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wrong house

An off-duty police officer in Houston, Texas was walking his dog when another dog attacked his dog. The officer told the dog’s owner that he was calling the police. The other dog’s owner began punching the officer in the head, so the officer shot his attacker multiple times. There’s no report in the article of the wounded man’s condition.

Two gunmen tried to rob a Cleveland, Ohio barbershop. That sparked a gunfight with two armed customers. The only casualties in the shoot-out was a 5-year-old, a sixteen year old, and a 26 year-old all of whom seemed to have nothing to do with the robbery. All of them are at the hospital being treated for their injuries. The thieves sprinted on down the street.

In Malibu, California, a security guard got into an altercation with an intruder along the Pacific Coast Highway. The guard ended up shooting the intruder who went to the hospital in critical condition. I sure hope the homeowner who hired an armed security guard isn’t one of those Hollywood anti-gun folks – this might look bad for them. The guard looks good for this, though, apparently he was stabbed in the eye.

Jonathon L. Miller of Springfield, Ohio, encountered a thief in his home who bonked Miller on the head with a gun. Miller’s brother, Brandon, then shot the burglar with a shotgun, causing a second thief to unass the AO at a high rate of speed. The wounded thief is recovering from his wounds at the hospital.

A homeowner in Salt Lake City, Utah verbally informed two burglars that he was armed and that seemed to influence the pair to leave his stuff alone. The article doesn’t say whether he was actually armed or not. Police are still looking for the thieves.

In an update to yesterday’s story about a security guard, Dominique Davis, 30, who shot a thief when the criminal, 52-year-old Melvin Johnson, tried to injure her with his car in Detroit, Michigan; the prosecutor has decided that Davis will not be charged for fatally shooting Johnson. However, she is facing charges of possessing a concealed weapon without a permit.

In Dayton, Ohio, a thief entered a convenience store and demanded money from the clerk in a note. The clerk pulled out his own gun and held the criminal for police. There’s a video of the apprehension at the link.

Robert Rock, a homeless man in Vero Beach, Florida, accosted a couple while they were trying to fix a flat tire in a parking lot. Rock pulled a knife on them, but the husband, Shauntavious Banner was a licensed concealed weapon carrier and he shot Rock who was DRT (dead right there). Police say that Rock was a career criminal who had just been released from jail the day before. They say Banner won’t be charged because it was clearly self-defense.

In Muncie, Indiana, Eddie Demarcus Phillips, 23 tried to lure a man into a robbery, when his intended victim shot him in self-defense. Phillips was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.

15-year-old Deondre Larise Brannon and an unnamed accomplice tried to steal a vehicle in Wellford, South Carolina. According to the owner, it was the second time that day he had been robbed. The owner shot Deondre DRT (dead right there). Police found a weapon on the scene, so they figure that one of the thieves was armed and the owner shot in self-defense.

A security guard in Detroit, Michigan tried to recover stuff that a thief tried to steal from a construction site. When she reached inside the vehicle, the driver took off, trapping the guard between two vehicles. She opened fire at him and he was DRT (dead right there).

A store clerk in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was confronted by an armed thief named Curtis Sanders, 30. When the clerk reached for his own gun, Sanders then shot him in the head. The clerk still came up with his gun and shot Sanders several times. When the police arrived they took the clerk to the hospital and he was treated for his non-life-threatening injuries. Sanders, however is in serious, but stable condition.

A licensed, concealed weapon carrying business owner gunned down a thief in his store in Detroit, Michigan. The criminal was DRT (dead right there).

In Odessa, Texas, Al McGruder, 38, was shot DRT by a homeowner in self defense when McGruder and Christopher Starling forced their way into the home. Starling was arrested for the break-in.

A dentist in Houston, Texas had to protect himself and his patients when a man, acting erratically, burst into the office and started chasing the dentist around. The dentist pulled out his gun and tried to dissuade the man from harming anyone, but he charged the dentist who shot him once in the abdomen. The man was taken to the hospital.

An off-duty police officer in New York City encountered a traffic accident. One of the drivers, 40-year-old Sean Burke, tried to leave the scene. When the officer began foot pursuit, Burke brandished a knife which caused the officer to pull his weapon and fire, missing Burke who was arrested later by other uniformed officers.

In La Crosse County, Wisconsin, a business owner shot Amy Zielke, 37, when she broke into his auto sales business. Amy has recovered from her injuries and she’s currently resting in the county jail.

66-year-old Army veteran Craig Noggle in Akron, Ohio had confronted his neighbor, Daniel Givens, about speeding through the neighborhood and peeking in neighbors’ windows. Givens decided to force his way into Noggle’s home. They got to a physical altercation when Noggle decided to end it with a gun shot to Givens’ leg.

Yup,  they’re everywhere.

Stay frosty friends.

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