Republicans Eating Their Own – Well, There They Go Again

From Canada Free Press

The GOP has an uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

In a race where a Republican presidential candidate has generated more excitement than any since Ronald Reagan, the establishment GOP has from the get-go tried to sabotage that candidate.

From the usual cabal of neocon pundits (Bill Kristol, etc), to Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz delaying their endorsements of Donald Trump it would seem that the entire establishment has been doing everything they can to prevent the choice of the grass roots, middle class and independents from becoming the next president. And that’s not counting the opposition from the Democrat establishment and their minions in the mainstream press.

The only candidate that represents America’s last chance to reclaim its former greatness as a constitutional republic is being opposed by everyone except the millions who are part of the greatest grass roots movement in over 35 years.

Hillary Clinton is probably the single most corrupt politician to ever be nominated by a major party for president. The Clinton “rap sheet” is legion and my purpose is not to go through the myriad of scandals that should automatically disqualify her from being city dog catcher, much less the leader of the free world.

No, my point is that the GOPe is doing what they always do when the MSM trashes a Republican – they join in the chorus like a pack of deranged howler monkeys.

People like Senator Mike Lee withdrew their support of Donald Trump while all the usual RINO suspects (Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and others) immediately on cue started piling on after the released 2005 video of Trump making some rather lewd remarks.

The Republicans have a way – unlike the Democrats – of eating their own.

When Democrats get into some sort of tiff, they immediately circle the wagons and counter-attack. Can anyone forget how they did so, quite effectively, during the impeachment of Bill Clinton?

And what is this Trump dustup about, anyway? It’s about a man engaging in locker room style talk with the guys about an attractive woman.

This is news?

Here is the real news. This was an orchestrated hit piece by the Washington Post. Jeff Bezos has made no secret of the fact that he wanted to take Trump out of this election in order to install his favorite socialist Hillary Clinton.

The establishment of both parties is in panic mode because no matter what they have thrown at Donald Trump, he keeps staying even in the polls. With the Wikileaks dump of Hillary campaign manager John Podesta’s emails on a debate weekend, Bezos pulled out his “magic” video, in order to distract voters from issues that actually matter to the voters, including the utter criminality of their selected candidate.

The truly amazing aspect to all of this is how utterly hypocritical Bezos, the Washington Post and the rest of the MSM are when it comes to the “war on women”.
Bill Clinton has done far, far worse through his actual acts, than Trump (or millions of other men, for that matter) have said.

Mrs. Clinton’s husband was impeached for lying about sex, has been accused of rape, groping, harassing and more by a multitude of women – who in return for their attempts at justice, were utterly besmirched and smeared by Hillary Clinton – the same Hillary Clinton who said that all rape victims deserved to be heard.

The audacity of Hillary and her sycophantic press is astounding. It’s a double standard that no one in their right mind would countenance.

While all of this hypocrisy from the left is shocking, it actually isn’t surprising. They play to win, no matter how much propagandistic swill it takes to accomplish the goal.

The only thing more disgusting are the spineless RINOs who always seek favor with the press by joining in the carnivorous assault on the one candidate who actually speaks for the millions of forgotten Americans that the GOPe purports to represent.

So when you keep hearing about how “awful” Trump is because he “said bad things about women”, remember that Bill Clinton did bad things to women – and the woman who wants to be our president helped him get away with it.


Dims shouldn’t throw stones when they live in glass houses, lest someone picks up those stones and fires them back at them.

RINO’s also have a big surprise waiting for them….. don’t think that we aren’t writing down their names and when they come up for re-election that we won’t remember that they helped in throwing those stones.

What goes around comes around eventually……

~Blessed B~


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8 Responses to Republicans Eating Their Own – Well, There They Go Again

  1. Hardnox says:

    We all know why. Trump looks to destroy the feed trough. Follow the money.

    • Blessed B. says:

      That’s my theory! Follow the money has always been a good idea to figure out a person’s or group’s agenda.

      • upaces88 says:

        I was thinking the very same thing when I saw your comment. IT IS THEIR OWNERS who are behind this. Trump doesn’t have owners like the rest of them do.
        They are like Prostitutes!

  2. Uriel says:

    Here, Here. Good rant.

  3. This entire “trumped up ” farce is making me sick…it’s painful to hear once logical and intelligent people falling in line for this massive injection of political correctness…

    Rather than calling it for what it is, an election manufactured event by the most evilly devious party we’ve ever encountered.
    Instead of simply acknowledging the truth of what is happening, the big brass of the GOP succumbs to the party of lies and helps carry their banner of deception across the finish line…Hillary must be rubbing her crusty hands and cackling with glee as the GOP hungrily eats their own…again…

    What really hurts is seeing those we trusted to jump on board and issued their own head shaking comments about the naughty Donald. Just fresh from the afterglow of winning the V.P. debate, the newly designated hero of the GOP, Mike Pence, joined in the fray with his own denunciation of the shamed Trump, and refused to join him in the next rally as planned. So much for the quality, class act he presented…he turned to rotten garbage as he proceeded with his pitiful politically correct diatribe against Trump. He drowned himself in his own self righteousness…

    • Blessed B. says:

      Another great comment Carol!! 🙂

      “the big brass of the GOP succumbs to the party of lies and helps carry their banner of deception across the finish line…Hillary must be rubbing her crusty hands and cackling with glee as the GOP hungrily eats their own…again…”

      Exactly! It’s why many are saying that there is only one political party. Gotta get the RINO’s out!!

      I was shocked to hear Pence’s words against Trump. IMHO…if he had anything negative to say, he should have spoken to Trump privately about it. Pence just showed that he is not the one to be Trump’s running mate! I guess though it is too late for a change to be made.

      PC speech is the death knell of a country…..