2016 Presidential Election – Specter of Freddie K Lurks In The Halls of DC


Every year regardless of the race, it is the same old thing….”Elect me, I will change laws to be more equitable. Elect me, I will help every social program. Elect me, I will fundamentally transform the USA.” And every year, regardless of the party more of our time and our hard-earned money is thrown out the door; more people are out of jobs; more families are dissolved; more values and morals are shoved aside; more of our constitutional rights are eroded; more laws and taxes are added onto existing instead of revising codes and removing; more governmental bloated interference is added; more spying and lack of privacy occurs.

In the last 25 years, there was change in government all right; but, it added more ways to steal, enslave, undermine our constitution, and manipulate the public. Even tax laws adding 501(c) organizations and huge PACs have been added to the mix hiding much from public view including foreign corporations sneaking in money to support those who want to change our people and country to a different system. Manipulators in the US political system like the Clintons, Soros, Obama, Rothschilds and hundreds more of elitists and merchants of the world have become brokers and buyers for the enslavement and sale of our country to foreign ownership, laws, and intervention for a big price to the ones selling us out. The most visible attempt to overrun our country is the obvious subversion by Obama, Hillary, Brotherhood, communists, and socialist Democrats in the last two presidential cycles. This president has been the biggest divisive threat since the first volleys for independence to date.

Now we are in the latest cycle and again the angst, stress, and upheaval of the cycle is drawing to a fever pitch.  Only this time we are in a real dilemma, not one made up for shock factor like the monster lurking on Elm Street, but a real global and internal upheaval the likes of which this country has not seen since its earliest days of creation.  This one appears to be igniting every nation and island retreat in the world into a battle beyond reckoning.

The sovereign right of every nation to celebrate its history, live according to its traditions, make laws and rule within its own borders is under attack. The world has shrunken into a global community thanks to technological advancements.  Technology isn’t bad in and of itself even though it dehumanizes life into 0’s and 1’s. It is however an extension of a human psyche that makes it problematic like a primed weapon of destruction.

Why?  First technology has sped up the transformation of a locality into a global cell. Second, with that comes the disconnect with the reality of a physical world and draws users into a virtual existence. Third, long cherished and proven laws, values, morals, principles of society are not being absorbed because humans are not connecting in the physical world nor continuing to pass on those necessary civilization time-tested means of functioning in a living, real-world setting. The process of maturation is being completely swept out with the garbage because in the alter reality of the virtual world, anything goes. Age, mature behavior, personal progression of age and function, and gender are completely anonymous. One can be who, what, and how they chose totally from the anonymity level available in the web world. They no longer seem to notice anything because the allure of anonymity allows them to push aside dealing with life and its realities of physical, community, country governance, and personal accountability. The humanity needed to produce a viable world is simply fogged away in the excitement and escape into the ether world. Therein is the greatest sin and disease of the internet generations.

Techies are so hooked into their realms that they forget it takes work, responsibility, and accountability from personal to business to government to give them the means to reach in and surf those waves.  They forget it takes effort to produce food, shelter, energy to provide them with the ways and means to exist in order to surf their virtual world. For the most part this is where we are in today’s presidential election. We call it things like politically correct or safe spaces but it simply is the lack of connection between the masses absorbed in their daily routine and the reality of life.

So when JC Public says a concept and vote for me, the internet junky says sure, go ahead, leave me alone, and do whatever just so long as you don’t interfere with me. And the sheeple simply baa and genuflect to the wishes of someone, anyone else who is willing to lead-no matter the platform or results.

The “have’s”and the “have not’s” have been around as long as man moved in groups of four or more. How they have been dealt with throughout history is the stuff of nightmares and the bogey man that lurked through the darkened streets. In today’s world, there is no mask or hat to identify bogey men like in “Nightmare on Elm Street.”  More often than not, they dress very well, make oodles of money, employ grunts for their dirty work, and their sleazy life styles are hidden from plain sight (or not).  These bogey men have turned thriving, capable societal groups into raving maniacs of indecision, rage, zombie mania, and malice.

We see that daily now in the United States. We see it when government admonishes the public to think, walk, act a certain way like a dictator.  We see it in the fight or flight attitudes of those being suppressed. We see it in the disconnect and outlawing of common sense, faith, values, community spirit, and morals.

Hillary Clinton in and of herself is evil as are many of those close to her in circles of deceit. Evil infects and begets evil. We know going in that if she actually manages to wrest this election from the masses of our country, there will be a reckoning. Some say, we will impeach her on the day she takes office.

I say, “are you blind as well as deaf and brain-dead?

