WikiLeaks Releases Thousands of New John Podesta Emails

From the Washington Examiner:

WikiLeaks released 2,086 additional emails obtained illegally from the inbox of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign chair. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

WikiLeaks released 2,086 additional emails Monday obtained illegally from the inbox of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair.

The release brought the total number of hacked emails published to date above 4,000, following a leak of 2,050 emails on Friday afternoon.

Clinton confirmed the authenticity of the emails Sunday during the second presidential debate, when she clarified comments that were exposed by the leak.

The Democratic nominee has argued the leaks stem from Russian animosity toward the United States. Clinton has repeatedly suggested that the hacks have been carried out by Russian-backed groups in an effort to boost Donald Trump’s candidacy.


Another email dump?  This is in addition to last Friday’s dump.

Right… it’s the Russians.  Good grief.  That’s all ya got.  Shit… the dog ate my homework.

My take is that Podesta was tasked by Soros to rescue Hillary’s campaign.  The left knows that they are in trouble.  Remember that John Podesta is/was the director of Center for American Progress, a Soros funded lefty organization, plus was/is Obama’s Executive Order Czar whose job it is to construct EOs that circumvent our Constitution, and now he’s Hillary’s campaign manager.  Yeah, they know they are in trouble.  They’re also worried that when Trump gets elected that many of these criminals will be indicted and prosecuted.

Note the left is not denying or refuting the email dump which means they are true.  They are shit scared.

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