Project Veritas Strikes Again



James O’Keefe is arguably one 0f the bravest men in this country. He has struck time and again at the corruption in American politics through his Project Veritas. Taking on the Clinton Mafia is a VERY dangerous endeavor. Say prayers for this man and his staff. I’m sure there are poisoned darts being sharpened at this moment.

This is his 1st video in a series on the Clinton campaign election corruption. I’ll post others as they are released.



Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and

DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Dirty Tricks Operative Unwittingly Provides Dark Money Trail to the DNC and Clinton Campaign

Violence at Trump Rallies Traced to Clinton Campaign and the DNC Through Process Called Birddogging

Shady Coordinated Communications Chain Between DNC, Clinton Campaign, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC and Other Organizations Revealed

Key Clinton Operative: “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherfucker”

Project Veritas Action has just released the first video in a multi-part series which exposes the dark secrets at the highest levels of the DNC and Clinton presidential campaign. Using hidden cameras, undercover journalists reveal key players coordinating clandestine operations in support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The video, supported by emails recently released by WikiLeaks, shows that the dirty tricks, lines of communications and the money trail lead all the way to the top.

The video discloses numerous examples of behind-the-scenes shady practices with consequences most Americans have seen on national television at Donald Trump campaign rallies across the country. What the media hasn’t reported is that the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee has been directing these activities with, at very best, a very thin veil of plausible deniability. This series of videos is the culmination of a year-long investigation by the undercover journalists at Project Veritas Action.




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17 Responses to Project Veritas Strikes Again

  1. GunnyG says:

    Foval needs a boot up his ass.

  2. GunnyG can you send it to me private lol
    What is it going to take to get people to listen!

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    Hardnox, please give the Gunny my personal email too.

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    I heard Mr. O’Keefe on Hannity Radio this afternoon. They had to go to great expense with foreign travel to set up a dummy company to gain access to the creep organizations. If anybody wants to contribute to a worthy cause this is the other one. Judicial Watch is looking out for us too.
    There has been some speculation that if trump does not win the election he will start a new TV network. I hope one of the programs is Project Veritas based undercover stories like this one and the other is based on the work of judicial Watch. Good Bye Fox News if he pulls it off. Show them what some real journalism and investigative reporting can do for a free society, unlike the propaganda we are fed daily by the MSM.

  5. Uriel says:

    Good post Terry. Mine was following the fact of the blogger needing to push the info and why. Yours is more complete. You are right this group is extremely brave to do this.

  6. Please tell me why this video has not been sent to our Conservative
    Congressman and Senators in DC? And to the whole world? I’m constantly hearing the DNC telling us,that there is absolutely no voter fraud going on!! WTF!!

    • Terry says:

      Robert I’m sure most of them have probably seen it by now. Will they act on it ? Don’t hold your breath. Too many of them are hoping for a Clinton win in order to keep their business-as-usual jobs.

  7. vonmesser says:

    There is a small group that had some code words we used: FLASHING RED LIGHTS” meant I am thinking something that could get the cops called. 4 MUSCLES corresponded to the joke that it takes 35 muscles to frown and only 29 to smile. And the comeback was “But only 4 muscles to pull the trigger on a high powered sniper rifle” I think both of those might be applicable here.