Does Project Veritas Need To Be Worried About Repercussions


Any time in the past that Obama or his muppets have made mention of an idea or group, things have gone from bad to worse.  Remember when in Florida Obama mentioned via his media mouthpiece that he expected his DHS group to follow commands then suddenly everyone was given marching orders on who, what, why, how to handle illegals?

Let’s consider what that the Obama mouthpiece puppet said on the issue not more than two days ago:

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Josh Earnest, 10/19/2016

Q Lastly, I want to ask about the Project Veritas videos that have been making the rounds of late. Does the White House have any reaction to the dismissal or the severance of two veteran Democratic operatives after the release of the latest Project Veritas videos? In particular, I want to draw your attention to Robert Creamer, a convicted felon, who visited the White House, according to reports, 342 times; also met personally with the President some 47 times, the most recent occasion being in June of this year.

MR. EARNEST: Well, I’ve been asked about videos that have come from this outlet in the past. And each time, I’ve tried to urge people to take those reports not at face value and not just with a grain of salt, but maybe even a whole package of salt. Because despite what the name might suggest, these videos have not often revealed the truth. (Really, a search in press release archives and internet did not find them mentioned.)

Q You have some people that were sort of shoved out or walked away based on the release of these videos.

MR. EARNEST: And so that is true, and so that’s why I’m reluctant to comment directly on the videos themselves. I think there is a principle, though, that I will give voice to, which is, I know that there was the suggestion in some of these reports that it might be a clever organizing tactic or a clever political tactic to try to incite violence at political rallies — (Gee, you think. BLM and cronies have ranted, harmed speech goers, and terrified some voters that attended Trump rallies but Obama and DoJ did nothing to stop rather they Encouraged the bad behavior.)

Q Bird-dogging, that sort of thing. (Merriam-Webster:  to seek out or watch closely.  Certainly been necessary with this administration  for obvious reasons)

MR. EARNEST: — that is entirely inconsistent with the President’s view about community organizing and waging a vigorous campaign; that we should attempt and we should have so much confidence in the power of our persuasion and in our arguments that we shouldn’t have to resort to violence. And in fact, it is completely inappropriate to resort to violence to advance a political goal. And that certainly is a principle that the President strong believes in. (Well Obviously Someone at DNC didn’t have confidence.  Soros was caught red-handed by BLM rioters employing them but not handing out their paychecks by disgruntled members.  Wasn’t that a favorite ACORN tactic which was Obama’s stomping ground community organizing group?)

Q As far as Creamer is concerned, with all those visits here to the White House in particular, I’m wondering, is that a reflection of the ethical standards of the Obama White House — that a guy like that who, at least according to the videos — admittedly, these videos are in some dispute in some circles — seems to be suggesting voter fraud, a person who is a convicted felon, who was an often frequent visitor here at the White House? It is a reflection, some would argue, of the standards of this White House that that’s the type of person that’s here with that sort of frequency.

MR. EARNEST: And I think at this point, I would urge extreme caution in drawing conclusions about anybody’s character based on a few hours of having looked at this video, because time and time and time again, information that was released by this organization is a lot different than initial reports would indicate. (In other words, HOW DARE anyone attempt to besmirch our president?  Seriously?  My, my.  Can’t he take the heat of his own actions when they rebound on him?  If not, then why did he invite BLM and Creamer into the White House more than a few times and not long after certain “oddities” happen on the streets – like Riots and destruction, hmm?  Frankly, I heard a threat in that statement.)

Q Several times we’ve heard the President now talk about his confidence in the election and in democratic systems. But the word “rigged” has now almost become a buzzword this cycle. It’s all over the Internet. Now those videos that we talked about earlier are circulating as possible proof that things will be rigged. There’s talk of collusion and things like that. Do you think that that is a risk at this point? Does the President see that as a threat to things going smoothly after the election?

MR. EARNEST: I think most people see that kind of rhetoric as a farce. The idea that the Republican governors of Florida and Georgia and Arizona and North Carolina and Indiana and Ohio and Iowa are going to collude with Democrats is far-fetched, to say the least. (Really.  Then why are they hyperventilating about backing the duly elected Republican candidate?  Simple they are less worried about losing the entire country than they are their own cushy jobs. Arse end of rats that they are.)

And the fact that most people find this unconvincing — the evidence that I have that most people find this unconvincing is that there are senior officials in the Republican Party who find this unconvincing, including the Republican presidential nominee’s running mate, who indicated that he would respect the results of the election. Another person who is unpersuaded by that argument of a potential bipartisan conspiracy is the Republican candidate’s campaign manager — to say nothing of the Republican Speaker of the House, whose spokesperson has indicated that those kinds of conspiracy theories are far-fetched.(Foul gases emitted.  Want to tell me the statistics on the word “Most?” Who did you ask, isn’t one who reports responsible for the words he says?  Who did you poll: Democrats, Uniparty members, or the larger section of the populace?)

So, again, as the President alluded to yesterday, these are the kinds of conspiracy theories that are rarely floated by winners. It’s the people who are not feeling good about the prospects of the outcome that would start raising these kinds of questions. That’s particularly true in athletic competitions –people who are trailing on the scoreboard are the people most likely to complain about the officiating.  (True.  Only when factual evidence backs up their claims, then who should be worried?  Clinton and many other people in races across the country have stated the same, even holding up a state’s confirmation while votes were recounted.  Liberals themselves according to some reports have protested voter fraud at least eight times over the years. Yet when Trump speaks truth, these guys choose to have selective memory.  Maybe they need to have themselves tested for senility or early onset Alzheimers.) 


These Democrats and liberals have become so befouled by the stench 0f corruption and fraud that they simply can’t imagine Anyone would see through their lies and challenge them.  Stop giving in to their lies, challenge with facts and truth at every turn.  We either stand together as a country or we fall as pieces of  regurgitated garbage out of their mouths.



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10 Responses to Does Project Veritas Need To Be Worried About Repercussions

  1. SafeSpace says:

    “The president’s views about community organizing”: BWA HA HA HA. Regardless of who wins this election, we thankfully will no longer have to listen to uptalking metrosexual Li’l Josh, the 40-year-old male version of a 17-year-old girl in a California high school.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Worry? You bet they do. O’Keefe should be worried. No doubt he has taken precautions. The Clintons and their surrogates don’t like their brand of reporting.

    The drivel coming from Earnest has always been nonsensical. He’s been the worst of the carnival barkers in my opinion.

  3. Wetzel says:

    Well, we’ve all known Earnest is at least bi-lingual. English and Politispeak, with a minor in BS. It has become so bad that if our politicians started speaking the pure, unvarnished truth, no one would believe it Or trust it. I can’t watch him any longer. My eyes cross and my ears ring.

    If we don’t pull the fat out of the fire now, we probably will never have another chance.

  4. Terry says:

    O’Keefe now has in place a “Dead Man’s Switch”

    He and Project Veritas Action have also filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission over the DNC and the Clinton campaign coordinated communications with the SuperPAC Priorities USA Action and other orgs.