Jesse Jackson on Donald Trump

Donald Trump worked with the Rainbow-PUSH coalition to bring blacks and minorities into corporate America.

Here’s the mumbling nabob Jesse Jackson as he repeatedly praises Donald Trump for his efforts in bringing economic opportunity to black Americans:

Funny how Trump is suddenly a racist since he announced his bid for the presidency last year.

Of course, the whole narrative is bullshit.  The Dims don’t have anything else left to sell since everything they have touched has turned to shit.  Same thing with Trump being anti-Mexican.  That too is bullshit.  He only said that he was against illegals sneaking into the country.  Ditto with allowing unvetted muslims into the country.

Meanwhile, the Clintons have literally raped and pillaged the country, and much of the planet, for the last 40 years and the media can’t be bothered to find one scintilla of scrutiny.

I’ll bet those Haitians are really glad the Clinton Foundation fleeced the earthquake aid contributed to their country right about now.  Funny how the media can’t seem to uncover the connections between the Clinton Foundation, the donors, lucrative high-margin construction projects, Haiti Aid, and Secretary Clinton’s tenure who oversaw the aid to Haiti via the State Department, all in the same sentence but Trump is somehow a crook and he called Rosie O’Donnell fat.


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  1. myfoxmystere says:

    That clip is going to chop Jessie’s nuts off.