Hillary Clinton Clinton Gave a Speech for $12 Million From Morocco

Wikileaks just exposed that Hillary received $12 MILLION for a single speech?

Charity my ass.  With the Clintons, charity begins and ends at home.  97% of the monies are consumed by salary and travel expenses with only a measly 3% going to those that need assistance.  Good grief.

The Clinton Foundation profited while then Secretary of State was in charge of allocating/awarding re-construction contracts for Haiti in exchange for donations by the contractors to the Clinton Foundation.  In the end. the Haitians didn’t get shit.

Btw, Trump said “pussy” and might contest the election results should there be evidence of voter fraud.  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, John Kerry, aka Lurch, our brilliant Secretary of State got the Ecuadorian Embassy (in London) to cut Julian Assange’s internet cable so as to prevent anymore document dumps that might hurt Hillary and the democrats.  Twitter has suspended Assange.  However, the WikiLeaks document dumps keep coming.

How that “transparent administration” thingy going?

Friggin hypocrites!  Friggin criminals!

~ Hardnox



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6 Responses to Hillary Clinton Clinton Gave a Speech for $12 Million From Morocco

  1. I want a President that likes pussy instead of one that is dickless. As a woman I refuse to call hussein a pussy – that is insulting to me!

  2. Uriel says:

    Hardnox, there is a rumor (not followed back to a reliable source as yet) that the Clinton Foundation moved over a billion dollars into a Qatar bank in the last week via a major banking clearinghouse. I can’t find any reliable information on this. In that blog I saw, the Moroccan payment was mentioned. The info they cited was from a Russian source. We do know how unreliable that source could be as is the source posting when I looked into their allegation. However, it does need debunking because if true could really be disastrous and imply money laundering on a massive scale having been hidden in different accounts till now.

  3. vonMesser says:

    Here’s where ANONYMOUS could come into play and do something useful.

    • Hardnox says:

      Exactly. I heard there are some other news coming but it won’t make much different if the MSM won’t report it. They are in full cover mode.