Barry Bungles Bigtime

and THIS is what happens when idiots run our government (on both sides). The Middle East in an uproar, Russia hating us, Iran taking Navy hostages, Yemen shooting missiles at US Navy ships, China joining with Russia, our allies running for cover, Barry’s red lines in the sand a joke, Syria, Libya, Egypt, our economy in shambles, the deficit up 34%, and our country falling apart, that, evidently, is the fundamental transformation Obummer and Hitlery have done for us. Gee, thanks 47%ers.

EXCERPT:  “With winter approaching in Afghanistan, Taliban militants there seem more determined than ever to expand their influence across the country.

On Friday, the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan announced that it was sending Western advisers to Farah province, a rural area just northwest of Helmand Province, to buoy Afghan soldiers there battling the insurgent group.


EXCERPT:  “U.S. forces have also been propping up Afghan security forces with hundreds of airstrikes against the Taliban. In June, the Obama administration granted expanded authorities for airstrikes in Afghanistan, allowing U.S. forces to target the Taliban to provide “strategic effects” on the battlefield. In reality, the effects have done just enough to keep the Taliban from holding key territory — such as a district center — for an extended amount of time. Before the summer decision, U.S. air power had been relegated to going after terrorist targets and supporting the defense of U.S. Special Operations forces throughout the country.”

Whew, good thing Obama created those fantastic ROEs and that awesome “courageous restraint medal!” Maybe the Taliban is just the JV team, like ISIS is. So chalk up another one in the loss column for the Dems. When you’re at war and there is a Democrat running the show, your ass is hanging out in the breeze, waiting to be shot off. 

But never worry America, a Hitlery Clinton presidency will bring us a nuclear WW III and that’ll be that. The ONE thing that Jill Stein of the Greenies nails dead on.

Here is the medal Obama (and 99% of the Democrats & 85% of the GOP) rate.

Image result for heroic restraint medal

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5 Responses to Barry Bungles Bigtime

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    Has anyone watched the TV program “Under Fire?”
    Life at an airborne unit operating at a small base in eastern Afghanistan was filmed with helmet cams by the soldiers themselves. Tactically they had a raw deal. Where is their air cover? They run around in Humvees until they encounter an IED. Then they shoot back until a medivac arrives to take away the seriously injured and/or dead. Then they go back to their base which is located in a valley surrounded by hills with caves and fighting positions with lots of concealment. Patrols go up in the mountains and are ambushed and again support is far off and far between.
    What in the hell is the mission there?
    My hat is off to anybody that enlists to serve the country when it’s led so badly.
    But they have to ask themselves, are we soldiers on a valid mission with a purpose or are we just bait in a great big game of attrition?

    • GunnyG says:

      I.R. Wayright,

      I saw it and it made me sick. My son gets out of the Corps in May and if they recall him for a war, I’m breaking his legs.

  2. W Barna says:

    The difference between winning and losing……the rules of engagement. America has the resources to neutralize/eliminate ANY threat. We just need leaders with balls and citizens with stronger stomachs.

    • GunnyG says:

      W Barna,

      Also, the problem is that everyone doesn’t have skin in the game. ANY war authorized by Congress should immediately begin a draft, with the politicians kids going first.

  3. clyde says:

    Looking like everything is going to plan. The medal is spot on.