Krauthammer – A Hemmorrhoid

on America’s anus.

EXCERPT:  “Krauthammer said Trump’s low point was his threat to seek prosecution of Clinton over what he perceived to be an ineffective investigation into her handling of classified information.

That’s ‘banana republic‘,” Krauthammer said, “We have had 250 years of miraculous transfer of power–in other countries your life can be on the line in elections. The breach of that etiquette…is something that should never be done.”

Let us flashback in time. Note that it was Krauthammer worked for Walter Mondale as a speechwriter. That already marks Charlie as an idiot since he backed a loser who lost forty-nine states to Ronaldus Magnus and furthermore, Krauthammer was not only a hardcore anti-Conservative at the New Republic but he talked trash about Ronaldus Magnus as well in both elections. (Many of us remember those days Chuckie) The fact that The Donald drug this dickhead out of the shadows and outed him as an elitist turd is why Krauthammer hates Trump.

In addition, Krauthammer is wrong in that he said that Trump threatened to jail The Hildabeast. He didn’t. Trump stated that she’d be in jail if he was President since trump would enforce the laws of the land, not bypass and subvert them like Obama, Comey, Lynch, Holder, and the Clintons have done. And a whopping amount of Americans agree that the Hildabeast should be in jail.

BTW Chuckie, we’re ALREADY a banana republic what with Obama using the the IRS, EPA, FBI, DOJ, BLM, State Department, ATF, etc., against the American People as well as allowing them to be politicized and armed to the teeth. From Fast and Furious to FOIA outrages to NO enforcement of our immigration laws, we have achieved banana republic status thanks to Obama, the Dems, and a gutless GOP.


Let us not forget that Krauthammer is a Democrat-lite, an elitist, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is a neocon who thinks America should be involved in every little squabble across the globe, committing OTHER PEOPLE’s sons, daughters, husbands, wives, etc to forever wars, open borders, and open trade (where we get screwed). More than likely, Krauthammer sold his soul to Soros, just like the rest of them have. Indeed, considering what the neocons/neolibs have done to Americans with their bullshit failed foreign policy since 1945, the elites like Krauthammer and his kind are scared to death that THEY’LL land in jail along with the rest of the corruptocrats like Obama, Hillary, etc.

Here is what Little Chuckie Krauthammer misses, that WE see:

  1.  Trump is not perfect and doesn’t claim to be. He is us.
  2.  Trump is anti-establishment and exposed the MASSIVE corruption in our government and media.
  3.  Trump is basically financing his own campaign and booting the mega-donors OUT!
  4.  Trump speaks to us in plain language, not PC bullshit.
  5.  Trump fights back. He takes punches and then counter-punches back harder!
  6.  Trump could have said “F**K IT” but he placed his business dealings on-hold to run for the  POTUS in order to save the Republic, not rape it like Obama and Hillary (and the RINOs) have  done and will do.
  7.  Trump made his own wealth, he did not loot Haiti for it, sell out to Wall Street for speech  money, sell uranium to Russia, get bought and sold like a whore by the Saudis and others.
  8.  Trump, like the American People, know that the tax code is pure crap and that IT holds back the true prosperity that is our birthright as citizens of a FREE country.

So in closing, Charles Krauthammer, piss off and bugger off somewhere to live out the rest of your miserable days in complete and total irrelevancy. Even if The Donald loses (which he won’t) you and your ilk are done.

About GunnyG

Retired US Marine and pissed-off American. Tired of the bullshit from inside the Beltway and determined to change it, peacefully or otherwise. A Constitution-loving American who believes that the US is #1 and should be!
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12 Responses to Krauthammer – A Hemmorrhoid

  1. clyde says:

    Take a bow brother. Spot-the-eff on. Guess Krauthammer hasn’t bothered, like the rest of the media ilk, to look at the latest from Assange.

    • GunnyG says:


      Thanks. Chuckie, like the rest of his kind, looks down his nose at us plebs. Why if Trump wins, Chuckie won’t have any cocktail parties to go to.

  2. SafeSpace says:

    All Krauthammer’s idiotic comments prove is that (thanks to the dems and their buds in the GOP) the American election process had been dragged down to tenth-world style. Our lives are now on the line in this AMERICAN election. Oh, and Charles: Does the media/Uniparty alliance constitute a “breach of etiquette”? Do the contents of Clinton’s emails constitute a “breach of etiquette”? Does renting the office of SofS constitute a breach of etiquette”? Get your head outside the Beltway once in a while, Mr. K.

  3. GunnyG says:


    To clowns like Krauthammer, DC is the ONLY place to be.

  4. Wow. Chuck’s statement is equivalent to saying that all high officials are immune to criminal prosecution for any reason. In effect, they’re royalty. Or time-limited dictators. Wouldn’t THAT be more like a banana republic, Charles?

  5. Wingman says:

    Gunny, you have it wrong. Trump and us Vulgarians are the hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids irritate the anus and Krauthammer,Kristol,Will,etc are the real assholes.

  6. Popular Front says:

    A name is a name and I’m proud of mine but I have to say ‘Krauthammer’ sounds like something painted on the nose of a B-17 on a Berlin bombrun.

  7. Dyna lady says:

    This column is so spot on! What IS it about sitting in front of a tv camera or speaking into a microphone that COMPELS people to defend CORRUPT Crooked Hillary?! Unbelievable!The Gunny is right–we’re already a lawless banana republic!.

    Krauthammer might also have been a speechwriter for Jimma (the-WORST-President-til-Obama) Carter, if memory serves. Charles is a brilliant political commentator, but he is a heartless, soul-less egghead. He strongly advocated Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza (??). The news showed strong young Israeli soldiers, weeping unashamedly, as they gently carried equally weeping old women from their homes as Israel unilaterally abandoned that land. Surprise! –less than 48 hrs later, Hezbollah began launching rockets directly into Israeli neighborhoods from their convenient, strategic new locale. Many died. Everyone wept. Everyone suffered. After months of bombing in Israeli neighborhoods, Krauthammer primly announced, “Ok, we tried that & now have evidence that it didn’t work.’ Wow–all an elaborate politico-scientific experiment to smart, brilliant Charles–and it didn’t cost HIM a thing to be proven wrong!

    So, lets see–Dem, Mondale lover, Carter lover, withdrawal lover-that’s 4 strikes on complete LOSERS, Charles.

    Lou Dobbs was good last night–said The Donald has already shown more heart, more COURAGE than ANY American politician we’ve ever seen. How true! Trump the outsider–‘a stranger in a strange land and every man’s hand is against him.’ The only thing worse than not having these so-called conservatives’ support would be HAVING their support.

    Gunny–I hope you are keeping a list of ALL these RATS so we will NEVER be tempted to listen to them again! They have run the ship of state into the iceberg & are abandoning what they think is a sinking ship–expecting to collect the insurance proceeds while they’re at it! Trump is the only adult bailing water. To Donald J. Trump–you have the hearts and souls of a grateful nation of real Americans. You have exposed these rottten-to-the-core bad apples and we will remember. SHAME on all of them!!

  8. Hardnox says:

    The problem with Krauthammer is that he lives in a bubble and does not understand what regular Americans endure everyday. He can pontificate all he wants about history and what-ifs but it doesn’t change the reality of real life.

    What Krauthammer and his fellow travelers miss is that the American electorate is PISSED at the government corruption and the intrusion into every aspect of their lives…. and they want it stopped and ultimately reversed.

  9. Terry says:

    Chuckie needs to co-anchor Beck’s show.