Jon Voight’s Plea to Save America

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7 Responses to Jon Voight’s Plea to Save America

  1. Uriel says:

    Voight has championed the USA as few others in Hollywood have. Amen sir

  2. If more people who had the ear of America would speak out as Jon Voight has, it would make a difference…Too many just don’t know what’s happening because they don’t like the sound of what we’ve been trying to tell them for the last eight years…They find no credibility in the friends and family who aren’t part of the happy land developed by the liberal government…They only see us as part of the party of gloom and doom, trying to suck them into the “party of stupid”..because why?…what is it we will gain for playing Paul Revere and warning of the disaster ahead? I’ve never understood why people who have known us forever would cut us out because we saw something they didn’t, and they just refused to hear any of it…
    Anyway …I hope they hear and believe Mr.Voight…We are down to days and hours now and then the fate of America will be sealed…
    Please God, Bless America…

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