. The review followed a Defense Department Inspector General investigation spurred by an anonymous complaint over the hazardous duty pay.

The headquarters services determined that hazardous duty pay could be granted only if the hazardous duty had not been taken into consideration when the job classification is being structured, Badger said. When authorized, it’s paid when an employee performs the hazardous duty and only for the duration of the hazard.

“Misapplication of this provision resulted in the squad members receiving the hazard pay differential during times of annual leave, training, and overtime,” Badger said.

The headquarters services told the team members it would support their requests for waivers and made that known to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, as well. DFAS, the agency responsible for collecting the money, had begun sending out notices for repayment more than a year ago.

Members were able to hold off making repayments or seeing their pay dunned over the error while they appealed.


Companion piece to California National Guard.


I am horrified that one man committed suicide over this stupidity on the part of the military. At least these members of military are receiving due process and getting their lives back on track. also notes that there are other such stories by veterans which have occurred in the last few years. These people, the National Guard in California, and others are being forced in some if not most cases to pay back what they were offered. Then IRS gets involved and even more headaches happen. In some cases, they are even being charged interest on outstanding debts.

However, not one more dime above budget should be given to any military division until they straighten out all of the issues within their department concerning soldiers, pensions, hospitals, and any other issue involving personnel.  No federal or state  military agency  can expect soldiers to enlist or reenlist when they are being so shabbily treated.  Neither should they be asked to enlist when religion is being drummed out of the corp and transgender operations are take precedence over military readiness.

The incompetence of this administration’s departments is absolutely appalling.  Every single department is full of inconsistencies, overruns, abuses, political or politically correct hounds, and nincompoops.  How is the country even expected to function?  Merely seeing this level of incompetence demonstrates without fail exactly how Obama has “transformed” this country into an inexcusable garbage dump for far left thinking idiots.


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8 Responses to Pentagon to Forgive Bomb Squad Team’s Debt After Pay Error

  1. Popular Front says:

    Well perhaps the next time an explosive/suspicious device is found in Washington the Pentagon can send in a team of BLM loudmouths or ‘community organisers’ to defuse it as all the EOD professionals will be washing their socks that day.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    They had no choice. I can’t remember the statute number but under Title 18 it says monies issued to you by error and not your fault do not have to be repaid. At least it said that about 40 years ago.

  3. Just Gene says:

    Even as an analogue I found the number of over 23M for active and retired military – should be more than 23M votes for Trump.

  4. GunnyG says:

    Disgraceful. My family has served since 1917 and as of May 2017, no more.

    • Uriel says:

      It is more than disgraceful. Government dumps into landfills more than this amount per year of perfectly good items that could have been recycled. Heck Homeland Security spent more than this in remodeling their offices in DC.