Progressives Are The Enemies of Freedom and Liberty

It must be noted, learned, and as Hanoi John Fonda Kerry said, “seared into our brains,” that our liberty, our freedom, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution come from Natural Rights, i.e., freedom of speech, and thus, the Creator. This freedom, if you will, then follows a path to a free people, a free nation, religious freedom, and then a people self-governed. When these ingredients are combined in the proper formula, they yield a nation steeped in prosperity with an overflowing abundance for one and all, in the American dream.

The Progressives, on the other hand, not only outright reject the Founders’ political thought and intent but also reject that our rights, our Natural Rights, come from a Creator.

“To ask whether the natural rights philosophy of the Declaration of Independence is true or false, is essentially a meaningless question.” Carl Becker, Progressive, 1922.

To the Progressives, a “self-evident truth,” is not self-evident in that it can change with the times, as the Progressives believe should be done to the Constitution. A self-evident truth is, to a Progressive, a fallacy that turns the entire intent of the Founders on its head. Truths, to a Progressive, are personal views that are as changeable as their underwear which to a Conservative, is insanity unleashed. Imagine a ship trying to find a safe port in a storm and the lighthouse was constantly changing its position. Someone is going up on the rocks and THAT, brothers and sisters, is Progressivism. Whereas Conservatism is build upon a bedrock of solid principles, e.g., the Creator made order for man, that human nature is a constant [flawed], and moral truths are permanent. This is diametrically opposed to Liberalism/Progressivism, hereafter known as Progs, in that they see everything changing with time and that no beliefs are forever. To the Progs, to think that Mankind has inalienable rights granted from a Creator, that should last for all time, has been solidly rejected by them. This explains their constant attacks on the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments.

“The present tendency, then, in American political theory is to disregard the once dominant ideas of natural rights and the social contract, although it must be admitted that the political scientists are more agreed upon this point than is the general public.” Charles Merriam, Progressive, 1920.

Perhaps the worst part of the Progs mode of thinking is that standards, a moral order to live one’s life, and guidelines to direct us are obsolete and naïve and to most Progs, stupid and backward. In other words, where Conservatives stand for decency, honesty, ethics, etc., Progs have given us garbage like the Folsom Street Parade, raging crime, dishonest and corrupt politicians, and a country in decline.

In 2012, we witnessed the Democrats renounce God three times at their convention. This is in line with Progressivism because they believe in the perfectibility of man, without the help of a Creator. The “progress” of man, hence Progressivism. To the Prog, change is simply change for the sake of change, embodied by Obama, who crowed about a “fundamental transformation” for America, again, something directly opposite of Conservative ideals.

“The foundation of our Empire was not laid in the gloomy age of Ignorance and Superstition, but at an Epocha when the rights of mankind were better understood and more clearly defined, than at any former period, the researches of the human mind, after social happiness, have been carried to a great extent, the Treasures of knowledge, acquired by the labours of Philosophers, Sages and Legislatures, through a long succession of years, are laid open for our use, and their collected wisdom may be happily applied in the Establishment of our forms of Government; the free cultivation of Letters, the unbounded extension of Commerce, the progressive refinement of Manners, the growing liberality of sentiment, and above all, the pure and benign light of Revelation, have had ameliorating influence on mankind and increased the blessings of Society. At this auspicious period, the United States came into existence as a Nation, and if their Citizens should not be completely free and happy, the fault will be intirely their own.” G Washington. 1783

Thus the two camps are at opposite ends, the Founders understood that progress was change for the better, implemented slowly, whereas Progs like Obama and the rest of the democrat horde everything is subject change and change, whether it turns out to be a failure or a boon, is good. Change for the change of the change to the change is a change of the change. (Modern Progressive thought)

The racist father of Modern Progressives, Woodrow Wilson, was as anti-American as it gets when he said: “The Declaration of Independence did not mention the questions of our day. It is of no consequence to us unless we can translate its general terms into examples of the present day and substitute them in some vital way for the examples it itself gives, so concrete, so intimately involved in the circumstances of the day in which it was conceived and written.”


All that progressives ask or desire is permission—in an era when ‘development,’ ‘evolution,’ is the scientific word—to interpret the Constitution according to the Darwinian principle; all they ask is recognition of the fact that a nation is a living thing and not a machine.” 

This then, is where the modern Progressive gets that claptrap of the Constitution being a living breathing thing, subject to change at will. Again, imagine the ship (USA) mentioned above, and the lighthouse (Constitution), constantly changing its position so that no one knows what the Hell it stands for.

And another Progressive, Theodore Roosevelt, said: “I do not for one moment believe that the Americanism of today should be a mere submission to the American ideals of the period of the Declaration of Independence. Such action would be not only to stand still, but to go back.”

