Where The REAL Outrage Should Be

So you lefties (and many RINOs) are appalled that Trump  used the “P” word 11 years ago.
Maybe you should be appalled by this too
In this audio tape from the 1980’s, we hear Defense Atty. Hillary Clinton bragging and laughing about getting a pedophile off a child rape charge. Keep this in mind when going to the polls in November 2016 to vote for the new president. 

Donald Trump is attracted to beautiful women. ADULT WOMEN. Sometimes he says off-color things about them, in the presence of other men. That’s what men do. Well, except for the many girly-men that support the left, and the pedophiles protected by the morally deprived likes of Hillary Clinton.

And, btw, I have heard talk between women about men that has made me blush. And that ain’t easy.

This is what should REALLY outrage women and men on the left and right. Not locker room talk that was supposed to be private between red-blooded healthy males. But if the Clinton campaign ignored things like this, they might have to talk about the REAL issues. And that ain’t gonna happen. And we won’t even talk about Slick Billys’ escapades and HilaBeast chastising all of his victims.


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14 Responses to Where The REAL Outrage Should Be

  1. Uriel says:

    Right ON Terry!

    What those fools SHOULD be asking themselves is WHY AND WHO “leaked” this crap. They fell flat on their faces with the “oooh so bad tax return” especially after it was a PROVEN fact that Hillary has done far worse in the last ten years.

    • Terry says:

      Uriel, the “who” is sketchy, but the “why” is deflection from the expected Assange email unveilings, just like they did with the ‘Miss Piggy’ find. We can expect more of the same.

  2. Peppermint says:

    I’ve got an article up about Trump’s taxes. Of course the Commies lie again about that too.

    I worked in a male dominated field, the IT field and I heard guys talk this kind of locker room crap all the time. It’s nothing new to me.

    And of course, my vote is still for Trump. After all, Hillary is a criminal and that’s far worse in my book.

    • Terry says:

      You’re right Pepp. That’s what guys do. I worked in the oil fields for a time, was in the Army, and played sports most of my life, and what Trump said was nothing more than guy-to-guy locker room talk between two redblooded males. But I also worked in the restaurant biz, and by far the raciest talk was from the waitresses !

      For sure, no one would be questioning the sexual preference of a President Trump, as they do with obozo. And we know there won’t be any ‘penis bulges’ in the gowns of Trump’s 1st Lady Melania !

  3. Blessed B says:

    Exactly Terry!! That video you posted….it made me sick actually, to hear a woman make light of a young girl being brutally raped to the point that she could never have babies of her own…. and the Clit gets the pedophile off on all charges so he can go out and do the same sick shit all over again to some other sweet, innocent young girl!

    The Clit should be effin’ gang raped with a Louisville slugger and see how she flippin likes it…..better yet….let her watch while Chelsea is sexually brutalized.

  4. Hardnox says:

    If this is all the left has on Trump then they are absolutely shit scared of the landslide that is certainly coming.

    Typical lefty tactic, deflect and change the subject, “hey look over here”.

    The debate tonight should be interesting insomuch that they will attempt to tattoo Trump with this. We’ll see if he nails her on the dozens of skeletons in her closet least of which is the video in this post.

    Trump hurt no one with his comments while Hillary laughed about a girl getting raped and defended a rapist. Big difference.

    • Terry says:

      Absolutely smoke and mirrors, Nox. But that’s all they have.
      Trump should make his 1st statement tonight be about the incident, make his apology, and refuse to entertain any more questions about it. Make them stick to the issues that matter.