Indictment of Obama, His Policy, and the United States in Syria


Mission of the US Peace Council

The US Peace Council is a multi-racial, pro-working class, anti-imperialist organization committed to peace, economic and social justice and to international solidarity with the people of the world. The U.S. Peace Council was founded in 1979 in the major Cities. It is affiliated with the World Peace Council, the world’s largest peace organization and an NGO member of the United Nations.

Basic to US Peace Council’s mission is the understanding that there cannot be peace without justice, both nationally and internationally. The US Peace Council recognizes that the struggle for peace is indivisibly connected with the rights and needs of working people. Connecting the issue of peace with economic, environmental, social and political issues is crucial to the success of our movement.



I honestly knew nothing about this group until I saw this video, yet a snake is a snake regardless of coloration or location.  More information can be found HERE.  I am in principle generally against most things United Nations because they seem to be deliberately meddling in affairs best left to countries under their own sovereign rule.

In this particular instance I do agree most emphatically that the United States has for the last twenty years or more and in particular the last eight years been involved in affairs that they should not have had a part in.  In fact, I would love to see Hillary Clinton, Obama, and his cohorts brought before an international tribunal and tried for their war crimes.

Obama’s style of decision-making has leant itself to a great deal of chaos and angst around the world through arms and funds disbursement, interference in internal affairs of other countries, CIA, and clandestine involvement in plans and schemes affecting all from hidden organizational agendas. It is not nor should ever be the purpose of the United States to disrupt or practise colonialism in any country.  Yet it is occurring.  Not only our own country but millions of displaced people are suffering because of the operations instigated or perpetrated through US interference and the criminal activities of some of the elitist in government.

While I understand the premise of following orders, our military has in, of its own need for validity, and nature of purpose been instrumental in the destruction and misalignment of groups and assistance far beyond its purpose of protecting our country and its rights.  It was in the interest of national security that we sought justice for the World Centers in New York, but that should not have extended over this many years nor created such worldwide chaos and wholesale slaughter or destruction in country after country before or since then.  The destabilization of functioning governments and ways of life is not for our government to pursue.  The constitution and country to my understanding was never meant to be a colonialist nation except to expand from ocean to ocean within a national border.  Otherwise, we would have continued expansion up into Canada and down to the South American continent.

Yet Obama as commander-in-chief either by design or stupidity and Hillary Clinton along with others in the three branches of our government have done just that.  They have so much blood on their hands, both American and other nationalities, that even “bleach-bit” will never erase its stain.

I do understand Trumps comments about a strong military and the need to carry a big stick but not use it except as a last resort.  At times though he has fostered hysteria from some international groups.  He is responding to a situation not of his making, but looking forward to future involvement. His main message has always been to Make America Great and Strong Again and to promote internal NOT external recovery and involvement.

People around the world need to pay attention and understand.  The Democrats and liberals who have been in power have point of note created much of the world chaos by supporting Obama and shoving through his “fundamental change” rather than protesting and refusing to go along with his agenda.  They, especially Hillary Clinton, are putting forward the mantra of Russia, Iran, and a dozen other sentences designed to incite further interference if allowed to take control of the presidency and congress for the next four years and beyond. 

Trump is brash, a common man rather than blueblood elitist, a fighter, definitely not politically schooled or correct, and determined from all he has said to pull us back from an edge of the precipice.  For most of the citizens of the country this should be the best reason to vote for him in the general election.  It should also be a pause of hope for the world to remove the current NWO stranglehold in the US and other countries out of power and back to their own independent internal governance.

He has said as has most of the US that supporting levels of funds to the UN is unacceptable.  He has pointed out that they have mismanaged and allocated those funds to the detriment of countries and to their own ends. The demands for funding are beggaring everyone including our country. None of us have recovered from the last bout of recession and financial destabilization by those who used corrupt methods to get richer.  None of us can afford to have the UN sit in judgement for every action, law, or rule that we as countries choose to enact while they demand greater control over our lives.

The US has gone through its own internal struggles just as every country has since WWII.  We have been stronger for the lessons learned but in some instances a lot more likely to make bad decisions based on faulty information fed to us through a liberal media and governmental infiltration by socialist ideology.

The idea of a world-wide war is horrific.  I put that squarely on the shoulders of those in the shadowy NWO group who have for many years made decisions and moves guaranteed to bring about wholesale death and destruction of the human race for their own ends.

Every country is struggling today for the simple fact that there exists a powerful and extremely wealthy group of people who for the most part have been anonymously manipulating events across the globe either by shifting power, promoting radical groups, or attempting to wrest governmental power from individual countries under the guise of the United Nations.  Those people need to be pursued and broken, if not placed in prison at least financially.

It is a given that humanitarian needs and oversight of dictator atrocities are important especially when people across the world live in fear, poverty, and oppression. That and recovery from the effects of WWII were the only purposes of the United Nations in the beginning until it became obsessed with the power of its authority.  Generally though at least in my mind’s eye, it should not be the role of any international body to handle internal country struggles except where genocide and international distress prevails such as an intermediary between countries to prevent war.  

The United States has been cloaked in lies, manipulation, covert operations, and denials.  It also is struggling to prevent this problem as well because it realizes that for our country to fall under the determined march of federalized worldwide governance means that no country is safe.  Just as European countries are now beginning to wake up to the scam and interference, so too is the United States.

The last eight years stand as some of the darkest for governmental abuse in our country’s history as we are now learning thanks to hacks and whistle-blower efforts to bring out the truth.  It may even now be too late to render our foes incapacitated but that does not mean we can’t try.  It is in our national security interest that we do everything we can as citizens of our nation to bring our country out of its dark days and back to the constitution as written so long ago.  

I only hope that this can be achieved. 


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4 Responses to Indictment of Obama, His Policy, and the United States in Syria

  1. Hardnox says:

    Ditto here. If Trump loses then it’s game over. This video clearly reveals what is in store for us and the world.

  2. Uriel says:

    Exactly. Imagine what these anonymous “judges” could do to people and countries whose view is in opposition. Hilter would be chortling from his fiery perch.

  3. rammsteinrules says:

    ….keep your powder dry…..