Time For Adult Supervision Of This Election And Our Country

Open Note to Donald Trump – You either lead as an adult from a position of strength and reliability OR you lead as a bully. If you lead from the first then there is no need for worry as citizens are ready and willing to have common sense, maturity of character lead us. If you lead from the second, then you have already lost, even if you win the election. Think about that as we race to the end.

That said – it is time for two things for the country.
Tough Love and removing those elements which are determined to destroy our country’s independence and freedoms.  

The latest rounds of puerile, slanderous behavior has to stop.  It neither helps the country address serious issues nor helps alleviate the international perception of a spoiled, petulant, and irresponsible country.  It actually puts us on the same level as Kim Jong-un frankly and as volatile as the Islamic jihadists.  Neither attitude is acceptable.


In the case of removing any elements determined to destroy – let’s consider the problem.

1) A person, group, or country can NOT be destroyed from without for the automatic response is to circle the wagons and either fight or run. Running is not an acceptable response in the case of a country but happens quite often when a person or group is not founded on good values and principles. In the case of a country then the response must be to fight since its boundaries and terrain cannot be moved to a different longitude or latitude.

In all cases though, insecurity and a breakdown of concepts and goals or the refusal to adjust or change will destroy from within. Permission and a slow, continuous distortion of truth leads to weakness and breakdown of system opening the way to a certain path of destruction. Unless we are willing to stand and face ourselves and our goals in the light and not view them from a dark place then we are granting permission for our demise.

2) Standing on truth, returning fire against a corrupt system or attacking meme, shedding light where there has been darkness, removing the elements which create the stress, facing fears and the worst case scenarios to realize that we can and will survive stronger in the end when tested, and returning to values and morals is the only way we can successfully counter attacks on a personal or country-wide basis. In short, we have to find the strength within or together as a mass to defeat what we believe is removing our rights and freedoms to live freely and with success in a personal realm or in a country.

Years ago, the mantra “tough love” made the rounds. It is just as relevant today as back then for all interactions personal, group, and country.  When we enable our children to believe that life owes them a free ride without taking responsibility for their own actions, that lying is acceptable, that they deserve to command everyone even parents, or that bullying and hate are the only answer– then we are destroying their chance to grow and our future.  At the same time when we as parents disengage from responsibility of guiding and interacting with our children, then we are failing in the greatest role of our lives.   We are destroying what we have created. There is a fine line between the two, but in the end both must happen in order to build a strong new adult or keep a country sound and prosperous.

A country takes just as much effort because like an individual they are living, breathing, and growing extensions of all of the parts.  Commitment and oversight are required to produce and maintain a healthy, vibrant, and distinctive land.  Unlike a person whose actions mostly affect themselves or a microcosm of life though, countries constantly encounter assaults and bad choices which affect more than one individual or locale and can either strengthen or destroy all its citizens not only in the present but for many, many years into the future.

In all cases once an individual reaches a level of recognized independence, we can’t afford to simply walk away and say “I have done my part. Now go forth and don’t bother me again.”  That is not how a loving family unit survives over the years and neither can a country.  Vigilance, support, and calm actions from adult to adult are needed to help everyone generation to generation and town to country.

We are seeing this inattention and refusal to engage as individuals and partners in a great nation play out today across a very biased media and through bad choices in our country during this election.  Our country was founded on the idea  of some place where every man, woman, and child had rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Nothing in those words supports the possibility that everyone will succeed but it gives each individual the right within a framework of laws to achieve according to personal preferences and choices.

I am not saying by any means that an unbiased boundary of societal oversight and equal rights is not necessary.  In fact, to a degree as we shift, grow, and change a certain need to temper individualism with realistic understandings of majority oversight is needed.  It should not however be the overpowering of those rights by a group or groups who demand total obedience and make excessive laws for the masses through fair means or foul.

Take for instance the media splash about how abusive and sexually exploitative Trump is toward women.  The latest being Barbara Res who CNN has decided to extol as against him.  A woman who by actual written account herself in book and resignation has always said he was one of the best bosses she ever had but suddenly has turned traitor spitting out vitriol about him on CNN.  Or  the New York Times running rabid on other such when most if not all have been proved to be false.  This has to stop.

Media has fallen into the trap of money and freneticism rampant in the liberal and now Democrat Party line where communism and socialism have taken over.  They are little better than the “rag mag” and sensationalists of the past century.  Yet they refuse to report the truth from around the world about what happens in locations who have buckled to the meme of communism or report actual world events that are shaping up to interfere with our own country’s actions and activities.  They are refusing in essence to be the truth we need as citizens to make informed and real-time decisions that affect our voting and our views.

Then there is the “congressional idiocy” that abounds.  Like Harry Reid stating on air that the CIA should lie or “withhold” information which is to be given to every candidate in the general election.  Or Paul Ryan who is supposed to represent the values and platform of the national Republican Party but in reality is determined like other RINOS in a UN-iparty move to hand the running of our country over to a world body saturated with communist, socialist, and Islamic Sharia law ideology for governance and do away with the borders and rights of our citizens as guaranteed in one of the most significant documents in the last 2,000 years.

Finally, we adults have nearly forfeited our rights to the educational values of our country when we have teachers and professors deliberately and systematically destroying the morals, ideology of a republic, and propagating the memes of outside ideology over the morals, values, and truth of real life understanding of actions, results, and responsibility.

Our country is under assault from the immoral, often immature, and unrealistic but we have allowed this to happen.  As good parents and guardians, we have been remise in providing for the betterment of our country and way of life.  It is up to us in this presidential election and all elections from local to federal to gain back our rights and put our country back on a better path.  If not then we can only sit back and accept what comes as a result of our own stupidity.


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4 Responses to Time For Adult Supervision Of This Election And Our Country

  1. Hardnox says:

    Great rant Uriel..I agree.

    However… “sticks and stones may break bones but calling out Hillary as a lesbian wouldn’t be such a bad thing”… LOL

    • Uriel says:

      Haha. Not me boss. I know a few that would take me over the coals for giving them a bad name by linking lesbian with that witch. Thanks

      • I.R. Wayright says:

        Right. If Hillary was standing along the road side hitchiking, the only vehicle that would stop to pick her up would be a garbage truck. And they would throw her in the back.