Sunday Feel Good Stories

wrong houseWe start off the day with another clown story, this one in Healdton, Oklahoma where an armed woman prevented a fellow in a clown mask from getting into her home by firing a warning shot which set clown-boy’s ass on fire as he jumped over a fence to get away from the scene of his crime.

In Marion County, Oregon a grand jury found that 19-year-old Carlos Texidor was justified when he shot dead 20-year-old Anthony Brown who was trying to burglarize Texidor’s home on August 1st.

Murder charges were dropped against Rocky Armendariz in Las Cruces, New Mexicowhen prosecutors decided that he shot Christopher Lauster to death in self-defense last month. Armendariz confronted Lauster when he caught the thief in his garage. Lauster struck him in the head and Armendariz responded with gunfire.

Two armed intruders forced their way into a Muncie, Indiana home. The homeowner took up arms with her own gun and busted caps on the pair. One escaped but showed up at the hospital for his wounds where he was arrested. The other, 22-year-old Trayon Lawaun Turner, was DRT (dead right there). A third person, a resident of the apartment, was wounded by the criminals, but he’s expected to recover.

Near Huntsville, Alabama, a burglar is being treated for his non-life-threatening gun shot wounds after tangling with an armed homeowner.

26-year-old Terry Webb tried to rob a man on the street in Tacoma, Washington. Unfortunately for Mr Webb, the intended victim was licensed to carry a concealed weapon and he shot Mr Webb who was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.

A woman in Auburn, Maine was enjoying an evening on her porch when a clown pulled up to her house and pointed his finger at her and mouthed the word “bang” at her. She pulled out her 9mm and showed it to him and said “Back at you, clown” and he quickly unassed the AO.

In Washington County, Missouri, a burglar was thwarted when a homeowner armed himself and confronted the thief. The criminal fled in a stolen car that he abandoned. After a brief foot chase, police caught up to him.

32-year-old Jasmine Adujar broke into a home in Greenville, North Carolina where he was shot by the homeowner. He unassed the AO at a high rate of speed but he was scooped up by the police during his flight and taken to the hospital to plug his new orifices.

Trevor Cecchettini tried force his way into a home in Centennial, Colorado. The homeowner says that he was acting erratically before he started shooting at the house, so the homeowner returned fire a bit more accurately than Cecchettini. The police took him to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police found a burglary suspect laying in the driveway of a home in San Antonio, Texas after an encounter with residents. He was in surgery to fix the new holes in his legs last we heard.

A homeowner in Atlanta, Georgia heard someone breaking in to his home through a window, so he greeted the intruder with a shotgun. The intruder is in critical condition at the hospital.

In Statesboro, Georgia, the police arrived in time to interrupt a home invasion. They took one suspect into custody rather easily, but the second fellow was more of a challenge. The police tried to taze him, but he escaped that endeavor. The police took off after him. When he stopped, they noticed that he had a gun, so they put him down in the traditional manner and he was DRT (dead right there).

A man in Tulsa, Oklahoma, tried to carjack a vehicle at gun point. The intended victim put up a struggle, took the gun from the crook and shot him twice before he made his escape. The thief ended up in the hospital.

In Wheat Ridge, Colorado, a fellow tried to woo his ex-girlfriend back by shooting her new boyfriend. Unfortunately, the new boyfriend was a better shot and the intruder was DRT (dead right there).

Brenton M. Webster, 29, broke into a home in Godfrey, Illinois, pretending to need to use the bathroom. When he entered the home, he struck the homeowner in the face with his gun. Unfortunately for Webster, the homeowner was armed and shot him in the torso. Webster went to a store in Alton claiming to need an ambulance. When police arrived, he told them he was going to a Craigs List buy and got mugged. He’s currently sitting in jail in St Louis awaiting extradition to Illinois.

Four thieves tried to rob a jewelry store in Conroe, Texas until a shootout occurred between the four thieves and three employees. One of the thugs was DRT (dead right there), the other three are subjects of a manhunt.

In New Orleans, Louisiana, 53-year-old Benny Weary was declared DOT (dead over there) by the coroner after he was shot by an armed homeowner while fleeing an attempted burglary.

