Obama Is A Coward

there can be no doubt about it (and the Gunny has NEVER had a doubt that Obama is a gutless wimp).

EXCERPT:  “Late last week, Vladimir Putin went all-in and executed the brazen geopolitical move of transporting nuclear-capable ballistic missiles to Kaliningrad, the Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea north of Poland that’s surrounded by NATO countries.

As I told you on Friday, the Kremlin’s deployment of Iskander missiles, what NATO calls SS-26s, into Kaliningrad is a direct challenge to the Atlantic Alliance, since it puts all of Poland and the Baltic republics into range for a sudden nuclear strike. An Iskander’s flight time from Kaliningrad to Warsaw is just two minutes, so NATO would functionally have no warning.

In military terms, this is a game-changer for the Baltic region. Politically, it’s deeply destabilizing too. It’s nothing less than a regional version of the Cuban Missile Crisis, with Moscow placing nuclear missiles close to the Western camp for strategic advantage. Why Putin would do this when Obama has just three months left in the White House is the key question—and answering it reveals disturbing truths. As I said on Friday:

This constitutes a direct challenge to Washington by Moscow—and by Vladimir Putin to Barack Obama, personally. The KGB officer in the Kremlin is seeking to get in one last, grand strategic humiliation for our president before he leaves office. And why not? Such reckless antics have worked well for the Russians so far, given Obama’s preference to avert eyes and hope for the best whenever Moscow misbehaves. The Kremlin’s no longer hiding its actions, even when they are profoundly destabilizing to European security. Knowing that President Obama will do nothing, Moscow is now openly boasting of its Iskander gambit. Stating the move is “no secret” and just part of military drills, Kremlin media isn’t shying away from the story.”

From his first apology “America sucks, everything is our fault,” to this latest embarrassment, Obama has shown himself to be a craven gutless bastard with a yellow streak a mile wide up his back. When it comes to oppressing Americans (notice, the Gunny did not say FELLOW Americans), this chump ranks right up there with fascist clowns like Woodrow Wilson, idiots like BJ Bubba “Waco” Clinton, and corruptocrats like Holder, Lynch, and Comey but come a foreign threat or problem and Obama disappears like a fart in a hurricane, off to the nearest gold course or vacation spot. America is under threat from within and without (Iranians shot a missile at a US Ship) and the coward-in-chief hides under his bed. THIS is what happens when you operate from a position of weakest an your enemies know it. When faced with such bullshit, Ronaldus Magnus not only UPPED the game, HE walked out of any arms talks that did not benefit the USA AND the former Soviet Union.  

Trump has the right of it. A STRONG America makes the world safer and in 100 days, we’ll be rid of a piece of shit and a REAL American not only takes over but brings in a real classy woman as First Lady, shedding us of Sasquatch.

The perfect summation of the Obama years:  “However, the lack of any public support or demonstrations of NATO solidarity by Washington right now is deeply troubling to our allies in Eastern Europe, most of whom had minimal confidence in Obama’s courage even before his latest no-show.


Obama Blows Off Putin, Encouraging Kremlin Aggression Against NATO

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5 Responses to Obama Is A Coward

  1. vonMesser says:

    The Russian enclave – Kaliningrad – is where my family comes from. And the proper name for that area is Königsburg, Ostprußia. It was stolen by Russia, with the full connivance of Franklin D Roosevelt, in 1945

  2. Hardnox says:

    This move is nothing more than Putin flipping off Batears because he can. He just moved a chess piece for the next prez.

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  4. Felinity says:

    This here is Nox & Friends.

    DC is Pox & Fiends.

    Let’s sic ’em next month, Donald!