Hammering Away – MSM Runs Trump Scandals, Ignores Hillary’s

As written before, and often, the media is in a full court press to ignore Hillary’s criminality.  The key to a Hillary win is the woman’s vote and the youth vote.  The Left’s and UniParty’s strategy is to win over these groups.  Frankly, who cares about these bimbo eruptions?  Our country is in an economic meltdown, our borders are wide open, we have a drug epidemic, jihadis are everywhere, bad actors are on the march, the Mideast is on fire, yet we are supposed to focus on bimbos?   Shit….

I still say that a Trump win is coming bigley.  Look at his rallies, look at hers.  Look for Hillary campaign signs, there are very few, whereas there are oceans of Trump signs.  Trump does multiple campaign rallies everyday.  Hillary is resting.

As I keep writing, the Left and the UniParty is shitscared.  They should be.  A reckoning is coming.

Wednesday’s debate should be interesting.

~ Hardnox

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6 Responses to Hammering Away – MSM Runs Trump Scandals, Ignores Hillary’s

  1. clyde says:

    The more these arrogant shitstains pile on, the deeper the resolve to crawl over flaming broken glass to vote Trump becomes. Keep it up, arrogant shit guzzlers. YOU are the best campaign ads for a Trump landslide. As far as Faux News goes, it is over. With the exception of Dobbs, Pirro, and Hannity the rest are footnotes.

  2. Shar says:

    Agree with you both. The MSM may not be reporting, but the people are smart enough to do research. Dobbs had a good rant against Ryan with Rove (the tool). I too like Pirro and Hannity. Listen to Michael Savage too. The rallies for Trump are full to the brim. Enjoyed the one in North Carolina that you posted. It’s great to see a leader. Trump/Pence 2016.

  3. Terry says:

    Judging by the msm reports, I’m amazed Trump isn’t in prison instead of Crooked Hillary.