The odds are high and favor the moment she is “crowned” that those in opposition will be targeted swiftly.  The moment she gets into office, there will be no impeachment EVER.  First her minions will not allow a vote even if it is brought up.  Second, her choices for appointments throughout the system will ride roughshod over everything and everyone.  If you think Obama’s actions and her antics to be criminal without being brought to justice, just wait until her hand holds the “pen of authority.”

Here is the conundrum for most citizens.  You have four choices.  All have consequences.

  1. Vote Hillary  – This nightmare stalking Elm Street wears thick makeup and carries the sceptre of office like a sword.  For those who vote for her to spite the Party or Trump, remember that permanent marker works on all surfaces.
  2. Vote for a third-party candidate or write in a name – in other words a vote for Hillary
  3. Abstain – Don’t vote at all and forfeit all rights to object or complain for the events in the future. – also a vote given to Hillary.
  4. Vote Trump –  not necessarily as an endorsement of him but to break the chain of Obama’s and Hillary’s machine at least long enough for the Convention of States to finally act as a last peaceful means of moving back to the constitutional guarantees of our country.

Frankly at this point, I get it.  Trump has never been a choice I would have willingly accepted. His bully junkyard dog attitude, over-the-top selling methods, vocal and tweeting fetish for assassination of opponents, as well as brashness displayed in public and through his business dealings are a red flag to me.

Wikileaks release of early Democrat plans suggests that they wanted to push Trump to the front precisely because of his nature and information they had gleaned on him.  However, I will say like everything else the Democrats have fostered, this one has blown up in their faces. They totally underestimated the anger of the populace and the character of their mark.

Trump is no angel and admitted in the beginning he believed he had no chance to get this far. However, somewhere along the way, Trump made a decision.  One that the Democrats obviously did not foresee and RINOS have since quaked and ranted over.  He morphed into a serious contender.

Perhaps he will be a good president and perhaps not given that a tiger can’t change its stripes. However, at this point we only have two choices. There are no do-overs folks and another minute of Obama past the swearing-in of the next president is unconscionable.  For better or worse, we choose a real life elitest, bigotted, grasping Bonnie and Clyde duo or we take a chance on a moderately reformed business mogul contender who hasn’t a clue about separation of powers or compromise in a political arena.

The possibility of impeaching him in my eyes is far higher than any possibility of ever replacing Hillary, except if she dies.  (in which case her running mate is a bigger threat since Obama is waiting like a spider in a web for that to happen in order to take over again)  At least with Trump’s choice for vice president, we have a slim margin of hope that life will get better and are less likely to have Obama and machinery run over either one of them or work behind the scenes to corrupt without being called out for interfering.

So the techies need to get their heads out of the screen and zone into real threats — not make-believe ones.  Those crying foul who are “Never Trumpers” need to get over their holier-than-thou attitudes and fears of being discovered to be no better than others (we already know that dumb arses).   Those planning to abstain need to consider carefully what events in the future they will be propagating. Those planning to vote conscience at least will have made an effort though the outcome may be less than desirable if the wrong choice is made.

Phew, rant over for the moment.  Sorry this is so long but this is too important for not just the next few months but for many lifetimes to come in the future. Don’t let this liberal/Democrat/RINO crap of “oh Hillary has already won”, “it looks like she will be the winner” take away from making your own choice in your future and that of your children.

The last vote has not been tallied and the last breath of fight has not been gasped until the general election has ended (contested or not) and the electoral college has cast their ballots.  From the start this has been unique in the history of elections and I don’t expect that to end until noon on January 20, 2017 when Obama finally relinquishes his term in office to another.


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8 Responses to 2016 Presidential Election – Specter of Freddie K Lurks In The Halls of DC

  1. SafeSpace says:

    Some spot-on observations on Trump here, Uriel. IMHO, the techies are a smaller segment of the potential voting population than the mobility scooter crowd, the entitlement bottom-feeders: Those are the ones who worry me the most. All indications are that they vote to accommodate their fat, lazy teat-sucking asses …. and that’s a sure check in the box for Hillary on every one of their ballots.

    • Uriel says:

      Probably true SafeSpace but don’t forget to add illegals and zombie voters in that group. lol techies are everywhere. You can’t go into any business and not find customers or employees with phone or other equipment in hand. (except maybe a funeral home and at this point those customers may be requesting tech equipment be placed with them)

  2. Hardnox says:

    Well done Uriel. We have a choice… same shit different day or a wrecking ball. I choose the wrecking ball because the status quo has failed us miserably.

  3. Peppermint says:

    Uriel, great rant!

    I choose Trump because he is the wrecking ball. I don’t always like the things he says, but it’s far more important to me what Hillary has done and will do to us. By her own words we know she has utter contempt for us. She is a traitor to our country also.

    I won’t vote for a traitor ever.