Holier-Than-Thou Democrats NEVER Use the ‘P’ Word When the ‘F’ Bomb Will Do

From Canada Free Press

For sheer sanity’s sake, it’s getting to be that anything said or written by the mainstream media during election campaigns should go in one ear and immediately out of the other.

Scandal City has replaced the Shining One on the Hill, the lies and smears of the already elected, the order of the day.

When are those among the unwashed ever going to realize that citizen dissidents who complain about political corruption are racist, misogynist, homophobic, Xenophobic, Islamophobic,  dirty, rotten scoundrels and the keepers of the gates saints, with a perfect, God-given right to heap Marxist misery on the masses?

Now that the election is only one month away, reporters, ‘journalists’ (read out of work reporters), talking heads and debate ‘moderators’ will be newly affronted in every way, every day.

In case the plebeian public still don’t get it, most media and the sanctified politicos they cover are lily white, wingless angels who grew up to sacrosanct perfection from choirboy/choirgirl/tranny crossovers, whose silk stocking ladders , like the jihadists, were never really there.

Get this straight in your Private Citizen muddled heads: Reporters and politicians do not head for the nearest watering hole pubs after work to brag about their sexual conquests of either sex, only opponents gaining ground on the political untouchables do.

No, they return to their manicured lawn mansions, take the Family Bible off the coffee table and read its passages to their perfect, little inclusion-believing children.

The biggest outrage about Election Campaign 2016 is that a Private Citizen has crossed the line by going for the brass ring in a chain of events previously sealed off as the “never heard of”.

How dare a Private Citizen think he can offer himself up for election when he’s not part of the status quo’s very private club?

Don’t the unwashed of the private citizenship know that there’s always been an US and a puny, count-for-nothing them?

Didn’t Donald Trump and his millions of cheering surrogates get it when they saw those oh-so chummy pictures with the Obamas, the Clintons and the Bushes all rudely chatting it up and ignoring the playing of the US Army Chorus’ rendition of the Battle Hymn of the Republic at the opening of the Bush library?


Presidents, of both the ex and present kind,  don’t have to stand on ceremony, play nice at the funeral services of Israeli leaders, only Private Citizens, recognized as “commoners” in Britain, do.

That Barack Obama blamed Bush for everything commoners didn’t like for eight long years was a figment of everyone’s imagination and a conspiracy theory to boot.  That all ended with big Michelle George W. hugs that went viral.

The National Inquirer’s got nothing on the Obama, Clinton, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi gossip mongers.

Get this DJT: “NO OUTSIDERS allowed in American elections

Get this DJT: “NO OUTSIDERS allowed in American elections.  You’re on the outside, they’re on the inside and that’s THAT!

As far as the insiders are concerned, you didn’t just want to build a wall, you climbed right up over it, Presidential election history’s biggest NO-NO to date.

And as long as the sacrosanct politicians have dirt-diggers calling themselves mainstream media helping them spread Marxist misery, no private citizen will ever get to be president.

Before the campaign is over, the in-crowd will be throwing projection on the mainstream and social media screen.  It will now be Trump whose coughing fits and bobbing head will portray him as the candidate needing to be carried off on a stretcher, and his underwear sold off on eBay.

It has been written in the Progressive Decree that replaced the Constitution that Private Citizens must stay behind the bars of their cages like the monkeys in the zoo.  Written into the narrative as the cheering audience, Private Citizens kept at bay are only there to pay taxes, there to be manipulated by the media.

Private Citizens are forbidden to run for the presidency because that’s a privilege only owned by political insiders, sworn to keep the real state of the nation, their secret.

To the insiders the ‘p’ word is worse than any other, one guaranteed to kill off any white male.

Donald Trump,  this election has seen you surpass Citizen Kane. And we all know what happened to him.


FLASHBACK VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Threatens Bill Clinton’s Accusers


The Dims are famous for pointing their finger at those who Criminal Hillary deems ‘deplorables’, and conveniently forget what the crimes they have committed.


~Blessed B~


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2 Responses to Holier-Than-Thou Democrats NEVER Use the ‘P’ Word When the ‘F’ Bomb Will Do

  1. Hardnox says:

    The hypocrisy coming from the left and the faux right is thick enough to pave a highway.

  2. Uriel says:

    Good rant BlessedB and right on target. These guys are so lily-livered, is it any wonder that young people today are for the most part deficient in morals, values, and common sense? They open their mouths and spew what should have been done sitting on a commode behind closed doors. Media simply flings it out far and wide instead of fact checking or paying attention to sources.