Time To Fight The Bastards With Their Own Weapons

Good news: Firepower is ready on one front if the dems take the White House. Rush Limbaugh announced this past Friday he’s inked a contract for four more years of “The Rush Limbaugh Show”. Limbaugh also broadly hinted that he knows he has been targeted by The Regime for a takedown if Hillaroid wins the election. Knowing that the left cannot tolerate differing opinions, their minions and agencies will use the comically-misnamed Fairness Doctrine to go after local stations that carry his show and do not devote an equal amount of airtime to differing (read: officially-sanctioned) opinions.

The left uses lawsuits to keep its opposition on the defensive. And even if the left loses a case, the cost of a legal fight stops conservatives in advance from taking a public stand.  But this does not have to be the case.

I often wonder why more conservatives do not follow the lead of Judicial Watch, and use the left’s tactics against them. Even James Comey’s “reasonable prosecutor” would find that the MSM filters 90% of the events of the day thru a leftist / progressive filter. Why not apply the Fairness Doctrine to them? Most local stations are in groups that are owned by folks with deep pockets.  Sue to demand that they air news and opinion pieces from a conservative prospective to offset the leftist crapola that currently dominates their newscasts.  Trump has already proven that this tactic works:  He makes news, the media are forced to carry it.  Sue a media conglomerate and the media will likewise be forced to report it.

And why stop there? Time for two big, costly, very public suits against The Freedom From Religion Foundation: One for discrimination, as the FRF demands the eradication of Christianity from the public square, but not of The Religion Of Peace (tm reg).  And a second suit for unequal application of First Amendment guarantees, as secularism has become every bit as much a religion as Christianity in its worship of their Holy Trinity of Genitals, Gaia, and Government.

We all know that Islam is a statist system that blends religion with legal and social governance.  So where are the lawsuits against the cities and counties that tolerate shar’ia law?  I thought the left was reeeeaaallly big on the separation of church and state.  Let ’em pay to prove it.

Then there’s the matter of tax-exempt status. Where are the lawsuits against the Center For American Progress, the Open Society Foundations, the Tides Foundation, the Tent Foundation …. all of whom are clearly involved in political activism? Start with suing all the groups that fund Black Lives Matter to recover the public monies spent on extra policing; follow with civil suits for reimbursement for damage done to buildings and businesses by leftist-funded renta-thugs.  Next take a look at the outfits funding illegal immigration and “refugee” resettlement.  And the radical environmental groups that shut down industries?  Sue them under the commerce clause as well as challenging their tax status.

Rush Limbaugh has said many a time these past seven years, how tiring it is to spend all your waking hours playing defense, and never getting an opportunity to move the ball forward.  Regardless of who wins the White House, it is time to take off the legal gloves.  I suspect that good folks with deep pockets would step forward to help cover the expenses of the first few efforts.

— SafeSpace

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One Response to Time To Fight The Bastards With Their Own Weapons

  1. Hardnox says:

    The problem is that Rush is only one cog in a very big wheel.