In Peck Mills, West Virginia, a homeowner called police about a burglary. By the time police got there, John Ellis, 49 was DRT (dead right there) because the homeowner didn’t like people forcing their way into his home.

A convenience store clerk in Buffalo, New York ran a thief out of his business. When they got outside, the thief pulled a gun on the clerk who then pulled out his own gun and shot at the thief who left the area at a high rate of speed, thankful that the clerk had missed him.

In Shreveport, Louisiana two teenagers tried to carjack an armed driver when he stopped at a convenience store. He pulled out his gun and shot them both. One thief was DRT (dead right there) and the other was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

A 22-year-old man in Chicago, Illinois was sitting in his car when he was approached by two armed thieves who demanded his property. The licensed and armed 22-year-old dispensed his bullets at the pair. Treamel Gray, 23, was DRT (dead right there) when the police arrived.

Three men in Lee County, Mississippi broke into a home and only two were able to run away when the homeowner opened fire, injuring one of the thieves who is still in the hospital in critical condition. The other two will be found soon because their getaway vehicle was a purple Cadillac with large chrome wheels. How many of those can there be in Mississippi?

In Lubbock, Texas two burglars picked the wrong victims when they chose to rob Kalea and Omar Hernandez, a pair of Army Reservists, who chased after the four thieves down with their guns in their pajamas and held two of the slower criminals for the police. Video of the encounter is at the link.

In Sarasota, Florida, James Sasser tried to force his way into Robert Setti’s apartment. Setti armed himself with a shotgun and Sasser was DRT (dead right there) by the time the authorities arrived on the scene.

Kenneth C. Jones, 54 broke into the home a 72-year-old man in Waynesville, North Carolina and woke the septuagenarian from his sleep. The homeowner asked Jones to leave and he refused, finally assaulting the man. The homeowner shot him center mass with a .45 caliber pistol – Jones was DRT (dead right there) when the police found him the old man’s kitchen.

In Eddington, Maine, 42-year-old Christian Tattan was indicted for the time he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home to rekindle their love. When he broke down her bedroom door, her gun misfired, so he got into an altercation with the woman’s newest house guest while she secured another firearm and shot him with that one. Apparently, Tattan has six previous convictions for assault.

In Livingston Parish, Louisiana, an elderly woman was approached by 46-year-old Robbie Herpich who removed his trousers and shoes. The woman feared for her safety so she fired a warning shot at Herpich which struck him in the leg. He was found by police under a nearby home in the same state of undress.

A woman in Memphis, Tennessee came home and found her front door wide open. As walked into her home, she found two burglars having sex on her couch. The man jumped up as the resident swung a broom at his bare ass and the woman tried to cover herself with a dress she had stolen from the homeowner. The police arrived in time to arrest the female burglar, Tonka Barnes, 44, for aggravated burglary. If it had been my house, the couch would be out by the curb, along with the two dead bodies.

In Memphis, Tennessee an armed man forced his way into another man’s apartment. The resident armed himself and the intruder was DRT (dead right there) when the police arrived.

Also in Memphis, Tennessee, a man was approached in his driveway by two armed thieves. A struggle ensued over the gun in which the victim won. When the police arrived, they found one of the criminals DRT (dead right there). His partner fled and the victim was treated for his injuries.

In Palmero, California, a man approached a home and began firing at it and it’s occupants. One of the occupants returned fire. The intruder was found to be unresponsive by police officers when they arrived and he was taken to the hospital.

In Lubbock, Texas, Jamarcus Johnson, 22 attempted to rob a man and his girl friend in the drive way of the man’s home. The female handed the male his gun and he shot Jamarcus several times in his legs which made him easier to catch when the police found him.

A man was working on his car in his garage in Brunswick, Georgia when he was approached by three armed men who demanded his money. The man was able to get a firearm from inside his home and chased the crooks away with a single shot. The uninjured crooks were captured later by the police.

Stay frosty friends.

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  1. Jules Smith says:

    DRT (Dead Right There) -Haha! It’s good to hear stories where honest,armed citizens have actually kicked some ( or capped some) arse.

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  3. Uriel says:

    You notice how Long the list of DRT have become? That split second of reaction time has really begun to save lives since people have become more informed. This is always an interesting read Hardnox.