The Unholy Elitist Alliance To Destroy America

We are witnessing a political and social struggle unique in nearly 70 years. The last time such a coordinated elitist effort was made to destroy America was during the 1930s, when many in the American intelligentsia, the entertainment industry, and the halls of higher education openly supported fascism and communism, Today’s actions by key Republicans, the entire mainstream media, and the thugs formerly known as Democrats, to take down Donald Trump and give control of the next several decades to an out-of-control pack of statists, is eerily familiar to anyone who has studied mid-20th century history.

These “progressive” folks , equating power and amassed treasure as vision, see themselves as the smartest people in the room.  They attempt to prove this by demonstrating a totalitarian instinct that is totally without reason, by allowing zero opposing viewpoints, and by denying both the God-given and legally-guaranteed rights of individual American citizens. These treasonous enemies of the Constitution place their own fortunes and power ahead of this nation’s basic principles.

“Progressive” lefties have created a dependent class of Americans all across the social spectrum who cannot see beyond their next entitlement payment. The left has bought off the media by playing to their massive egos. The left has shut down American border security by condemning white Christian culture as evil to its very roots, and pushing the idiotic concept that all cultures are equally worthy. The left can sell this condom full of poisonous seed thanks to fifty years of dumbing down public education. And, as the finishing touch, the leaders of the left and their allies have (they think) insulated themselves physically and financially from any negative consequences of their treasonous actions.

Why are leftists called “progressives”? They want to take America backwards into tomorrow, with a return to a life little different from life in Nazi Germany or Mao’s China. Imagine living in a Chinese apartment block for the rest of your life, with a shitty dead-end job, a leaky nuclear power plant on one side and a fume-belching steel mill on the other, but embellished with an iPhone: That’s “progress”?

It is conservatives who are the true progressives: We want to move forward into a world where individual citizens can reach their own potential, and accept the responsibilities and consequences that come with their own decisions, We deplorables know that Trump is the one last chance for our grandchildren to enjoy a future, an American future, grounded in a healthy and moral culture ruled by law, protected by strong borders, and offering genuine American economic opportunity to those who love America and individual freedom.

If Paul Ryan, John McCain, Whoopi Goldberg, Janet Yellen, Glenn Beck, Jeb!, Kelly Ayotte, John Thune, Barbra Streisand, the editors of the New York Times …. if these fine folks want to live in a concrete block paradise with a picture of a dollar bill in one corner and a Black Lives Matter poster in the other …. if these asshats want Syrian rapists for neighbors …. if the many homosexuals among them look forward to fighting for their lives under shar’ia rule …. I suggest they pack up and move to one of the punk dick Muslim military dictatorships in north Africa or the middle east. They will surely be most welcome there.

  — SafeSpace

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2 Responses to The Unholy Elitist Alliance To Destroy America

  1. Uriel says:

    Good rant SafeSpace. Couldn’t have said it better.

  2. deacsdomain says:

    you have covered the vile truth of the Lefties.
    They are absolutely our enemy within.
    You have identified where they get their strength from- they have made slaves of the “not wealthy” and they have not realized their own future failure that is sure to come.