Russia Flexing Muscle In Dangerous Game Of “King of the Hill”


Russia’s Flexing: Conducts Missile Exercise, Deploys Naval Fleet to English Channel

Justin Holcomb
October 20, 2016

Vladimir Putin is making sure the world knows that his relationship with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Western world has turned for the worst in recent years.

The Russian military conducted drills involving their new state-of-the art missiles near the nation’s western border, according to the Associated Press.  The Defense Ministry said Thursday that the drills involved Iskander-M missiles. The war games were held at a shooting range near the city of Luga, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) east of the border with Estonia.

And to show even more bravado, eight Russian vessels led by a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier are moving through the English Channel and are expected to pass through the Dover Straits tomorrow morning.  They are expected to link up with two more ships which would mean 10 heavily-armed Russian ships will be operating just miles from the British coast.

Complete article can be read HERE.

According to Associated Press:

“The Defense Ministry said Thursday that the drills involved Iskander-M missiles. The war games were held at a shooting range near the city of Luga, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) east of the border with Estonia…According to the military, the exercise featured the deployment of missiles and preparations for firing them, but didn’t involve actual launches.”


All the saber rattling the Democrats are doing during this presidential election is doing nothing to calm the waters.  They may sling allegations at Trump over his foreign diplomacy “dangerous attitudes”  but  it is Clinton, Kerry, and Obama that are adding fuel to a fire that is totally designed to bring on WWIII.  Talk about their “diplomacy skills” – that’s bullsh*t. They have appeared prominently in EVERY damn situation, in nearly every warring locale in the world.

United Nations, Obama, Russia, and others are all playing a very dangerous game of roulette much like drunks on a dare. The problem is they are playing with the lives of the world population not just their own selves. They need to all be rounded up, yes including Obama and Putin, placed in a closed arena, and told to fight it out there. The boys and their toys in this case includes nuclear missiles not just mano-y-mano.  They are idiots.  

I blame Obama and his marshmallow yellow submarine of witches and warlocks for most of this happening currently. It has been on his watch where the worst of this has escalated to the brink of insanity.

Perhaps we need another Nuremberg Court right now with Obama, the Clintons, Kerry and others grabbed up and made to answer for their crimes BEFORE we end up annihilating more than half of the world.


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11 Responses to Russia Flexing Muscle In Dangerous Game Of “King of the Hill”

  1. Reminds me of lines in the movie “The Hunt for Red October”… “while we conduct missile drills…”. (Sean Connery).
    This insanity is over the top. The US, under the “follow-ship” of o’shitbag, is playing a very dangerous game of checkers whilst Putin doesn’t “play games”. First clue was their 40,000,000 people involved in a “nuclear strike exercise” conducted just a week ago.
    If o’shitbag thinks he’s got the upper hand, he’s in for a VERY RUDE AWAKENING. Unfortunately, WE will be the ones suffering.
    It makes me sick to think this asshole is still in office after all the shit he’s done.
    I remain disgusted and disappointed in our military for not removing these SCUM from office.

  2. W Barna says:

    Obama’s not going to do anything and Putin knows it as well as everybody else. Putin has decided to rub Obama’s face into his own crap and make him like it, as well.
    Trump will have an absolute mess to untangle after the “community-organizing”, Nobel peace prizing moron ends his tenure.

  3. SafeSpace says:

    Hadenough: Obammy has corrupted the brass, too. Many of his generals are more concerned with “diversity” than with defeating enemies. This entire situation is a result of having a wuss as America’s CEO for seven point five years. The bad players have lost their respect for (and fear of) the US and have become boldly aggressive. The Obammy Kerry response is to suddenly pretend they’ve grown a set. But the stakes have become much higher, as Putin et al are now fairly certain they could kick the crap out of us if they felt sufficiently insulted by the haughty metrosexuals running our foreign “policy”. Ronald Reagan never had to deal with this sort of crap because he never let the baddies get big heads.

  4. SafeSpace says:

    Furthermore: If you want to know what The Obammy Regime’s response to this Russian naval movement might be, just look hard at the photo above. See the black smoke pouring from the stack? John Kerry will scream bloody murder about the pollution and potential for climate change the Russians are causing. THAT is what matters to these asshats — that, and diversity, and homosexuals’ advancement in the chain of command. Screw our national security — the concept of “nations” is on the wrong side of history, remember?

  5. Popular Front says:

    The Russian Navy? They have a proud tradition – of being annihilated. Ask the Swedes, or the Japanese.

  6. vonMesser says:

    Things got a little “tight” back in late 1983 when the Soviets got panicked over one of our headquarters drills and came up to Defcon-2. I remember working 24+ hour days for a bit while stationed in Iceland.

  7. Hardnox says:

    This action is in response to the UK government forcing the Bank of Scotland for closing the bank accounts of RT (Russia Today) television operations in the UK.

    I agree, the West is playing a dangerous game of chicken at the behest of a community organizer.