Seriously??? We’re All Anita Hill True Believers Now?

1101911021_400This is why we lose.  We do it to ourselves.  Will we ever learn?

As Ann Coulter pointed out yesterday, we need to expect a thousand Anita Hills to come forward in the next few weeks.  The casting calls have been going on for over a year.  Why do you think that is?

Is it any surprise that Michelle Obama is “shaken to her core” about new allegations against Trump?

If you insist on only believing women, like Stacy McCain is suddenly doing, ironically, then please consider listening to Ann Coulter.  She’s not fooled by the words being distorted and used against Donald Trump just weeks before the biggest election of our lives.  Neither should you.

WTF is wrong with conservatives???  We don’t deserve to win at Bingo, much less to win the contest to lead the Free World!  This is truly the most spectacular display of retardedness I have ever witnessed.  If we lose this election, and Hillary is replaced, eventually, by Joe Biden, the man who first legitimized the paid whore Anita Hill, the irony will be supreme.  And it will not be lost on President Biden.


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4 Responses to Seriously??? We’re All Anita Hill True Believers Now?

  1. Uriel says:

    Well said Grunt.

    • Thank you, Uriel. I feel sheepish being so emotional about this, but we were just getting worked up about how corrupting this is. There are women out there being actually abused, and when accusations are exploited for political gain, it makes it harder for all women to be taken seriously in the future.

      The 4 women Trump invited to the 2nd debate were not the same thing at all. All 4 of those women had long-standing grievances and consistently brought allegations. Some had written books and others had legal action that they’d brought against the Clintons. They were already a part of the historical record. They were not suddenly ‘discovered’.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Our side is lead by morons. They prove it every two years. I don’t know what it is but they seriously need a coach or something. The republicans always eat their own. Dims don’t suffer from that affliction.

    • I think the Dims used to suffer from disunity, but not since they became a criminal enterprise ruled internally by fear. And I don’t think it’s all stupidity on our part. When you look at how incestuous the Uniparty is now, I suppose we’ve just become absorbed by the crime family. Now everybody just has different jobs in the syndicate.