We Conservatives believe that the Founder’s intent, their view of what the Republic’s government should be is that the purpose of the government is to secure the fundamental Natural Rights, under the Rule of Law, in a Constitutional Representative Republic, as defined in the Constitution. Our enemies, the Progressives, are once again diametrically opposed to this:  “How could there be any limit? It is denied that any limit can be set to governmental activity.”  Charles Merriam, Progressive. On one hands, we have the government protecting the people’s Natural Rights, as defined by The Creator and on the other hand, an intrusive Nanny State that actively seeks to change for the sake of change because progress must be made, whether needed or not! Indeed, as we have seen under the Obama Regime, more progress and more social change must be implemented no matter what! The Progs love to fix things that are not broken, which is 180 degrees out from how Conservatives think and act. For the Progs, government must interefere in everyone’s life, to the maximum possible, from cradle to the grave.

The Great (not really so great) Socialist, FDR once stated, in regards to the Bill of RIghts: “They were our rights to life and liberty,” and came out with the Prog’s Bill of Rights, which oddly enough, echoes the former Soviet Union’s! FDR wanted and got, a welfare state, the end result of which we see today.

FDR’s Bill of Rights

The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the Nation;
The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation;
The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living;
The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad;
The right of every family to a decent home;
The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;
The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment;
The right to a good education.

And to oversee it all? The Federal Colossus, i.e., BLM, EPA, DOE, Dept of Agriculture, etc, etc, ad nauseum. The Progs had replaced Natural Law and God, with rights that were to be granted by the government. This jives with the nonsense that Obama said, when he criticized the Constitution as “negative” rights and not rights that the government can do FOR you. What the government grants, it can also take back.

In conclusion, Progressives are and will remain our enemies as long as they continue to embrace government as the do all-end all. And it did not end with the Progs Nanny-Stating the American People but set out to change the world for the better, as they saw it. The fascist Progressive Wilson stated in his War Message to Congress in 1917, that we had to “make the world safe for democracy.” The use of American might and force to bring about “progress” as determined by a select few for the many. It was our responsibility to bring human rights, democracy, and our view of the world to every corner of the world, whether they wanted it or not.

He has made us the master organizers of the world . . . to overwhelm the forces of reaction throughout the earth . . . . This is the divine mission of America . . . . We are trustees of the world’s progress, guardians of its righteous peace.” Senator Albert Beveridge, Progressive. He further stated that we needed to oversee and manage the affair of “lesser” nations. Progressivism for the world and it has matured today with the EU, the UN, the Hague, and other sordid intrusive agencies that seek to impose their globalism, one-world justice, interdependence, social justice, forced diversity, and multiculturalism—on the world. And all overseen by a few elites, i.e., Soros, Bushes, Clintons, etc.

The fight is not won by them yet as we continue to reject Progressivism and Globalism because as the Progs move away from the Founder’s Intent, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights as it was written, we run back towards it. But take note folks, The Progressive termites have so severely gnawed away at the foundations of Americanism that we may be fighting a losing battle to recover the ideals of the Founders and the American Way of Life.

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Retired US Marine and pissed-off American. Tired of the bullshit from inside the Beltway and determined to change it, peacefully or otherwise. A Constitution-loving American who believes that the US is #1 and should be!
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7 Responses to Progressives Are The Enemies of Freedom and Liberty

  1. Uriel says:

    Excellent piece Gunny. A lot of truth in it. Another word for progressive is Socialist. They simply adopted a new name not a new platform.

  2. GunnyG says:


    Thanks. Liberal. Progressive. Socialist. Communism. All samey-same and they all deserve a long drop on a short rope.

  3. SafeSpace says:

    Well-written! You underscore the inversion of names in today’s politics: The “progressives” are trying to move us backwards, back to the bad old days of failed socialist and communist states, where the only equality enjoyed by the citizenry was the equality of suffering. On the other hand, “conservatives” aim to move mankind forward to that day, promised in our Constitution, when folks can use their God-given freedoms to rise to whatever level they wish, and reap the consequences of their own decisions.

    • GunnyG says:


      “when folks can use their God-given freedoms to rise to whatever level they wish, and reap the consequences of their own decisions.”

      TAKE A BOW! THAT is the perfect summation of Conservatism.

  4. Hardnox says:

    Excellent post Gunny.

    President Trump will have his hands full. I hear GITMO is nearly empty.

  5. captbogus2 says:

    Hanoi John Kerry
    Ted ‘Let’s go for a swim in the Chappaquiddic” Kennedy.
    I think Pocahantas Warren is from there, too.
    John F. was no prize and if he hadn’t been assassinated BY A LEFTIST! he would have been a one term president. The trip to Dallas was trying to mend political fences.

    • captbogus2 says:

      Tell him to fill it back up but to start having trials in line with the Geneva Convention accords.
      A combatant captured on the field of battle not in uniform is considered a spy and shot on capture.
      That’ll give him a little problem filling it up, maybe.