Trump vs Hildabeast Debate #3 – Open Thread

Well, tonight is the final round moderated by bootlick Chris Wallace (Walinchiski) in what will be a most interesting event.  We’ll see in the first few seconds if Wallace has been given his marching orders by Murdock and looks to knock down Trump by dismissing the FBI document release, WikiLeaks email dumps, and the Project Veritas videos regarding the massive voter fraud.

Chances are he’ll want to blow those off and ask what the policy issues are.  Also important, but not if Hillary’s criminality, and that of her subordinates and fellow democrats, gets dismissed.

Her criminality is POLICY and it would be even more so in a Hildabeast administration.

I hope Trump wipes that smirk off of Wallace’s face and causes a seizure in Hillary.


Feel free to opine below.

~ Hardnox

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11 Responses to Trump vs Hildabeast Debate #3 – Open Thread

  1. GunnyG says:

    Oh to see The Clot keel over and do “the chicken.” Gods be praised.

  2. I still think that H-robot is incredibly life-like. Those Japanese scientists are geniuses. Somehow, they made it much less terrifying than the Madonna model, which is a real setback for us, I’m afraid.

  3. upaces88 says:

    Personally I am getting very frustrated. I was on You Tube and the subject was “Clinton.” All if did was bring up the “Clinton Body Bag List.” I was kicked off!
    On another site, I was also kicked off. Putin has already stated that if Clinton gets into the WH, there will be war. His exact words were, He’d Nuke the WH.”
    Got kicked off of that site too. I was told, “You are inflamatory.”
    Since when is quoting someone Inflamatory?

    • Blessed B. says:


      You ask…”Since when is quoting someone Inflamatory?”

      Answer…since the truth can not be told anymore and truth upsets the Neanderthals who are pushing for the criminal’s agenda and who believe the propaganda and lies about Russia/Putin.

  4. Rudy says:

    Hi everyone,
    Pardon my absence. I’ve been gone for quite a while as I was over in the sandbox doing some contract work. Now back home safe and sound in Montana I’m able to catch-up on the latest criminality by madam Clinton.

    What I find stunning is the media’s collective collusion to ignore the FBI document dump, the Wikileaks email dumps exposing the criminality of the Clintons and their surrogates, and last but not least the Project Veritas videos exposing the flat out voter fraud being conducted by individuals that have access to the White House.

    Unfrigginbelievable! Many have died to protect our freedoms and the left scoffs at those that wish to defend them.

    To me it is clear who we need to vote for and that is Donald trump who will put America First!

    I saw last night’s debate live. The others I have viewed via YouTube. I thought Trump did well in all three despite the moderators. Last night I wish he had dotted Hillary a bit more but in my opinion he scored big points on his position on late term abortion and his unwillingness to accept the outcome of the election before it has even occurred given the voter fraud that is now in progress. He also scored big on the ripoff of the Haitian relief funds and her accepting money from Arab countries.

    The media is now focused on Trump’s statement yet ignore her criminality. I am beyond disgusted.

    On a positive note, I know of no one in the private sector or in the military that is not voting for Trump. Everyone hates Hillary. I sense a crushing Trump victory coming. As Nox so often opines about the Left and the Uniparty, attacking Trump over trivial crap is all they have. They know he will hand them their ass come November 8.

    Keep the faith fellow Noxers! We’re winning!

  5. Terry says:

    Welcome home Rudy ! We’ve missed you.
    As you can see it has been SS-DD since you’ve been gone as far as the media is concerned.
    The PV videos have caused a stir, but only among those who pay attention to conservative news as that’s where they get coverage.

    I agree with you on Trump’s unwillingness to accept the results if HildaBeast is elected. With all of the proof of fraud and rigging coming to light, he’d be remiss to turn his back to it.