Why Are Democrats So Anti-Freedom

is one question that needs to be asked at a debate.

EXCERPT:  “In the latest partisan escalation on the Federal Election Commission, a top Democratic commissioner has ripped a Republican commissioner’s bid to protect books, radio and Internet media from regulation as “pitiful.”

Ann Ravel, a former FEC chairwoman, joined other Democrats at a meeting this month to block Republican Lee Goodman’s proposal to explicitly expand the “press exemption” from regulations to books, satellite radio and Internet-based news media.

In pushing his plan aside, Ravel said that she didn’t have enough time to consider Goodman’s proposal.

Goodman noted that the proposal has been under consideration for a while.”

One has to wonder why the Democruds, led by Frau Ravel, goosestepped to block something that would protect the freedom of speech for millions of Americans. Can it be that Frau Ravel and the rest of the Brownshirts harken back to the days when they owned the media, spewing out bullshit from the lips of scumbags like Wally Kronkite, that Tet 68 was a defeat for the US, the war was lost, blah, blah, blah. Or maybe Frau Ravel and her Fellow Travelers long for the days when Brian Williams could storm the beaches of Normandy and we were unable to fact check him via Owl Gore’s Internet! Even better would be Frau Ravel’s ability to squash videos like the one of The Hildabeast saying that she and Ol Mule Face Chelsea dodged sniper fire in Bosnia.

Imagine that, a Goebbels-like iron fist on the media and the Democruds are all for it. So much for the free press and considering that 90% of the “journalists” (and the Gunny uses that word loosely) who get their talking points from the DNC and they get THEIR talking points from their boss, Soros. How horrible it must be for them have actual Americans reporting the TRUTH as THEY see it and not through a Democrud agenda filtering lens. Oh the Humanity! Oh the fairy tales that they’ll be able to tell, like that the separation of Church and State is in the Constitution (it ain’t) or that Republicans are still pushing granny over a cliff.

By stifling the free press, Frau Ravel and her Goosestepping thugs seek to cover the hundreds of empty promises that Progressivism spews (think Venezuela) and to cover the Democrud’s lust for a totalitarian class of which they are the masters of. The free press exposes the central planners’ lies and vanquishes their unconstitutional actions, deeds, thoughts, ideas, agenda, and principles like a fart in a hurricane. To the Party Frau Ravel and her ilk have sold their souls and no matter how they lie, how corrupt the become, or how they damage the lives of Americans, they will continue to goosestep to the Democrud Party and do anything to further their Progressive agenda. The ends justifies the means and if it means executing about 25 million Americans, like Obama’s buddy Ayers wrote in “Prairie Fire,” so be it.

It is amazing how the so-called “tolerant” Left cannot handle a point of view that is even one iota different from their’s. Dems: “We’re all for freedom of speech but let’s invoke the “Fairness Doctrine!” To the Proggies, they simply cannot stand to hear anything that veers from Herr Obama’s talking points and must do whatever they can to completely shut down anyone and anything different!

Brothers and Sisters, in conclusion this election is battle between good and evil. We on the Right love freedom and all of the ills and boons that go along with it whereas the Left thrives in a totalitarian cesspool that would give Hitler, Stalin, or Goebbels a stiffy! 

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to come in the front door, to be Americans, and to live and breathe free.” Conservatives

“Give me your illegal aliens, your dregs, the lazy, the stupid, the most lowest flotsam of your society and we Democrats will give them free food, free housing, a free ride in an Affimative Action liberal indoctrination center, formerly known as college, and free healthcare as long as they vote for Democrats and in particular, me.” Hillary Rotten Clinton



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Retired US Marine and pissed-off American. Tired of the bullshit from inside the Beltway and determined to change it, peacefully or otherwise. A Constitution-loving American who believes that the US is #1 and should be!
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7 Responses to Why Are Democrats So Anti-Freedom

  1. Uriel says:

    Good post. Especially that “quote” at the end.

  2. clyde says:

    These assholes like Frau Ravel and the rest of the shitstains are going to be shitting knickers Nov 9. Good post.

  3. SafeSpace says:

    Those elements of media (newspapers) the progressive asshats control, they exempt. The real media, y’know, the places where genuine news and opinions are reported on and discussed, they have to shut down …. until they can find a way to control that, too. Thanks for telling us about Ann Ravel: a new name to add to the ever-growing Master List of Turds.

  4. gunnyginalaska says:


    Thanks for the comment. Ravel needs a long walk on a short pier.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Good post bro. That’s a perfect question to be asked. I liken their statements about any topic to be 180* from what they actually say.

    They spew about being for the children to guilt the voters then support abortion right up to the 99 yard line. Same thing about being for the worker yet applaud our open borders, with the flood of illegals, boning the American worker they pretend to represent. As you know the list is endless.

    The left are fascists/communists.